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Letters written to different political figures from 1985-1995


August 29 – 1992


H.E.P.V. Narasimha Rao
Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.

H.E. Nawaz Sharif,
Prime Minnister of Pakistan,

H.E. Butrous Ghali,
Secretary General of the UNO,
New York

Subject:   The Crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dear Sir,
                The increase of human right violations, both by the security forces and militant organization and the vast destruction of public and private property which has crippled the entire way of life in the value of Kashmir, seems to be heading towards an unavoidable military conflict. This situation compels me to write this letter.

                 The history of the last forty years shows a very clear picture, which proves that neither party involved was or is seriously trying to solve the problem of Jammu and Kashmir, and that they are merely trying to put the blame of each other feet. The UN resolutions were the result of the Indo Pakistan conflict with regard to Jammu and Kashmir, without any mandate from the people of Jammu Kashmir.

                The people of Jammu Kashmir have been badly exploited due to the Indo Pakistan conflict. Without the consent of the people, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been forcibly divided of families have been divided the economy has been crippled and the victims in this situation are the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The last forty years.

                Tragically, even today neither side seems to realize the explosiveness of the situation or the consequences thereof. Instead of searching for ways to avoid an ultimate political disaster, each side appears to be adding to the explosiveness of the situation. War never was and never will be a solution to political problems. No one will gain anything except for the addition of ever more miseries to the lives of our poor, innocent masses. It will lead to the massive destruction of lives and property and it will drive us centuries backwards. If we fail to prevent a war, history will hold us all equally responsible. Our political attitudes in the recent past towards peace and prosperity make our own masses doubt our sincerity. Without peace in the region, prosperity will forever remain a dream.

                The objective realities of improving the condition of the masses, the future of our children and the historical development of our changing world demand a fundamental change in our attitude. Keeping the whole region as a war zone is in conflict with everybody`s basic interests.

                Wrongly or rightly, it is commonly understood that the enmity between Indian and Pakistan has no bearing on the lives of the masses and is only artificially maintained by the ruling elite of both the countries. Whether this commonly believed understanding is correct or not the bureaucracy and in particular the military bureaucracy is the main reason why nothing constructive is being done. These anti democratic forces too do not want to solve the Jammu & Kashmir question. If we look back at the history of the subcontinent, this trend is very clear, particularly in Pakistan.

                History has shown that every move by any democratic government fails so long as the anti democratic forces are strong enough to influence the democratic institutions. The anti democratic forces resist any solution of the Jammu and Kashmir question because it will threaten their position. The deviation of H.E Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from the third option leaves no doubt these forces working in the background.

                How can the entire democracy be held hostage to these “Generals” who lives in the lap of luxury in a third world while exploiting the state powers whenever they wish to do so. Was India liberated by General or was Pakistan creted by them? Is it not a fact that they want to keep Jammu & Kashmir as the bone of contention? We hear often about the frightening problems of an independent state of Jammu Kashmir, the disintegration of India /Pakistan; the silk route; the Mangla dam the position of Muslim in India and so forth and so on. Who is spreading all this outdated and baseless propaganda and to what purpose? The forces in the background of course.

                It is time for both democratically elected governments to take the political initiative towards solving the problem of Jammu and Kashmir now. Those must be decisive steps towards peace in the region: a policy of compromise and mutual understanding will be a precondition. Otherwise, the factional fundamentalism, terror and violence will prevail over reason in our society.

                Therefore we would like to invite the democratic forces of both countries thought your Excellencies, to come forward to join hands and strengthen democratic values in the region. Let us take Jammu and Kashmir question as a first step and solve it with completely democratic intentions.

                Your Excellencies will agree that to solve the question of Jammu Kashmir, a mandate from the people of the state of Jammu Kashmir is the first condition towards a democratic solution. Therefore we present the following proposals which in our view are the only way out of the current explosive situation:

1.       With immediate effect the borders should be opened for the people of J&K to move freely in either part so that they could understand each other.

2.       An election for a constitutional assembly should be held in all parts of Jammu and Kashmir including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan without any precondition of Indian constitution or interim constitution of Azad Kashmir and under the supervision of the UN.

We should keep in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is historically and geographically, a federated and confederated political entity. Today, the situation is still very much the same Jammu Ladakh, Valley of Kashmir, poonch and Gilgit Baltistan are very much intact political units.

                A workable and feasible mandate can only be achieved by elections based on each constituency within these political units. The decision on the relationships between these units must rest with the democratically elected representatives of these units. Therefore only the people of Jammu and Kashmir will have the final authority through their elected representative to decide the future of their regime.

                                                                                                Thanking you,

                                                                                                            Yours Faithfully,

                                                                                                               Hashim Qureshi

                                                                       For Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.

                                                                          LETTER 2

 Mr. Robert Oakley, US Institute of Peace, Washington, January 12 – 1993

Dear Sir,
                In the name of my nation. I sincerely to express my gratefulness regarding the highly generous initiative that you and your organization have taken regarding the Kashmir issue to be resolved on humanitarian grounds.

                May I, first of all call your attention to what follows. While holding a peace conference on Kashmir for the second time, you have ignored me now as at previous occasion. I am the one started the struggle for the Kashmiri nation. I was then just 17 years old and hijacking the Indian airplane Ganga in 1971 on the instructions of late Muhammad Maqbool Butt, the martyr I became aware of the problem of my nation when I was 14 years old and participated in demonstration in Srinagar throwing stones on occupational forces. I was caught by the police (CRPF) and brought before the court. In the meanwhile I was severely beaten and my right leg was broken. Being still a minor, I was set free.

                Three years later, after we made the hijacking Ganga plane land at Lahore airport, the Pakistan authorities directed us to set it on fire providing petrol for this purpose. Witnesses endorsed this statement in the special court set up in Pakistan for enquiring into the hijacking. I was condemned to 19 years imprisonment by this special court but was released after nine years of jail in 1980 on the order of Pakistani Supreme Court. In early 1970`s we thought it necessary to turn the international attention towards Kashmir issue. This was the reason for me to float the National Freedom battle at the peak of terrorism. But today the political landscape is very different which has convinced me that I should put in my efforts for a peaceful resolution of Kashmir problem.

                I was the founder of JKLF in Pakistan with Amanullah Khan and Dr. Farooq Haider. I am the first person who established JKLF on both sides of the occupied Kashmir as early as 1982-84 in my capacity as Chairman of the organizational committee. From 1984 to 1986, I became the JKLF Organizer. In 1986 I was forced to leave Pakistan because I was seriously threatened. I took asylum in Holland. The reason for my fleeing Pakistan was that I did not agree to become an agent of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. As I was the head of JKLF in both the occupied parts of Kashmir, ISI tried to bribe me and then force me to start armed struggle against Indian occupation in Kashmir. My response was very clear since I believe that both Pakistan and India are illegally occupying our motherland and I do not accept that one of the two occupying forces fights its enemy on our land. After my refusal to betray my country, Pakistan declared me an Indian citizen and wanted to deport me to India or murder me. After I fled Pakistan Amanullah Khan and some of his colleagues agreed to fall into the hands of ISI.

                Now young Kashmiri boys below the age of 20 are recruited by the ISI, given one or two weeks training in arms and sent back to the Indian occupied Kashmir in order to fight the Indian trained militaries. The result is that they become the targets of the bullets of Indian security forces. This is a conspiracy of destroying the entire young generation of the Kashmir youth.

                Additionally in the name of religion various armed groups like the Afghan mujahedeen and the armed activists of Jamaat-E- Islami and other fundamentalists, having crossed the cease fire line and come deep into Indian held Kashmir, have wrought havoc on the people of the valley and turned Kashmir into ruins. Indian security forces play their own game with the result that the common Kashmiri is made to suffer, Indian security forces are reported to have committed atrocities, rapes and killing. Thousands of young boys continue to languish in interrogation center and jails.

It is encouraging that an organization like yours takes initiative to provide a platform where peaceful means of resolving Kashmir crisis can be discussed. This should be beneficial to the Kashmiri nation as well as to India and Pakistan. Of course India and Pakistan cannot be allowed to impose their domination over the occupied land. An approach to this problem is to be made not on religious but on humanitarian grounds, on democratic and secular grounds for all the five regions of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. No solution made on religious grounds or on regional grounds in favour of selected groups or under pressures from a particular leadership will be lasting. A decision has to be implemented through a genuine democratic process which means electing representatives from all the five regions, Jammu Gilgit Baltistan, Ladakh and Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The election process can only take place while both Indian and Pakistan troops vacate the occupied territories under the control of some non aligned commission which should be an impartial body overseeing the election process and guaranteeing free, democratic elections.

                Please also find enclosed the letters I have sent top the Prime Minister of India and Pakistan and also the appeal I made to the Socialist Group of the European Parliament on 18 October 1993 in Brussels. I hope that in the future your organization will spend some time to address the basic questions involved in the solution of Kashmir issue and which I have made an allusion here.

                                                                                                                      With thanks

                                                                                                               Hashim Qureshi
Amsterdam Holland

                                                                                                    LETTER 3

Mrs. Robin Raphael,
Assistant Secretary (South Asia)
US State Department

November 18- 1993

                Madam, being aware of the interest you have taken in the Kashmir issue, I wish to submit my views to you and respectfully request you to pay some attention to them.

                Madam, please realize that the Kashmir problem has become a very serious and vital question in the sub continent. Kashmir is my dear motherland. For nearly half a century in the past, Kashmir has been under serious threats and pressures from India, Pakistan, independentists factions (under the control of Pakistani ISI, manipulative obstructionists and religious fundamentalists). This results in frightening growth of terrorism carrying the fear of death and destruction everywhere. Innocent people pay the price for these atrocities and the sub continent as a whole is faced with the risk of another senseless and violent conflict.

                In the name of my convictions, which are to restore a happy prosperous nation in Kashmir, where my people would enjoy freedom and harmony amongst themselves, I started an armed struggle. In 1971 I hijacked the Ganga plane. After having devoted 23 years of my life to the healing of the suffering of my people and nation as a political leader, I have resolved to struggle now for peace by  peaceful means, to pray for peace by peaceful means and I live only for peace by peaceful means.

Madam, my nation is abducted by armed gangs. The Indian security forces Kashmiri fundamentalists, Pakistani ISI and feudal sectarian forces are taking my land as a chessboard while my people sink in deep economic, physical and mental depression. The threat of nuclear conflict in the sub continent is real. But notwithstanding that, the problem can still be solved. The only condition is that India Pakistan and Kashmir democratic forces sit around the table with a sincere intention of restoring peace in Kashmir. We are ready for that.

                In 1992, I addressed a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and India. A copy is enclosed. I submitted my proposal in order to reach democratic secular solution to the problem. I also sent an appeal to the socialist Group in the European Parliament when it organized a round table on Kashmir, October 18- 19- 1993 in Brussels. I also made an appeal to the European Parliament.

                Madam please allow me to say that if the US really wants peace to be restored in Kashmir then it should pay heed to the voice of the people who struggle for democratic and secular solutions. I began my struggle by resorting to terrorist acts. But my long experience and my personal suffering have made me undergo a radical change in my thinking. Violence results in greater violence bring in more victims and destruction of cherished values. I am therefore, determined to make my contribution of saving my nation and the sub continent from destruction and disaster.

                I requested for a meeting with you at your convenience. I need this meeting to give you feed back from ground situation in Kashmir. I shall be expecting your response to this request.

                                                                                                                                              With thanks,

                                                                                                                                     Hashim Qureshi,

                                                                                                   Former Organizer and Chairman JKLF



MRS. Benazir Bhutto,
Her Excellency the Prime Minister of Pakistan

January 11 1994

                May I please draw your attention to the damaging attention to the damaging attitude of your foreign ministry regarding the Kashmir issue and its policy towards foreign embassies.

                I am a citizen of Kashmir. For the last twenty four years, I have been fighting for the national liberation of Kashmir, starting my struggle as a follower of late Maqbool Butt Shaheed. In 1971, I hijack the Indian aeroplane Ganga to Lahore. Your late venerable father Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the martyr, came in person to welcome us at the Lahore airport.

                Madam, my position is simple. I fight for an independent Kashmir. I am against the religious splitting of Kashmir or its accession to Pakistan or Indian. On the basis of this principle, guided by the love for my people and nation, I wish you to know that your Secret Service Agencies and religious fundamentalist factions are labeling me a traitor. I am loyal to the people of Kashmir and I am loyal and respectfully to the fundamental principles as enunciated by late Maqbool Butt. I struggle for an independent Kashmir and disregard accusations like these.

                Madam, your broad – mindedness, liberalist and democratic principles are nevertheless also investing the possibility of accession of Kashmir either to Pakistan or India. But I would submit that this is an unacceptable solution because it goes against the principle of the right of self determination enshrined in the UN Charter of Human Rights.

                Please also consider that I was born in Srinagar Kashmir. But now I am holding a Dutch passport and I have been refused a visa for Pakistan by the Pakistan embassy in Holland. On the basis of my previous Indian nationality, I was asked to indicate Indian citizenship on my application for visa. I was also told that Kashmiri was not a nation. Now in the light of this, Madam Prime Minister, could you be kind enough to tell me what is Pakistan`s policy towards Kashmir? On the one hand you claim that Kashmir is a disputed territory and on the other, you declare by implication that Srinagar is part of India. Your Secret intelligence Agency supplies revolutionary factions with arms and ammunition with the tacit understanding to support Kashmir`s accession to Pakistan. Scores of Kashmiri youth get killed and our properties are destroyed by the Indian army. In fact the entire new generation of kashmiris is being systematically destroyed by ISI directing pro Pakistani element to work against pro- independent masses. One would therefore ask whether this should be taken Pakistan`s concept of the right of self determination in Kashmir? Obviously this is not a fair play with kashmiris.

                Please also find enclosed to this letter copies of letter I have sent to the Prime Minister of India and also copy of the appeal I made to the Socialist Group of the European Parliament on October 18 1993 at Brussels.

                I hope that your government will seriously consider the points I have raised in this letter. I believe that these proposals should also be placed before the US Peace Institute which is showing concern about Kashmir issue.
                                                                                                                          With regards and thanks,

                                                                                                                                        Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                                                                      Hashim Qureshi

                                                                                                   Former Organizer and Chairman JKLF


From Director (Opr)
Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Interior)
Directorate General of Registration,
7- Civic Center near G.P.O Islamabad,
Pakistan to Hashim Qureshi

No Regn – 3/2/78 – 79 (Opr I) July 10, 1985

Mr. Muhammad Hashim Qureshi,
House No  831, Kashmir Lane,
Chur Chowk, Peshawar Road

Sub: Registration of children.

Dear sir,
                I am directed to refer to your application form i.e., RG- II regarding registration of your children named Junaid Hashim and Sana Hashim Qureshi.

                It is stated that as per communication of Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior you are an Indian national. Hence it is not possible for this Directorate to register your children under national Registration Act, 1973.
                                                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                                    (Mast Ali Khadim
                                                                                                                                         Director (Opr)  Tele: 821804


(The reader needs to be reminded that both of my children were born in Pakistan yet Pakistan Government refused to issue Pakistani passport in their favour. Should the people in Kashmir infer from this official letter that if Kashmir is not a separable part of India then any citizen living in Kashmir is not a citizen of India. But according to Pakistan official policy, a passport is denied to me and my children despite the fact that I am a class I state subject of J&K state. does it not mean that there is contradiction in Pakistan`s word and action in the context of her Kashmir policy)

From Terry Roony M.P Bradford
To Rt. Hon. M. Howard QC MP, Home Office London
May 31 1994
House of Commons

Dear Micheal,

Re: Mohammad Hashim Qureshi Ref: Q 12803

                I write with reference to the above and in particular the Lunar House letter of 9th May which frankly amazes me. By this logic I presume Nelson Mandela would have an exclusion order applied against him. Can I request that you personally review the department`s decision with special regard to the length of time since the conviction, the documentary evidence of change of political stance by Mr. Qureshi and the fact that the Dutch authorities are satisfied enough with his record to  grant citizenship ? An early reply would be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                                                      Terry Rooney MP
                                                                                                                                          Bradford North

From Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani
To Hashim Qureshi
March 13, 1995

                (Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani is one of the pioneers of armed struggle in Kashmir, I met him for the first time in Washington towards the end of 1992 in the chamber of Mr.Ghulam Nabi Fai. I argued with him against the taking up of the gun by our militants but he did not agree with me just because at that point of time, he was under the influence of Pakistani agencies. Prior to his visit to Washington he had issued a press statement in Srinagar against me for preaching non- violence. The same Dr. Ghulam Qadir Wani wrote to me in March 1995 saying that I was right in what I had told him in 1992. His has since returned to Srinagar.)

P.O. Box 137, G.P.O. Muzaffarabad

Dear Brother Hashim Qureshi Sahib,

                Hope you are fine along with your family members. With the growth of experience, I find the increasing truth and weight in your words. I have come to the conclusion that mere bookish knowledge is not enough; real importance rests with the experiences gained in the field of action. Here a weekly Jamaat-e-Islami paper called Zindagi of Lahore published an interview with Amanullah Khan. The interviewers, Mr. Najmul Hassan Arif is the same journalist who has written a lot against Yasin Malik and Shabir Ahmed Shah describing them illiterates and immature. He also wrote many things against Kashmir`s freedom. Now he has brought out an interview with Amanullah Khan only to counter Azam Inquilabi. Amanullah Khan has gone down to such depths of levity that he has called an old friend and a highly dedicated activist of freedom movement and an able leader, Muhammad Azam Inquilabi as a mental case,.

                In the course of four years he has changed a number of parties. If by joining JKLF an APHC, Amanullah Khan has not become and accessionist, how come that Azam.

                Inquilabi becomes an accessionist by joining Tehreek-e- Hurriyat-e- Kashmir. You must have a look at this interview in order to understand to what extent shamelessness and levity one can fall. Today, I am reminded of each word you had spoken and each assertion is vindicated by circumstances. You may send a copy of this letter to Shakeel Sahib and to Shabir Sahib. 

                In the public meeting of March 11 at Muzaffarabad (held in connection with late khurshid) I made a strong protest against and I exposed Amanullah Khan. Kindly let me know your reaction.

                On the occasion of martyrdom day of Maqbool Butt on February 11, I wrote an article. A copy was dispatched to Kashmir Times of London. The Quaid published it here. But about London, I do not know whether it was published. If you get into touch with Kashmir Times people, kindly make an enquiry. Kindly arrange to send me the Kashmir Number of Kashmir Times. My regards to everybody at your place.

                In conclusion, I am sorry that I always differed with you but after having gone through the experience I find you were right.

                                                                                                                                  Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                                               Ghulam Qadir Wani. 


From Hashim Qureshi
To the Editor Jang London,
August 25 1990.

Dear Editor,
                A news under the caption the plan of controlling freedom movement by Indian agents’ appeared in the London based daily Jung of August 23. The news was also carried by Karachi and Rawalpindi based daily Jung and in some more Pakistani papers. Under different headlines. It said; that Mr., Qureshi a prominent Kashmiri national was made the chief operator for conducting this plan and Dr. Farooq Abdullah was made coordinator.” This was followed by lengthy self made stores, all fabricated and imaginary.

                Now I am a citizen of Kashmir and a leader of Liberation Front. I have also been the founder of Liberation Front organization in Pakistan. Azad Kashmir and Indian held Kashmir. For these antecedents, Pakistani and Kashmiri political circles attribute the aforementioned news to me. I am receiving innumerable telephone calls from different parts of the world.

                This news is a part of deep seated conspiracy to malign my political and social character. A canard against me is spread. The truth is that with the announcement of interim government, Liberation Front split into two, one part was led by Amanullah Khan and the second by Dr. Farooq Haider. Since I happened to be one of the basic members of the Front, and with the support of the leadership of the liberation Front of Indian held Kashmir, I tried my level best to bring about reconciliation between the two groups. The leadership on Indian held Kashmir even went to the length of issuing a warning to both the groups that if they did not come to a compromise, then the liberation Front of IHK would announce its distancing from both the groups. This warning was conveyed by Hamid Shiekh to both the groups through me.

                A suggestion emerged from IHK that representatives of both the groups should travel to a third country where they would be joined by the representatives of Liberation Front from IHK. This would facilitate serious discussion on the subject. With this Amanullah Khan dispatched Altaf Qureshi (young brother of Ashraf Qureshi) and Raja Muzaffar khan to a third country. But Raja Muzafar Khan returned from the airport at the eleventh hour owing to security reasons. In his place Dr. Farooq Haider sent the chairman of student’s liberation front, Mr. Sajad Naz as his representative. From Srinagar, some influential representatives and militants participated in the meeting. The agenda was to re unite the Liberation Front and to consider matters pertaining to the freedom movement so that it was put on the road to success. Obviously this meeting was held on the behest of the initiative from the leadership of both the groups of the liberation Front in Azad Kashmir and the leadership of IHK.
                It is nothing less than a canard that I wanted to grab the leadership of the Front as is implied in the news under reference. It is also a blatant lie to say that assembling of the Liberation Front leadership and the arrests etc. had anything to do with my suggestion. Srinagar based liberation front leadership is fully aware that I had never made any suggestion of leaders assembling together. Contrary to it, for over a year, I used to talk to the whole leadership of the liberation Front for half an hour at any given time. The subjects discussed in these talks were generally about the freedom movement and organizational matters.

                As far as the question of two sons of Abdul Ghani Lone. The president of conference is concerned that they had become informers against the front and got all of them arrested including themselves, it has to be noted that Abdul Ghani Lone is under house arrest for the last two years. His two sons are senior leaders of JKLF in IHK. Accusing them of being informers is a conspiracy against their patriotism and their sacrifices. It is also a deep rooted conspiracy to bring about division in the leadership of the liberation Front organization, the lone organization which has made sacrifices in blood and sweat for total freedom and self determination of Kashmir. Its leadership is the most popular leadership at the moment.

                It should be remembered that Liberation Front leadership including Hamid Shiekh and Yasin Malik, was arrested in the house of the brother of the former D I G police Mr.Watali named Zahoor Watali, who is a contractor. Amusingly the Liberation Front had begun its present movement with an attack on Mr. Watali, the D.I.G in which Ejaz Dar was martyred. Later on some militant group in Srinagar took the revenge on Mr. Watali`s brother and murdered him. The assassins had stayed in the murdered person’s house for two days. Moreover the entire JKLF leadership of Srinagar including Yasin Malik and Hamid Shiekh knew it well that no suggestion of their gathering together at one place had ever been given.

                As far as the civil movement is concerned, all political circle in Kashmir agree that freedom movement is always fought under the control of a political platform. The entire population is mobilized to provide security to freedom fighters in their struggle. Freedom cannot be won by directing guns on security men in the cities and making the innocent people targets of bullets while retreating into thickly populated localities. Kashmiri people can provide security to the freedom fighters by bringing out processions, and making demonstrations and resorting to civil disobedience. In this way they can register full international support to their movement.

                With regards to the plan of Dr. Farooq Abdullah and RAW, it is all nonsense. It is an old tradition in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to brand the political dissidents as agents of India. We have the latest example of Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto; Newspaper Jung reported in its issue of 23 August that the government controlled mass media had begun a campaign against Benazir Bhutto accusing her to be an agent of India. Our martyred leader, Maqbool Butt was also labeled as Indian agent. Along with him the plebiscite front and National Liberation Front leadership were also branded as Indian agents although Pakistan High Court and Supreme Court both acquitted us all. The current accusations hurled on us are the handiwork of selfish and spineless politicians of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan who are doing business at the dead bodies of Kashmiri youth. They collect crores of rupees in the name of Kashmir and thus fill their coffers. Not a single penny goes to any relief fund in Srinagar elsewhere in IHK meant for the families and orphans of the martyred Kashmiris. The anti- independence and anti Liberation Front forces are integral to this conspiracy aimed at undoing the ideology to which the Front is wedded, namely total freedom of Kashmir and her self determination. This is because Liberation Front has become a the mass force in Kshmir at this moment. These nefarious designs cannot destroy the Front.

                This article is published in my book "Kashmir: The unveiling of truth", 1998