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                The cultural environmental, linguistic, and intellectual destruction of Jammu & Kashmir should be a vital concern to all of us. We should be consumed with love and respect for all that is Jammu and Kashmir. Why is that all of us don`t feel alarmed at the fact that Burushashki (language of Hanzakuts) is disappearing, or Shina (language of Gilgit and Chilasis) is disappearing, or that the music and poetic traditions are slowly fading away. Or that antiquities of Ladakh are being looted. If nothing is done to stop all of this we will go the way of other nations which have disappeared off the face of the earth.

                Our struggle is not about territory. It is about our entire national existence. If we have lost our culture and identity then what good is our struggle? We must make every effort to ensure that Jammu and Kashmir does not become a graveyard for our culture and identity. The only traces of which remaining underground for scientists to discover centuries for now. Our struggle must incorporate a conscious and deliberate effort to promote and strengthen our cultural, linguistic, historical, and psychological ties to Jammu & Kashmir. We must revive our patriotism.

                One subject which is rarely commented upon is the destruction of the environment of Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu & Kashmir for centuries has been famous for its heavenly beauty and natural splendor. Was it not the words of a Persian poet who called out about Kashmir?”Agar firadous ber roye Zaminast. Hamin Asto Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto.” If there is paradise on the surface of earth, it is this!  It is this! We should as member of the nation of Jammu and Kashmir, honour and respect even the dirt of our land. The mountains, streams, valley margs, glaciers should all be viewed as our national treasures. And we should strive to protect our environment as if it was our own lives we were protecting. We should believe the saying that we “Inherit the earth from our children.”

                Just like our culture and national identity, our environment has become the target of outside aggression by India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have perpetually cleared our forests, officers of both countries have used their authority to cut forests and pocket the money.perhaps the most notorious was Brigadier Asghar Ali of Pakistan who cleared whole forests in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The result has been devastating to our Himalayan paradise. Furthermore, both armies have hunted and killed endangered special of snow Leopard, Hangul Deer, and Musk Deer. In addition, both sides have continually tapped in the natural mineral resources of Jammu & Kashmir in a very destructive manner blasting whole mountain sides. This is all indicative of the fact that these two occupied are treating Jammu & Kashmir as a colony taking out resources but putting nothing back in accept for hardship and woe.

                But this nothing new to Kashmiris. What is most alarming is that those people who took up arms have doen the very same. They have used the gun to extort people for self aggrandizement. They have forcibly cut down dorests and killed our wildlife. In 1994 a raid on a group of traders in Srinagar hauled more  $ 1 million worth of furs and garments made from 1366 of the worlds most endangered wild cats. Tigers, snow and clouded leopards and Bengal tigers. The Dal Lake has  become a septic tank because of encroachment and polluting by people. People did not follow the laws and started building illegally. Hizbul Mujahedeen in Kulgam alone had been cutting forests and threatening locals if they resisted. These people backed by Pakistan gained power through gun and they started looting our environment in the same way Pakistan and India have been doing for 50 years the stories and details of the sad occurrences are enough to break one`s heart. They are all indicative of the loss of national honour and the self respect that has disappeared with the coming of gun culture.

                My request to my nation is that we should love Jammu and Kashmir. Alongside our political struggle, we must re educate and re organizes our people to love and respect their identity and restore their tie to the land of Jammu & Kashmir. We must realize that Jammu & Kashmir is our land we should treat it as such. We must not act as foreigners in our own homeland! For God`s sake lets plant trees and clean our waterways so that flowers and forests may fill Jammu and Kashmir rather than graveyards and wastelands. Let`s write poems and books using our beautiful languages.

                We must save Jammu and Kashmir in every sense culturally, intellectually, morally, politically and environmentally. This should be our battle cry as sons and daughters of the soil.

                                                                                                                            M.Hashim Qureshi
May 13 1998

 This article is published in my book "Kashmir: The unveiling of truth", 1998