This Blog provides an insight on the Kashmir-issue, India and Pakistan. The articles on this Blog can be best described as thought-provoking. The articles thrive to trigger debate about the miseries enslaved Kashmiris are facing and discuss also possible solutions to this long standing conflict. It also aims to convince readers why Independent Kashmir is the best solution for all parties involved.


         The struggle of suppressed people against tyranny and exploitation is as old as human history. In some places, this war was fought by individuals whose names became immortal. The struggle against tyranny became organized as man’s political consciousness grew and people’s power overcame state tyranny through organized parties. That is how North American, Asian, African and west Asian nations and countries liberated themselves from imperialist strangulation. In our own times there are examples of Vietnam and Algeria. These two countries defeated two big world powers because they fought from the platform of organized political parties. Nowhere was any struggle carried on in the name of religion or accession. In Afghanistan the United States and Pakistan made the Afghans fight in the name of religion. The results are before us. Religious fanatics are shedding one another’s blood in that country.

Regional and Sub-regionalism

          Unfortunately the Kashmiri nation (all those who reside in the rest while state of Jammu and Kashmir) has not been told till this day the real meaning of national independence or of nationhood. But politicians in pursuance of their vested interest have exploited religion and communities. The people of Kotli considered Mirpuri and the muzaffarabadis consider the poonchis as their enemies. In Jammu and Ladakh, hatred was generated against the people of the valley resulting in intellectual backwardness. Unfortunately, our so called politicians and intelligentsia also talked of regionalism. As a result, we see poonch dismembered to create the district of Bagh; Muzaffarabad has been divided between the local and refugees. Kashmiris settled in Pakistan are divided into segments from the valley and from Jammu. The tragedy is that the people of the valley are not willing to accept non- valley people in Kashmir and they are called “ naqli” meaning fake kashmiris.

Sectarian Insanity.

          In the same strain, the people of Jammu have their own perception of the people of the valley. The people of Gilgit and Baltistan have nicknamed Kashmiris as ‘ganja’ meaning tonsured. Colonial forces in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and their agents have practically divided Kashmir on the India side into many parts. I am reminded of a speech of late K.H Khurshid in which he told his listerners,” you have heard my speech but you would give your vote to  sardar Ibrahim.” It may be mentioned here that late K.H Khurshid belonged to the valley. On the Indian side, the Kashmiri politicians in the valley taught hatred and individualism in the name of religion and accession. The people of Ladak were told to hate the valley people. In other words, in all the three regions the politicians preached hatred and regionalism only to ensure vote banks for themselves. Today although we shout at the top of our voice that the state of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be divided, the ground realities are that we have divided it ourselves on communal, regional and religious basis.

          It is tragic that self styled nationalist Amanullah Khan and some of his supporters started the present struggle in Kashmir in league with the ISI. A man with common sense can understand that any movement started in a Muslim majority area with the help of Pakistan military intelligence will eventually mean a religious struggle.

 Therefore, in 1984 when ISI Generals and Brigadiers approached me with the offer”get us young people for training from the valey so that they could fight India on their return “, I said,” we believe in a free Kashmir and we have our eyes on Gilgit and Baltistan and we regard Azad Kashmir as occupied. You yourself are an occupying force and you want to give us arms against another occupying force. Such a struggle can only serve your objectives. We will not be a party to any such scheme which would destroy my nation and use our young people as fodder for guns and further divide Kashmir with hatred.”

          It is long story of how I had to flee Pakistan and go in a self imposed exile along with my family because the ISI and its agents were after my blood. Today, after ten years my fears have proved correct. The military establishment then picked up Amanullah Khan from a tiny village in Gilgit to carry out the task they wanted me to do. According to Altaf Indrabi who was once Amanullah’s comrade but later on returned to the Muhaz-e- Azzadi)”ISI needed a man who hated the valley. Amanullah spent his childhood in his sister’s house in the valley and owing to his unimpressive features and dwarfish stature suffered from inferiority complex. Perhaps it was because of this complex that he ran away back to Gilgit from S.P College in Srinagar and always hated the youth of the valley.’

          In the light of Indrabi’s assessment we will have to take note of the fact that in the beginning Amanullah received weapons and funds from the ISI to lure Kashmiri (to Azad Kashmir) for training. There was no talk of liberation of Gilgit and Baltistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir. There are colleges’ university medical and technical colleges in the valley whereas in Astor and in Gilgit from where Amanullah comes, there is not even a middle school in his village till this day nor have the people the right to vote. There is no high court or Supreme Court there. Till today Amanullah’s JKLF has not organized a public meeting or a procession there to demand democratic rights for the people. Amanullah proved that he was an agent of the ISI when he kept away along with the people party, Liberation League, Muslim conference and Tehrik-e- Amal party from Azad Kashmir high courts proceedings which delivered its judgment on March 8, 1993.

          Amanullah under instructions from the ISI got the Kashmiri youth from the valley for training , but never talked of the liberation of POK. On March 8 1993 when the Azad Kashmir High court gave its verdict about (the ownership) of Gilgit and Baltistan, the writ exposed Amanullah as the man of the ISI or military establishment. The chief Justice wrote on page 10 of the verdict as this: “ people’s party Liberation League ,Muslim conference, Tehrik-e-Amal Party and JKLF did not present themselves it appeared they all had migrated although Amanullah only once put up his appearance during cross examination”. The court then said,” (they) failed to turn up. The proceedings were exparte.”

          If today in the Valley any one has any doubts, he should see the writ petition No.51/1990 of March 8 1993 already alluded to. The JKLF did not launch a struggle against the occupation force in occupied Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan even though the Pakistani rulers and politicians had  made clear their stand on Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan, and Nawabazadeh Nasrullah Khan openly condemned pro-independence elements as “Indian Agents”.

          The Liberation Front youth in the Valley must note that the JKLF did not protest even after the killing of nine youth by the Pakistani army on February 11, 1993. They only arm the youth of the valley and tell them to go back to the valley and fight the Indians. This drama was staged by the ISI (which remained in the background) toescape America declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. This was revealed by Raja Muzaffar Khan at a press conference. About this, Azam Inquilabi wrote in the June issue of Wahdat that “as far as politicians of Azad Kashmir are concerned, they are more interested in establishing their influence than in the liberation of Kashmir.”

          The Liberation Front youth in the valley must note that the JKLF did not protest even after the killing of nine youths by the Pakistani army on February 11 -1993. They only arm the youth of the valley and tell them to go back to the valley and fight the Indians. This drama was staged by the ISI (which remained in the background) to escape America declaring’ Pakistan a terrorist state. This was revealed by Raja Muzaffar Khan at a press conference. About this Azam Inquilabi wrote in the June issue of Wahdat that “as far as politicians of Azad Kashmir are concerned, they are more interested in establishing their influence than in all liberation of Kashmir.”

          He tells leaders and politicians of Azad Kashmir, “You are not interested in helping mujahideen and those affected. Yes, you are interested in sending only money and guns to put Kashmir on fire, not to liberate it. Kashmiri youth are killing one another with these guns. If one must fight in the name of ideological difference then why do not the supporters and opponents of accession and independence fight among themselves in Muzaffarabad? Why have you destroyed Kashmir with this dissension and abuse?”

          In other words, the so called Kasmiri nationalists have exploited the Kashmiri youth right from the beginning for objectives which include fame and wealth. For these objectives  Amanullah andhis followers were not ashamed of working as agents of the ISI. They called themselves patriots and described those who resented control of the Liberation Front by the ISI as Indian agents although they themselves are ISI agents. When Pakistani agencies managed to entrench themselves in Kashmir they began sermonizing the Liberation Front youth and establishing new groups by different names.

Maulavi Farooq’s Murder

          As a result a time came when Kashmir had 156 groups. Even now there are about 76 of them. The ISI pushed aside the nationalists and began giving material help to pro- Pakistan group and ordered the assassination of all those in the valley who could push the movement towards national independence. A family friend of Maulavi Farooq told me that Maulavi Farooq was martyred just because he preached three things (a) now when you have taken up the gun, raise only the slogan of independence (b) you will not get international support if you raise the slogan of accession to Pakistan and of Nizam-e- Mustafa (c) protect minorities especially the Kashmiri Pandits so that the movement does not get a communal colour. Maulavi Farooq was assassinated for these reasons. The ISI ran this movement on communal lines right from the beginning and for that Amanullah and his underlings became its agents.

          The movement was introduced in the valley and from there young men were brought to Azad Kashmir for training although there are also slaves in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan. Had Amanullah or the nationalist forces’ in Pakistan occupied Kashmir been really nationalists they would have fought in their own areas like the Kurs who fight those who have occupied their land in the countries where they are living. For example, the Kurds living in Syria are fighting the Syria government against the occupation of their land, those living in Turkey are fighting the Turkish government and those living in Iraq are fighting against the Iranian government, in Iraq against the Iraqi government. But this did not happen in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

          When I visited Pakistan and the so-called Azad Kashmir in 1993 for two months, I was ashamed to learn that except a few of them, all so called nationalists were eager to become the agents of ISI or some other intelligence agency. I found everybody enslaved in the name of independence movement in the valley and the young people who have been subjected to educational and economic deprivation and political exploitation for the last 50 years. Those who tried to expound true nationalism in Azad Kashmir were branded by Amanullah and his henchmen as Indian agents.

          Now let us examine what these real nationalists have to say. They say national independence presupposes people in the five regions to be first mentally prepared for complete independence of Jammu and Kashmir. They say that this struggle should not be on a religious basis. Then if the people of POK accept support from Indian agencies like RAW and IB against Pakistan, they would not be called patriots. Likewise if anybody living in Indian occupied Kashmir becomes an ISI instrument for achieving independence, he would not be a patriot.

          It is difficult to speak this truth in the present atmosphere in Kashmir. Those who call themselves nationalists would only hate this truth. They try to cover up their own role (as instruments of the ISI) by accusing true nationalists. I have no compunction in saying this. I congratulate the ISI and other Pakistani agencies for very cleverly diverting the rising resentment against political and economic exploitation in “Azad” Kashmir (POK) Gilgit and Baltistan towards the movement in the valley with the help of their agents. The defeat Pakistan met with in East Pakistan at the hands of India is being averaged with the blood of Kashmiri youth, with the honour of kashmiri women and through the destruction of our property.

          Azam Indquilabui supports my stands In his article in Wahdat of June. He write” Is it not true that you ingrained in the minds of kashmiri youth that kashmiris acted as traitors in 1947 and in 1965. Is it not true that at times friendly officers’ in a fit of anger told innocent youth’ we are wrecking vengeance on you for (your treachery in) 1965. Our mujahideen themselves heard these remarks but swallowed the humiliation.”

          The Truth

          The youth who returned from Azad Kashmir (POK) and Pakistan now know the conditions in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, also called Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. There is unemployment and young people go to England and to West Asian countries in search of a job. They have exploited the ongoing struggle in the valley for getting political asylum in European countries. Job opportunities in Azad Kashmir are just non- existent.

          These Kashmiris, settled abroad took out processions for the independence of Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan but they never protested against Pakistan’s occupation of Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltisran. Recently, Chairman of Kashmir Committee, Nawabzadeh Nasrullah Khan said, those who demanded independent Kashmir were the agents of India”. Mrs. Benazir Bhtoo has reportedly said that” there are only two options, accession with India or with Pakistan.”

          Instead of implementing the verdict of the High Court of Azad Kashmir (POK) that Gilgit and Balttistan were part of Kashmir, Pakistan government approached the Supremen court ofr the reversal of this order on technical grounds. No nationalist organization in Azad Kashmir protested against this step of Islamabad. They did not demonstrate in front of any foreign embassy (as the valley based dissident leadership generally does in New Delhi) when the Government of Pakistan announced a package of reforms strengthening the grip of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs over them. Amanullah or his Liberation Front, too, did not protest although he himself comes from Gilgit.

          Accession to Pakistan

          It is for this reason that our national movement couldn’t receive any support from international organizations or from the press as was the case with the Palestinians or other national movements in the world. We did not run our movement along the lines of national struggle. In England, the Palestinian representative is a Christian and is the lady who represented Palestine at the talks with Israel.

          As compared to this we said that our case was Islamic and that was the basis of our demand for joining Pakistan. The Kashmir Committee is packed with Pakistanis and so are all the delegations which go abroad to plead Pakistan stand don Kashmir issue. Pakistan, as a gesture of kindness to the people of occupied Kashmir, will include some members of the Jamaat-e- Islami or the Muslim conference in these delegations because they stand for Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan.
          Ghulam Qadir wani said in Muzaffarabad on April 20- 1993, “we had launched a perfect freedom movement, but it was hijacking and converted into an insurgency; and now the inner independent character of the movement is being eliminated. That has created psychological, social and political problems. Today, the entire Kashmiri nation, particularly the youth is psychologically ailing; it is being deprived of its future and its self- respect is being trampled, it is being bartered away or put on auction. The problem of dedication and sacrifice has come to a naught and loyalties are being purchased in the open market.

“This is the same nation that demonstrated unprecedented unity during the holy relic episode. Did not this nation initiate a movement from the common platform of Muslim United Front for recovering its usurped rights? Did not this nation bring into existence the unity in the freedom movement of Kashmir? In the beginning of the on-going movement, this nation demonstrated unparallel example of fraternity, love, unity, sympathy and dedication. But those determined to play with these sentiments made this nation a laboratory for their experiments. They first used it in the name of freedom and self-determination and delivered sermons of accessions. In this way they manipulated confrontation between the people of these two streams of thought which consumed people like Maulana Farooq, Dr. Abdul Ahad Guru, Prof Abdul Ahad Wani, Muhammad Maqbool Malik, Ghulam Mohd Rather and Ghulam Mohd Ganai”He added.”

          We have never heard of clashes between group in Azad Kashmir who are pro and anti accession with Pakistan. Why do these clashed take place in a region where the unfortunate people are exposed to ethnic cleansing by the Indian security forces? The answer is that the majority of self- determinists in Azad Kashmir is on the pay roll of the ISI and other agencies and pro- pak accessionists are a part of them. Raja Muzaffar Khan received a cheque of 17- 73 lakh rupees from sardar Qayyum Khan in May 1990. Why then should these people launch any movement for freedom of AK? The pro and anti accession group in Azad Kashmir are thriving at the expense of Kashmir youth and the honour of our sisters and daughters in Kashmir. These groups will lose their political status and bread and butter if they fight among themselves.

          Dr.Ghulam Qadir wani lived in AK and Pakistan. He had gained experience of how ISI functioned. On the basis of his experience he cried at the top of his voice and under an impulse of patriotism as this “we want to maintain the identity of Kashmir liberation movement only as a native and people movement for total freedom. But here experience has taught us that people movement has been hijacking through money and muscle power and is being used as an instrument for exploitative purposes as did the East India Company. It degenerates into an insurgency and its reins are no longer in the hands of its initiators.”

Wounded Hearts.

          Farooq Rahmani has been, for the whole of his life, an ardent supporter of Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. He fanatically held on to this view point. In the second introduction to his book Azaadi Ki Talash he writes.’ For the last three years, I am in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. But even to this day, I consider myself a traveler and the travel of jehad continues. The scars of being a stranger (in this land) are fresh. I had come (to AK and Pakistan) in the belief that Azad Kashmir is our own part and that Pakistan is our native land. I had thought here I would work for the liberation of entire Kashmir from the clutches of foreigners.

          Alas! In AK we are considered foreigners and in order to prove our citizenship and kashmiriyat we have to approach the courts. Our dreams were shattered, dreams which we had been nursing for many years in our wounded breasts. Those wounds are still fresh and love is still abiding. But I am being forced to abandon my love. Should I curse this love to the full ?”

          Addressing the Pakistanis, he writes.” how come the kashmiris who despite being far away from you, were close to you. But today despite being close to you, are far away from you. There was no distance then between hearts but wherefore have these appeared now and who created” Farooq Rahmani who had been dancing to the tune of Pakistan throughout his life, discloses the real picture of Pakistan in these words,

          “Ideologically and functionally Pakistan is an Islamic welfare and democratic state but feudalism continues to exist, Capitalism is flourishing and western cultural dominate society.”

          He endorsees my stand in these words,” The movement for freedom and Islam demand that no leadership should be imposed on people through the use of gun or opportunism or guile. Today, we feel that despite political freedom this is a helpless and destitute nation, suspended between the earth and the sky. For several years in the past, Pakistan has been unmaking the system of search for leadership in Kashmir. The region of Azad Kashmir has been going along the same path for many years in the past. It has no sensitivity of gain or loss or of the pure and defiled… today when the freedom movement has reached the midday of its life, various freedom loving parties, mujahideen and activists have become one another sworn enemies.”

          Farooq Rahmani Iaments !

          The way the means of jihad movement is being used for making and breaking, is a phenomenon the like of which is not to be found in several decades in the past. We wish we had known the type of persons who occupy positions here. Then our youth would not have ventured to risk their lives over snow clad peaks to come here.they would have carried on their struggle against india with their own resources. By deciding to take the path leading across the cease- fire line, our policies slipped out of our hands. Our youth became toys in the hands of other people and our policies instead of becoming guiding principle became the source of earning money, one major benefit which we desired from our sallies from occupied Kashmir to Azad Kashmir is that the presence of heaps of filthy politics was confirmed. Its stink has made the life of locals a virtual hell.” The conclusions drawn by Farooq Rahmani are as these: 1. Material and political support given for the struggle for liberation is apparently moral and humanitarian but practically it is all conditional. 2. Regimes and parties in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir will be demonstrating different identities and will be raising emotive slogan but all this rhetoric will be for self preservation because both feel endangered.

Destruction of Kashmir`s Heritage

          Farooq Rehmani spent all his life in Indian Occupied Kashmir raising the slogan of accession to Pakistan. He has been honest in his convictions and sacrificed everything for the same without any remuneration. After three years of experimentation, he has reached the same conclusion at which Maqbool butt the martyr, and I had reached after two and a half months internment in the Shahi qila of Lahore what Farooq Rahmani writes today was written by me five years ago. But then as today the paid agents of ISI labeled all those persons as Indian agents who spoke the truth. At this point let me once again quote Dr, Ghulam Qadir Wani. In the Urdu magazine called Wahdat of June 1994, he wrote an article under the heading Wuh gul hun mein khazan hargul ki hai goya khazan meri. He said ; “Influential  capitalists gave funds to various organizations as donations in order to undertake illegal constructions and encroachments in Dal lake which made it shrink considerably. It speaks of our insensitivity. One does not see the like of such destruction of nature`s beauty and ungratefulness for her bounty. The consequences of this thanklessness, crudeness and insensitivity can be very harsh, on the one side Dal lake is shrinking and on the other side the tall and beautiful deodar trees are felled. The forests are mercilessly destroyed. From the heights of Khilan marg to the foothills of Harmukh and the virgin woods of pahalgam have become the targets of this large scale vandalism. The rising fir trees in the valley of Lolab and on the upland of Bandipor cry aloud against their molestation. Are we inviting famine like Somalia? Isn`t it that at the behest of somebody we has embarked on stealing Kashmir of her prestine beauty, her rich forests and her resources so that all possibilities of her existence as a free country are eliminated. Panchayat houses have been burnt; beautiful buildings have been turned into ruins. The people of Kashmir had with much labour and with the cooperation of locals built imposing buildings from funds raised voluntarily to house schools and teaching institutions. No trace of these is to be found. The grand building of Islamia College, its laboratory and its enviable library all have been reduced to ashes. And what has been the benefit? Why this funeral of knowledge, literature, culture and civilization? If it is a part of the jehad movement, then why has it remained restricted only to the valley?

          I have quoted from the writing and speeches of Azam Inquilabi Dr. Ghulam Wani and Farooq Rahmani for the specific reason that these three gentlemen remained associated with the ongoing movement from the very beginning and were openly cooperating with Pakistan institutions. But they also love the motherland Kashmir. As such they are also expressing the same truth which the martyr Maqbool Butt and I have been expressing thought out our lives. Azam Inquilabi these confessions in an open letter he wrote to Maqbool Butt which was published in the Wahdat of June 1994.he said,

           “When you need to express your acute hatred against exploitation and divisive politics in the free atmosphere of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. I was at a loss to understand what relation could be there between the words exploitation and divisiveness in the free atmosphere that prevailed here( Pakistan and AK) but today I fully understand how auspicious and virtuous it is to fight against the exploitative feudalism, capitalism and oppressive system existing here( Pakistan and AK).”

Massacro of Kashmiri Nation

               Now about the movement- where it stands about mental physical, economic and political destruction which Kashmiris has suffered the real and eye opening picture is available in the writings of Azam Inquilabi, Farooq Rahmani and Dr. Ghulam Qadir wani. Let me remind my readers that these three gentlemen along with their parties are the components of APHC.

          The groups and parties in the valley of Kashmir claiming to fight under attractive slogans of freedom or even jehad generally murder their own brethren for telling the truth. Newspapers are threatened for giving the true news or information to the public about rival groups. Offices and official properties are destroyed with bomb blast, newspapers are set on fire. Who destroyed the bridges on the river Jhelum or those linking villages with one another? Who is selling forest timber clandestinely? Can we find a more lamentable example of collective national suicide by a nation claiming to be engaged in liberation struggle but actually indulging in fratricide, in burning schools and buildings, bridges and public structures? What loss does it inflict on India? It is the people of Kashmir who are facing difficulties in communication, lack of educational facilities and illiteracy entering into each house.

          Is it not the time that kashmiri intellectual, educationists, politician’s journalists and jurists students and teachers one and all who have any love for Kashmir review the five years old struggle and make a positive analysis. They must examine whether we kashmiris have been able to win any support at the international platform? Statements in newspapers moving resolutions in Kashmir, all these are nothing more than gimmicks to kept Kashmir’s in good humor while compassing the destruction of their youth.

          If there was any pressure on India from the international community with regard to Kashmir, its official authorities would not have announced allocation of 7.80 thousand million rupees for rebuilding destroyed colleges schools, and bridges in Kashmir .why should not one examine why we have not been able to win international support. The answer is simple. The five year old struggle in the valley could not pose as a true national liberation movement. It could project itself as nothing more than a communal and pro-Pak accession movement as far as international public opinion is concerned. By forcing kashmiri pundits out of Kashmir and then by looting and burning their abandoned properties, labeled it a theocratic and communal movement. The slogans for accession to Pakistan, likewise, denied it the legitimacy of a truly national liberation movement. With regard to our inability to win international support, let me refer to an article written by Sayyid Ali Shah Geelani for the London based Jang on October 21 1994. He writes, Representatives at international level, while visiting us do not, unfortunately feel the agony of oppressed Kashmir. In fact they come here as representatives of their own interests. It appears that they visit us not as protector of the rights and interests of kashmiris but as upholders of the interests of imperialists and in the process, they begin to teach us, seduce us or frighten us.”

          Many Kashmiri are misled into thinking that international opinion is mobilized in favour of the movement. This wishful thinking is created by those who make business of the dead bodies of kashmiri youth and collect enormous funds by way of donations. But it should be very clear that the international opinion does not support Kashmir cause because of communal slogans raised by religious groups and parties. Therefore this movement needs drastic reform. There is the need that we are not intimidated by the threat of the gun and instead venture to save the nation from falling into the abyss of destruction.


          In these circumstances if the nationalists in Kashmir really want freedom and self- determination, they should rise against all forces that dominate Kashmir. The people of Gilgit, Biltistan and Azad Kashmir POK) should smoothen public opinion. The people in the valley will have to solicit participation of kashmiri pundits and the residents in Jammu and Ladakh regions in the struggle by assuring them security of life and future. Perhaps their participation may not be possible unless Kashmiri pundits return to the valley and unless religion based struggle waged in the valley on the basis of pro- Pakistan accession is transformed into true national liberation struggle. Kashmir loyalists should also reject the UN Resolution of January 4- 1949 because these resolutions give the kashmiri people the right to join one or the other state only. The Simla Agreement also stipulates that the two countries India and Pakistan alone can decide about Kashmir. This means that the aspirations of kashmiris have no place in the resolution of the UN and also in the simla Agreement.

          At the same time during past five years Pakistan rulers totally ruled out the third option for Kashmir on national and international level for them there is only one path for the kashmiris and that is accession to Pakistan. When any  suggestion other than accession to Pakistan is put forward by any well meaning persons, the pro- pak accessionists in Kashmir Pakistani official circles and Pakistani media sources label him as a traitor and protagonist of Indian interests. This is despite the fact while these pro-pak organizations and Pakistan official circles speaking about the UN Resolution readily forget that in the  light of these resolutions it is not a crime to speak about accession to India. In the eyes of Pakistani ruling circles politicians, bureaucracy and the army only those persons and parties in Azad Kashmir can be considered patriotic who are their yes-men. They want that by freedom these people should mean and express accession to Pakistan. Therefore they speak the language of bullets and bombs only. This was proved by the harsh reaction to yasin Malik posture by Pakistani rulers, their institutions and their media. Yasin Malik had spoken only of change in tactics in the ongoing struggle meaning thereby resorting to non violent civil disobedience only. From the deeply passionate writings of Azam Inquilabi, Ghulam Qadir Wani and Farooq Rahmani, it became clear that the leadership of Azad Kashmir and their pseudo- sympathizers have no remedial measures for the problems and difficulties of Kashmiris of the valley, their hunger, their disease and their suffering. But of course, they are impatient to see more and more bodies dropping dead, more youth filling the prisons and incarceration camps. This dreadful scenario of death and destruction gives them the pretext to collect millions of pounds all over the world in the name of war in Kashmir and leave immense properties and estates for their progeny.

          The cry of the hour is that true lovers of Kashmiri come forward and initiate a jehad. A great struggle against falsehood and fraud and leave behind traces of truth for their coming generation. I would like to exhort Kashmiri people to speak the truth bear the truth, write the truth, tolerate the truth and stifle not the voice of truth. Indeed they must support the truth.

This article is published in my book "Kashmir: The unveiling of truth", 1998