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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Maqbool Bhat in the line of martyrs !!!

"In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, George Orwell

Sardar Arif Shahid did not use the title Sardar. Where to begin with his story? A strange man, a mountain of emotions, a restless soul madly in love with Kashmir that was Arif Shahid. He was a voracious reader. I have met with many freedom loving people; some of them were my comrades. But Arif Shahid was a very true, a very courageous man who passionately loved his native land and its people.

My reminiscences bring 1982 to my mind. Liberation Front was floated in Pakistan and I was elected Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Once in Rawalpindi in the company of Sardar Mushtaq and Sardar Razzaq, I was introduced to a tall and corpulent person named Arif Shahid. He was stationed in Dhahran, and was a friend of Afzal Tahir. Arif Shahid met me with great warmth, sincerity and attachment. He was not well-versed in the history of Kashmir. Nonetheless, I found light in his eyes. I found how deeply he nursed love and affection for Kashmir and her people. He promised to talk to me in detail after he returned from home. Two weeks later, he returned to Rawalpindi, and we talked at length in the house of late Farooq Haider. We talked about organizational matters of Saudi Arabia also although that topic did not strictly fall within the ambit of Liberation Front.

He loved to learn, and collected and preserved whatever literature he could lay his hands upon relevant to Kashmir. In due course of time he developed taste for writing mostly about Kashmir. Take any if his writings, its theme revolve round Kashmir and the freedom of Kashmiris and their day to day problem. He wrote freely and forcefully against slavery and against hegemony, oppression and tyranny of Pakistan over Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. He argued that occupational forces had divided our motherland in three parts. If we are true nationalists and want the entire homeland, then we should rise against these occupational forces in our respective parts of the State. If the people in Kashmir rise and fight against Indian occupation, this alone will not bring freedom to AK or GB. The people in each part shall have to rise against their respective occupational forces. People were surprised how a man could write so boldly against Pakistan while living in Pakistan and a part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Arif Shahid worked very hard in his life. He toiled in the hot sands of Saudi Arabia. He supported not only his family and kith and kin but also many unknown persons also, without making a show of it. He helped many people who were his relatives and friends to find work in Middle East. After a joining Liberation Front, he was in charge of entire Middle East chapter for the organization.

Nawaz Sharif, last hope for Pakistan

"A Genuine Leader is not a Searcher for Consensus but a molder of consensus". Mather Luther King Jr.

In May 2013 Pakistan National Assembly elections, Nawaz Sharif won with thumping majority making Imran Khan’s election hullabaloo meaningless. It is significant for two reasons; one that most of the voters participated in polling and second that this was the first election in Pakistan after the previously elected government completed its full term in office. Benazir was removed twice and her father Zulfiqar was removed as a result of army coup. On sordid democratic experience in Pakistan before the coup of General Ayub Khan had made Nehru remark that he had not changed as many pajamas as the regime sin Pakistan.

For next thirty-five years Pakistan languished under marshal law. The army and bureaucracy took her democracy a hostage. Nawaz Sharif was ousted twice and Pervez Musharraf humiliated him. However on the intervention of the US and Saudi Arabia he and his family were given shelter in Saudi Arabia. However, his industrial estate was ruined. Sharif brothers were not allowed to attend the funeral of their father. Muslim League (Q) was brought into power through the use of intimidation and force.

Nawaz returned in 2007 and the judiciary initiated action against Musharraf. After elections of 2009, ML (N) and PP formed coalition government but the former ended up in the opposition. There were occasions during PPP rule when agitation for ousting PPP government could have been launched but Nawaz Sharif asserted that democracy would not be toppled. That PPP could complete its normal term in office was just because Nawaz Sharif was very considerate showing his political sagacity. PPP edited only through democratic process. It was the victory of democracy in Pakistan. For the first time in her history, the people removed the incumbent government democratically.

Before forming the government at the federal level, Nawaz Sharif did not listen to non-democratic forces in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. He did not stop Tehreek-I-Insaaf from forming the government in that province. Nawaz Sharif refused to fall in the trap of Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

Interview of Hashim Qureshi, Chairman JKDLP with KNS (2011)

Srinagar/ KNS

Terming both India and Pakistan as occupying countries, Chairman of Democratic Liberation Party, Hashim Qureshi stated that the farce of bilateral talks has been going on for Six decades in the past only to keep Kashmiri nation in a state of suspense. If both countries leave respective parts of the State free, this could be the only lasting solution to vexed Kashmir problem.

Criticizing the Hurriyat leaders, he asserted that they are ignorant about the real meaning and implication of patriotism. By misleading the people they serve only self interests. Calling last year’s agitation as peoples’ movement, Hashim Qureshi said that Hurriyat leadership had made the movement a hostage to strike calls. “If we are to open our mouth and divulge the facts, the whole thing may end up in a catastrophe of sorts”, he claimed.

In a special interview with KNS, the Chairman said that Pakistan is an occupying country like India. As such, she cannot be the advocate of Kashmiri nation. If Pakistan was truly a sympathizer and advocate of Kashmiris, it would not have split Azad Kashmir into two parts. He said that on one hand Pakistan arbitrarily changed the constitution of Azad Kashmir and on the other hand she feigns to be a sympathizer of Kashmiris. In regard to Kashmir, Pakistan wants to assume the role of the judge, the jury and the hangman. She supports and props up those who serve her agenda in Kashmir.

Soul searching needed !!!

How long do we continue to shift blame on others?
"If someone has Enough Courage to ask you a question seriously, then you should be Brave Enough to Answer truthfully" Cameron Milto

For various reasons I did not write for some time. During this time wanton bloodshed was profuse in Egypt and Syria. Those beating breast for democracy ordered trampling of humans and Muslims under rolling tanks. Some Muslim countries are part of this massacre. They provided more than 16 billion dollars to the Egyptian military dictators to spill the blood of Muslims. Syria is no exception. The Hadith says “If a Muslim in the East is in pain, his coreligionist in the West has to be his sympathizer.” What happened to this axiom?

Contrarily, Muslim is seeking the blood of Muslim and using poisonous gas. Newly-wed brides are minced under the tanks. Kids under impact of poisonous gas, die of breathlessness. Yet the Muslims are tight lipped.

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, human beings are torn to shreds by bombs hurled in mosques, Imambaras and churches day in and day out. Communal clashes were contrived in U.P resulting in loss of human lives and damage worth billion of rupee of property.

We the Muslims, instead of doing some souls searching tend to bring the onus of these killings to the doorsteps of the US, Israel or India.

What is happening in our small state? A national daily came out with the sensational news that in its report the army’s inquiry committee had said “that in 2010 General V.K. Singh, the Army Chief had passed on 1.20 crore rupees to the present Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hasan Mir for creating disturbed situation in the State.” Commenting on the report, the former Army Chief said “that Mir was a nationalist leader and doubting him is tantamount to doubting God”. Ghulam Hasan Mir rubbished the entire episode as false and fabricated.  But in a live interview to Times Now on 23 September, former Amy Chief did not only defend passing on money to Mir but also added that army has been passing on money not only to Mir but to many more ministers in J&K.