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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why movements end up identically?

Undoubtedly Indian forces have perpetrated inhuman atrocities in Kashmir. Tyranny let loose by them will for the soul of “GandhiJi to leave India and seek asylum in some other country”. One fails to understand why the majority of Indians, who, otherwise, are a conscientious people have locked their conscience. There was a time when India was considered the beacon light for the freedom loving people of the world. Gandhi ji’s philosophy of non-violence for freedom movements had given India the status of a guide.
However, the State of Jammu and Kashmir dragged India in the rank and file of occupational countries. Not only that, she finds her place among the tyrannical and oppressive states of the world?
A new weapon called pallet gun was used in Israel against the Palestinians. Germany and some more countries have also used it. It was inducted in Kashmir in 2010 during the government of Omar Abdullah whose actual name is Omar Farooq Abdullah.
India has now broken the record of tyranny, cruelty and callousness by its forces making the eyes of boys between 14 and 15 years as direct target. Many of them have lost eyesight. However, the wounds of pallet gun did stir up the conscience of many Indians.
Let me elucidate another point. Stones or batons, no state has the right to take the life of a citizen. Throwing a stone cannot be responded by firing a bullet. There are numerous ways for controlling the mobs like spraying hot water in summer and cold water in winter through jets. We deplore stone pelting as much as we deplore firing a bullet because stones also cause injury to human body. Stones can break teeth, strike the eyes and nose. We have seen how the wounds inflicted by stones disable the person for life. That is why we outright reject violence. It is the responsibility of those who are instigating people to violence to keep the demonstrators in control and in discipline. Here in Kashmir, movement is not led b y organization but by mobs and then leaders and organizations “kidnap” these movements. They begin issuing calendar.
These movements surface without any plan or programmed. They are the fallout of accidents based on emotions. Thus gradually when emotions die down, the movement also loses its momentum albeit after wantonly consuming many precious and pious lives.
If the on-going movement is a movement in real sense of the term, then is it not heading to the outcome of the movement of 2008 and 2010? We initiate movements with great enthusiasm but the enthusiasm as well as the movement dies down after many youth have made sacrifices of their precious lives.

Why international conscience is deaf and dumb for us?


Are we living in 21st century? Our educational institutions are shut down. Silence of graveyard has overtaken the valley. It smells of gun powder emitted by pellet guns, bullets or tear gas. If there is intermittent cry, it is of an oppressed person or the wails of a mother who has lost her dear one.  Jubilant laughter and smiles of carefree children are things of past. School going children have lost the addresses of their educational institutes. Colleges and universities will lose whatever little is left of them. Entire valley is not a prison house but a place around which iron carton as been drawn. Our leadership should understand that Indian States replies the stones of Kashmiri youth with bullets which kills our people. We cast accusations on world community that their conscience cannot be awoken to our plight?
Should we let ourselves be destroyed like that or should we think of a way out from this morass to save our young generations who would continue the struggle in a better manner? Now people are being punished collectively. Wherever security forces are not around, gangs of youth armed with stones attack people? By blinding the youth the government is actually blinding the soul of India.
Telephone, internet and connectivity with outside world remains shut down. We do not know what is happening in the world. After day-long demonstrations and stone throwing we wait to know from television channels what has happened during the day. We want to know if our news has been telecast. We wait for BBC and next morning we ask one another whether it spoke about our struggle or not?

Pakistani news casters flamboyantly speak about Kashmir to whip up our passions. They leave us licking our wounds and they go away to enjoy sumptuous dinner with their families discussing with their children about their education and business matters? To befool Kashmiris Pakistan deputed a 20-member delegation to world capitals to tell them about Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Although they are literate but do not have the capability of making the British, French, Germans and others understand the nitty-gritty of Kashmir issue. This is not what I am saying; this is what Pakistani media has been repeatedly saying.
However, Pakistan's army chief, Pir Sahib Salahud-Din and Hafiz Saeed have issued threatening. Feeling emboldened by these sensational utterances, gullible Kashmiri youth took up stones to hurl on forces and thus opened their breasts to the bursts of pallet guns in the hope that Pakistan will launch massive attack on Indian troops?
We have heard this rhetoric many times so far. We the freedom fighters had no misunderstanding about these hollow threats. But hopefully the Hurriyat will have come to the same conclusion also? Pakistan has been befooling us with many exciting slogans like religious sentiments, Islamic slogans and Shah Rag etc. Pakistan made the people a fool and nurtured a few among them as its stooges.
Two months have gone by and Pakistani army has not come to save us. Those who came are ISIS jihadis whose flags our people have been fluttering. Neither Lashkar nor Jamaat Islami has been able to save us from the oppression of Indian security forces.

When journalism becomes a Canard...

Shabnam Qayyum’s Book, Bundle of Lies?

Intellectuals, historians and journalists are the architects of a nation. In their heads they carry the roadmap of building the nation. Great feats of development emanate from their brains. Kashmir, our paradise, has been slightly unfortunate in this respect. At some crucial junctures in her history, it so happened that pseudo-intellectuals, bogus historians and phony writers presented themselves in the garb of scholars and intellectuals.  They distorted history and played with the destiny of the nation.
Shabnam Qayyum is one such bogus journalist. An ordinary government employee he used his pen to win distinction and wealth. Starting from writing radio dramas, he embarked on negatively dramatizing history, culture and politics of Kashmir. It is amply known who induced him to write history and why and who supplied him material which he used. He may repudiate this and produce numerous counter arguments but he will have to concede that till date never has any allegation of the sorts been leveled against a historian as against him.
Nevertheless, we would have nothing to say against his works if he had not criminally distorted history and created confusion for coming generations.
Our land has gone through many  extended perils to ascertain the events of history Only then has the true and unbiased  history come down to us. The art of writing history is not a child’s play. A historian carries immense responsibility on his shoulders. He has no liberty and space to be careless in recording the events.  He cannot depend on hearsay. Living nations can bear much debility but they will not bear their history handled by scoundrels and villains.
Shabnam Qayyum finds his place among such villains whose trash is not acceptable. A cursory study of his publications will show to what depths a writer can fall for self aggrandizement. He fails to make distinction between the truth and falsehood. Mudslinging, maligning others and character assassination of freedom fighters and nationalists have become his second nature. In between, he also writes anti-India articles only to pose as a supporter of the people’s movement. Naively he thinks the people do no understand that his character assassination of Hurriyat leaders and those opposed to the movement is rewarded with passport and other facilities
His new publication Phansi is the living proof of his love for falsehood, distortion of history and advertently making it a gossip. This book written on Afzal Guru is actually a collection of the writings of different writers. His assertions about Ganga hijacking, Maqbool Butt’s martyrdom and the murder of Mhatre do not carry an iota of truth. What he has written is diametrically opposed to the reality on the ground. He has named two freedom movement activists, Abdul Hamid Bhat and Riyaz Ahmad Dar, as D.P. Dhar’s agents for contriving murder of Mhatre, forgetting that D.P Dhar had died natural death way back in 1975 whereas the hijacking case happened a decade later. What more proof do we need to prove his falsehood and distortion of history?  The court statements of Maqbool Butt the martyr, K.H. Khurshid, Major Rahim Shah and the statement of Abdul Khaliq Ansari given to Jung Forum in 1984 and an interview of Ashraf Qureshi are all included in my book Unrevealing of the Truth. Additionally, Butt Sahib’s letters, his court statements and Liberation Front’s publication Roshni ka Shaheed-e Awwal also bear testimony to the facts about Ganga hijacking case. Full details pertaining to the incident can be gleaned from the internet.  Khalid Hassan wrote an article titled ‘Truth about Ganga’. This, and K.H. Khurshid writings are also available on the net. Even the court verdicts related to Ganga case are also to be found on the net.
Shabnam Qayyum does not care to conduct independent research into events on which he writes. Just sitting with cushion support comfortably in the drawing room and sipping kahwa and fancying historical events of far-reaching consequence is day -dreaming and not research. Had he any sense of responsibility as a historian, he would have known that D.P. Dhar died in 1975 nine years before Mhatre event happened. He would have also known that Mhatre was not murdered while driving a car. Actually he was standing at a bus stop in Birmingham waiting for the bus when he was kidnapped and later on murdered. But without verifying the facts of the case Shabnam Qayyum says that he was shot at while standing at the bus stop. The casual and irresponsible manner of Shabnam Qayyum recording history will be found in his statement that Liberation Front accepted the responsibility of kidnapping and assassinating Mhatre. In fact the responsibility was owned by Kashmir Liberation Army (KLA) and not LF. Below is recounted the factual story in this context. After going through it, readers will themselves decide what is true and what is false.
In his book, Shabnam Qayyum has recorded the story of the hijacking of Ganga from page 130 to 139 and from 139 to 145. He says that as a result of this event civilian and air force planes were disallowed to fly over Indian Territory to East Pakistan. Now let it be said that the witnesses of Pakistan Civil Aviation deposed in the court of law that the service of military or Air Force planes over Indian Territory was suspended after 1965. Of course any flight taking off from Karachi or Lahore and bound for East Pakistan had to seek permission from New Delhi prior to take off. If India suspected any of such flights, she had the right to ground that flight on its territory.
Secondly, up to December 3, 1971, when war broke out between the two countries, Pakistani civil or military airplanes adopted their route to East Pakistan via Sri Lanka. True this entailed more consumption of fuel but that was Pakistan’s defiance strategy. It made no difference for her.


Remembering Shaheed  Maqbool Butt

February 11 is the anniversary of his Martyrdom. His example is the beacon light for the Kashmiri freedom struggle. 

The passing of eleventh February is a normal and routine day for the world, but for the Kashmiri nation and those human beings who love freedom, determined struggle, and human values February 11 is avery auspicious occasion.11th Feb 1984, anti-human worshipers of darkness hanged  Maqbool  Butt with a well-conspired and calculated plan in an attempt to extinguish and destroy the spirit of freedom, he (Maqbool Butt) had instilled in the minds and hearts of the Kashmiris. India thought that by killing Maqbool Butt they could silence the voice of freedom and justice.
But that same morning when Maqbool Butt was executed, the cause of Maqbool Butt was immortalized and his martyrdom became a beacon-tower for Kashmiri freedom fighters who firmly continue their struggle against the tyranny of foreign occupation.The sacred blood of Maqbool Butt,which the oppressor wanted to bury behind the high walls of Tehar jail,has taken rebirth in the form of slogan, stones and swords in every corner of the sub-continent.
"The blood shed on the roads of Chicago brought ever-increasing confidence   with it.
The blood  shedded from the life of Fuchek brought spring of  conscience with it.
The Fatimi blood became more pure and holy and
it has become a beacon-tower in dark and barren valleys"

Maqbool Butt- the cold chains of tyranny could not fetter your will to defy the evil that oppressed your people.
O my leader - you not only sacrificed your life but were also tormented and crucified every moment of your life. You boldly waited for 15 years in the jail cell to enlighten, educate, and awaken your oppressed countrymen and show them the way to national freedom.
You stood up and battled the culture of silence created by the fascism of the occupiers. You broke the silence and spoke out boldly for freedom.
Great Leader! Man has always been obsessed to fulfill his desires but you are amongst the few great men who preferred to struggle and risk death for the cause of Kashmir. You sacrificed your life to fail conspiracies aimed at usurping the national freedom of Kashmiri people. The blood-line meant to divide Kashmir, the injustice, illiteracy, poverty and ever-increasing atrocities and oppression in all parts of Jammu & Kashmir where the ills you wanted to fight out and for that you underwent brutalities, cruelties, mental and physical torture, solitary confinement and all kinds of inhuman methods of oppression by the barbarians at different times and places.
You bravely faced two decades long continuous state terrorism in both parts of occupied Kashmir till you were made to embrace martyrdom in Tehar jail on 11th of February 1984.

My great leader!  you established an unprecedented and unparalleled example in recent history of not only the Kashmiri nation but for the freedom fighters and the oppressed people of the world.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Say no to politics of violence !

Attacks on tourists and Mumbai bombings are part of a conspiracy to isolate Kashmiris and instigate communal trouble in other Indian states
Hashim Qureshi
Tourists and visitors are treated as respectable guests by all religions and cultures of the World and every religion has stressed decent treatment of guests. Our Prophet (SAW) used to take special care of guests and even the Holy Quran stresses decent treatment to guests. The great Sufi saint of Kashmir, Sheikhul Aalam has said: (translation) “It is the Almighty who accompanies the guest and to take good care of guest is to win God’s benevolence...”
Peoples’ culture and civility is known by the attitude they have towards guests and those who visit them from outside. And when the visitors are tourists, their visits become the back-bone of that place’s economy. Kashmir’s economy is in a shambles from past 16 years. Hoteliers, houseboat owners, shikara pullers, pony-wallas, those dealing with handicrafts – all have been devastated economically. The tourist industry is virtually at the verge of collapse. Lack of opportunities of employment has given birth to serious social issues and the tendency of suicide is on an alarming increase amongst unemployed boys and girls.
While attacks on tourists are aimed at destroying the already fragile economy of Kashmir, by targeting Yatris, the conspirators are attempting to ignite communal clashes and to encourage a backlash against Indian Muslims residing in different Indian states. It is a dangerous conspiracy which may have very dangerous consequences. It is a fact that the local militants did not target tourists because Kashmiris have all along been rated as very decent hosts besides these local militants were aware of the fact that tourism is the only industry that has a potential to strengthen Kashmir’s economy. But with the passage of time such elements jointed the militant struggle who without understanding culture, traditions and heritage of Kashmir started targeting everyone and anyone just for the sake of publicity. No doubt these elements got publicity but at the cost of our movement and our sacrifices. Their actions brought bad name to a movement which was indigenous.
The kidnapping of five foreign tourists by Al-Faran and subsequent murder of the Norwegian one was the worst thing that could have happened to Kashmiri movement. Entire world saw the slaughtered body of Norwegian tourist and even those who were our sympathizers started having second thoughts about our movement. Even today, nothing is known about the rest of the four tourists. Although some sources say that they too were killed but after seeing the world reaction to Norwegian tourist’s murder, the bodies of the four tourists were dumped somewhere in the mountains under instructions from an outside agency. But the damage was done. Kashmiri movement was movement of oppressed people; of those who were betrayed; of those who were suppressed by the agents appointed by New Delhi; of those whose institutions of justice were crippled; and of those who were struggling for democracy, justice and human dignity. But in the killing of Norwegian tourist, world saw the oppressed people becoming oppressors and thus the peoples’ movement was branded as terrorism. What else could world do when it saw academician, doctors, scholars, teachers, ulema and others getting killed by those who were supposed to fight against oppressors? And now in fresh turn of events, tourists and pilgrims too are being targeted.
A pilgrim, no matter of which faith he or she may be, has a right to visit his/her places of faith freely anywhere in the world. There is no religious, political or moral justification of attacking the pilgrims who visit the shrines of Amarnath in Pahalgam or Vaishno Devi in Katra. Those who attack Yatris should be asked that in reaction if some fanatic Hindu group or relatives of any of the Yatris who was killed here, attack our people who go every year for Hajj pilgrimage or Muslims pilgrims of any other state, how disastrous it would be? In such an atmosphere how can people of different faiths live and exist together. Where will this madness in the name of religion lead us to?
Coming back to the attacks on tourists, we all know that in today’s world no individual, society or nation can live in isolation. If our human resource or our fruit, or our other products are rejected by outsiders, where would we stand economically? Even for essential commodities we depend on outside states and if they decided to boycott, where will we go? Let us keep in mind that if we deny outsiders the right to visit Kashmir by attacking and killing them, people will not allow us to visit their states and countries. Isn’t attacking tourists a shame?  These innocent people work hard for whole year, make some savings and come to see Nature’s beauties in Kashmir alongwith their families. They save money to spend it here in Kashmir and in return we kill them! By killing innocent tourists, the killers can neither end Indian rule in Kashmir not push out Indian Army from Kashmir. Why tourists then are being targeted on the instructions of outside agencies. There are other troubled areas in the world but tourists are not targeted there. Take the example of Nepal, Maoists are at war with the rulers but nobody touches tourists.
Thousands of our children are studying in different states of India. If some mischievous forces instigate the emotions of revenge among the people of those states, what will happen? Would our children, who are our future, be safe there? Thousands of Kashmiris are doing trade in different states. If, as a reaction to attacks on tourists, they are thrown out of those states, what would happen to their families? The intention behind these attacks is to isolate Kashmiris and thus destroy them academically as well as economically. This conspiracy is not limited to Kashmir alone but is aimed at Indian Muslims too. Indian Muslims are still busy dressing the wounds of partition and if the conspiracy of instigating communal trouble succeeds, they will be fully destroyed.
The attacks of tourists in Kashmir, Mumbai bombing, earlier attacks on temples, parliament, Lal Qila – all are a part of this greater conspiracy. The game plan is to be understood particularly by Indian establishment. When so called analysts come on TV’s and start searching connections between SIMI and Jaish, they actually are strengthening the conspirators by instigating Hindu fanatic groups to react. Indian establishment has to understand that in the wake of such attacks, it is not fair and neither politically correct to raise fingers towards a particular section of the society.
This is a conspiracy that has been hatched from outside India. Indian people have to defeat it and also the Indian Police, security and intelligence agencies have to behave impartially without bias or prejudice against any particular society. Those involved in these terror attacks can’t be followers of any religion because no religion justifies terrorism. So, need is to identify the killers and book them under the law of the land but at the same time ensure that no innocent is victimized during the process.
As for as Kashmir is concerned, a definite change is visible. People caught the one who hurled grenade at tourists near Tourist Reception Centre, Srinagar; People of Tangmarg took to streets protesting against the attack on tourists at Gulmarg; People of Ganderbal observed strike against a grenade attack that left two dead and several injured. All these reactions should serve as ‘writing on the wall’ for those who condemn such attacks publicly but privately back the politics of violence. They are the people who call strikes when someone “from their camp” is killed and never utter a word when innocent people are slaughtered and bombed. These elements have to understand that any conspiracy against the lives and economy of Kashmiris will never succeed.
Kashmiri people have to come out against the killings of tourists, yatris or any other unarmed person. They have to launch a movement against politics of violence. Unless we do that, our struggle for freedom will continue to hang in air with no destination.
While oppression is a crime, to remain silent and not speak against oppression too is a crime. We have to launch a war against the enemies of humanity because by these attacks they are earning a bad name for Kashmir. The blasts found echo in G-8 meeting too and India called off its secretary level meeting. The statement of Pakistan’s external affairs minister regarding Mumbai blasts, wherein he related these blasts with resolution of Kashmir, was undiplomatic and also voluntarily projecting his country as a suspect. India and Pakistan were walking on the path of peace and reconciliation from past few years. The CBMs had created an atmosphere where one could hope that the future may have some better promises for the people of the sub-continent, particularly people of Jammu and Kashmir. But it seems that the violent forces are succeeding in derailing the peace process.
I was told by a very responsible source that sometime back, in Pakistan, a militant commander had talked about his intentions in a private get-together. He had said: “If this peace process continues and Kashmiris are allowed to visit each other in both the parts freely and trade is started, it will dilute the hatred against India and also neutralize the intensity of Kashmir issue. We have to do something to destroy this peace process.” In this backdrop, India and Pakistan have to behave responsibly and reasonably. They should not allow the three year old peace process to get derailed because of the bombings or some violent attacks that may take place in future. Kashmiris too have to come out against violence otherwise our future generations too will be victims of bombs, grenades and land-mines. We have to warn the people and leadership that such violent attacks would isolateKashmir in the world and our destination will be dumped in some dark abyss.

Whose agent can I be?

Interview was published in Greater Kashmir on 27th December 2008

My life is an open book. If I work for India tell me what do I do for them which they pay me for? But to me, India and Pakistan both have held Kashmiris against their wishes. India on this side, Pakistan on that. JKDLP Supremo Hashim Qureshi talks about hijack episode, current crisis, Kashmir politics and more, in an exclusive interview with GK Senior Correspondent Zulfiqar Majid.

Where from Hashim Quershi started his political career?
I was born in Nowhatta in 1953 and was student of Islamia School. My father was associated with Political Conference of Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Karra. As a kid, on August 14 (Pakistan Independence Day), I used to burst fire crackers. That time I used to hear slogans like Kashmir Banayga Pakistan and those days also pitched battles between youth and Police in the lanes and bye-lanes of downtown was order of the day. I was jailed at the age of 14 first time. We were vocal supporters of accession to Pakistan and more extremists than today’s youth.

The independence movements in other parts of world like Algeria, Palestine and other African countries also influenced my ideas.

How did you plan Indian Airlines Friendship Aircraft Ganga in 1971?

I went to meet my uncle who was in Peshawar (Pakistan) in 1969. There I met Maqbool Bhat first time. He made me understand that independent Kashmir was the only solution and it can be achieved through an armed struggle. Bhat was running National Liberation Front those days. When I returned back, we opened NLF cells in this part of Kashmir. Then we started the campaign that armed struggle is the only solution. So many people were associated with NLF and we decided that we have to do something big.

Then in April 1970, I crossed the border and met Maqbool Bhat and Dr Farooq Hyder. In Pakistan I was trained by a retired subedar, Yar Muhammad. One day on a breakfast table, we decided that we should do something like Laila Khalid of Palestine did. I volunteered myself for the hijacking. Dr Hyder’s brother-in-law, who was an ex-pilot, gave me training of hijacking. The plan for hijacking was prepared by Bhat, Hyder, Amanullah Khan (JKLF) and Javed Sagar.

You were serving as sub-inspector in BSF before the highjack and who had planted you?
It is propaganda. I will reveal the truth. Ghulam Hassan Mir was a DSP in BSF then. He is still alive. I had to cross the border and I met Mir at Regal Chowk. I told him that I had to cross the border to meet my sister who was married in Pakistan. He promised me that he will help me in crossing the border, but I’ve to provide him information about Al-Mujahideen militant organization run by Sardar Abdul Qayoom Khan in AJK. He helped me in border cross on the promise that I’ll provide him the information.

In AJK I was trained in hijacking, but on my return I was arrested in Jammu. Maqbool Bhat had told me that in case I was arrested, I should reveal that I was on a mission to hijack a plane and two more persons were also coming on the same mission. Bhat told me that it was for my safety, otherwise I would be killed in custody. After my arrest, BSF people asked me to keep an eye at Srinagar airport on the other two persons who were coming to hijack the plane.

That means before hijack, you were arrested.
Yes. I revealed the whole plan to them and that other two persons are also coming. They (BSF) promised me that they would recruit me as sub inspector. They gave me order on a plain paper on which it was written that I was appointed as sub inspector. Under rules, it wasn’t possible, I was just 17 and just a matriculate. The state government in its case has also filed that I was sub inspector in BSF at the time of hijacking. But when the court asked for records, they couldn’t give any proof. It was all a drama.

Then how were you released when you revealed that you were on a mission to hijacking a plane?
After my arrest, I signed a deal with BSF. I told them that I’ll identify the other two hijackers. But I was doing reece for hijack. In the meantime I gave training to one of my relative Ashraf Qureshi.

How is it possible that you will give training to someone while being under arrest?
No, BSF had released me. They thought I’m with them. In the meantime, Maqbool Bhat sent Irshad Bhat from Pakistan. I told him that as soon I’ll get a chance I’ll hijack the plane. In January 1971, BSF suspected that I was playing a trick with them and before they could have killed me, I decided to hijack the plane.

How would you communicate with Maqbool Bhat?

Through post cards in code words.

Is J&K a natural part of Pakistan or India?

In a statement a rabid pro-Pakistani and chairman of one faction of the Hurriyat Conference argued " that Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan was justified because of its seven hundred kilometers long common border with that country. Hence, Kashmir was natural part of Pakistan, he maintained.  Many more people including units of both factions of the Hurriyat who want Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan, find a strong rationale in Pakistan’s two nation theory as the basis of Kashmir ---- a predominantly Muslim region --- acceding to Pakistan." This can cause confusion to the present and the future generations of the Kashmiris. Therefore, it is desirable that in the context of making J&K State a part of Pakistan or Hindustan, some facts of history are brought forward.

Five thousand-year-old history of Kashmir tells us that this state remained independent and self-ruling under various Rajas, Maharajas, Nawwabs, and Emperors. During Shahmiri rule, its borders extended from the Tibet in the north to Sir Hind and Multan in the south. However, owing to internal dissensions, its sovereignty came to an end with its conquest by Emperor Akbar in A.D. 1586. After the Mughals, Kashmir passed into the hands of the Afghans, Sikhs and lastly the Dogras. It is necessary to recollect that prior to the emergence of Pakistan movement Kashmiris had begun their struggle to liberate their land from autocratic rule of Dogras. Kashmir freedom movement was launched in 1931, at least nine years earlier than the 1940 Lahore Resolution, later on called Pakistan Resolution.

Independence Act of 1947 stipulated passing of Muslim majority areas to Pakistan and Hindu majority areas to India in the territory of British India. 560 princely states were not a part of British India administered territory though they had taken the oath of loyalty to the British Crown. In this way they had maintained a semblance of their semi - independent status. With the winding up of the Raj, these princely states automatically became independent. However, in accordance with Section 7 of the Independence Act, it was recommended that the states should take into account their geographical location and the wishes of the majority population to decide accession either to India or to Pakistan. The option of remaining independent too was there. Thus India and Pakistan came into being as two sovereign states of the sub-continent on the basis of Independence Act but the formula of passing the territories of 560 princely states to India or Pakistan on the basis of Hindu/ Muslim majority was not applied. If so happened that the question of accession of these princely states became a source of dispute between the two countries. In the process, Kashmir dispute proved a hindrance not only to the development and prosperity of India and Pakistan but it also became a source of great misery and suffering for the people of the State. Some questions arise:
  • Why did the Muslim League, in a meeting of its Executive Committee, concede  to the rulers of the princely states the right of deciding the future of their respective states?
  • Why did Pakistan accept the announcement of accession of Junagar and Manawa to Pakistan despite the fact that the majority population in both the states was of Hindus
  • Did not Pakistan accept constitutional status (independence) of Jammu and Kashmiris by accepting the stand-still agreement with the Maharaja of Kashmir
  • The State of Hyderabad is not physically contiguous to Pakistan. It has Hindu majority population.Yet did not Pakistan accept the announcement of its self-rule status mad by the Nawwab?
The point is that if the princely states too had been distributed according to the Muslim and non-Muslim majority theory at the time of the partition, Mr. Jinnah would never have accepted the offer of accession of Junagarh and Manawa to Pakistan, nor would he have accepted the sovereignty of Hyderabad Deccan. A statement issued by Mr. Jinnah on 17 June 1947, and preserved in the archives of that country according to the Pakistani Minister of Information and Broadcasting endorses our view point. It says:

"These days conflicting opinions are expressed in regard to the Indian princely states. It has, therefore, become necessary for me to explain the view point of All India Muslim League on this issue. I would like to clarify misunderstandings and state what our strategy about these states will be. From constitutional and legal point of view, Indian princely states become independent with the termination of the British Raj. They will be free to make a decision about their future or to find a way of remaining independent. Their options are to join the constitutional assembly of India or Pakistan or decide to remain independent. In case they decide to remain independent, they can maintain their relations with India or Pakistan as they deem fit. The Muslim League’s policy in this regard has been very clear from the beginning, and that is not to interfere in the internal matters of any state. This matter should fundamentally remain between the ruler and his subjects. Such states as want to remain independent but would like to talk to Pakistan on any matter or some political understanding or any other sort of relationship like trade, economic etc. we shall agree to exchange ideas with them".

Sunday, January 24, 2016

NC's hypocrisy...

Justice delayed is justice denied