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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why is conscientious Indian civil society silent over killings in Kashmir?!

Civil societies world over have listened to the voice of their conscience and saved humanity from bloodbath. They have risen against the tyranny and oppression perpetrated by cruel and oppressive rulers. The father of Indian nation, Gandhi ji waged struggle against oppression irrespective of religion, caste and ethnicity. It was struggle against oppression let loose against human beings. He came to be known as the founding father of the philosophy of no-violence. Indian rulers have always exploited the slogan that “Bharat follows the principles of Gandhi ji.” Unfortunately the Indian rulers have taken to the game of propaganda. They have rubbed Gandhi ji’s principles into dust at each step. He had clearly said:

“Kashmiris will have to be given their rights according to their wishes. If it means shrinking of India in terms of territory, let it be; if her soul is pure and just, India can become the cradle of non-violence. If India cannot keep the Kashmiri people satisfied, then her image will be distorted in the eyes of world community.” (Atesh-e-Chinar)

Unfortunately, very small voices are raised against the treatment meted out by Indian rulers and their local agents to the people of Kashmir. We the people of Kashmir are at a loss why conscientious people of India are silent over the atrocities perpetrated on us. Is it India’s fake nationalism that prevents conscientious people from opening their mouth? Is it because of faith? Conscientious Indian civil society generally raises its voice against oppression anywhere in the world but not in Kashmir. Why is it so? Why is India bent on distorting her image in the eyes of the whole world? Is it because Kashmiri men, women and children have not guns in their hands? All that they have is one and only one slogan “What do we want? Freedom (azaadi)”. For raising this slogan, Indian security forces and police rain bullets on them. In no civilized country of the world bullets are rained on peaceful protesting mass rallies. Usually, mass rallies are peaceful but security forces baton charge them at every turn. They instigate the crowds to violence. Youth pick up stones in self-defence, in retaliation of which security forces shoot them in their heads and chests. It seems there is deliberate attempt to kill Kashmiri children and youth.

Mass protests are not exclusive to India. These take place from time to time in many countries. Security forces generally use water canons and tear gas shells to disperse mobs. But here bullets are rained even on womenfolk. Security forces come out on rampage almost every day shattering window and motor vehicle panes. Now people have begun covering the windowpanes with metallic sheets for protection.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foreword 'Kashmir: The Undeniable Truth' by Ahmad Khazir, President Tanzeem-e-Ulemae Hind, Deoband

It is hard to face realities and speak truth. The history of mankind is full of perplexity and mystification. Success and failure, losing and wining is the law of nature but every one has reason and justification for triumph and trail. In every sphere of life we are involved in a race but unfortunately in Kashmir we are trudging an endless track .Most of Kashmiries blame India and Pakistan for the volatility and political instability in the state and feel alienated due to the bias attitude of diplomacy as well as politics. But what ever may be the reasons! The fact is that Kashmiri Leadership is responsible for the uproar and mayhem .The fundamental and flagrant contradictions that occur in the manifestos of all political groups and parties in Kashmir have pushed Kashmiries in such a situation where all the intellectuals, writers, think tanks and even political leaders are unable to think of a solution to Kashmir imbroglio. Every one is talking of solution and resolution of this vexed problem but it is truly difficult in Kashmir to call spade a spade .If you dare to become honest and speak truth you will be labeled either Indian agent or Pakistani agent and you are no more Kashmiri? Resulting in the causality of truth and facts.

Mr.Hashim Qureshi is also one of causalities of truth. He dares to speak truth and it is hard to swallow truth particularly in politics. However unjustified criticism, condemnation and denigration where unable to prevent Hashim from speaking truth. Every one has right to agree and disagree with his views and concept but It will be unjust to ignore Hashims straight forwardness and loyalty to his nation.

I have read few of his articles now in a complete book form; I sincerely believe that Mr.Hashim Qureshi’s vision and experience deserve recognition on both political and diplomatic front. Mr.Hashim Qureshi‘s experience and interaction both at national and international level should not be unnoticed and ignored .He has spent most of his time on working for different solution of Kashmir. His experience and encounter with truth, beyond any doubt needs support and applaud.

Moulana Ahmad Khazir
Tanzeem e Ulame Hind
Deoband (UP)


Monday, August 2, 2010

Open Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary-General United Nations
New York, NY 10017
United States of America

Esteemed Sir,

I would like to draw your attention to the turbulent situation in Jammu & Kashmir. In reaction to unprovoked killings by Indian Security forces, the people in Kashmir, especially the youth have been staging demonstrations and protests for the past two months. During these peaceful demonstrations, the Indian Security forces have not abstained from using bullets to assassinate people's democratic rights. This has resulted in the fact that during the ongoing agitation part of the youth has been compelled to display their dissatisfaction and anger by stone pelting. But in response to their stone pelting the Indian Security forces have used bullets, which has resulted in the death of more than 30 people, including women and children. The use of extensive and disproportional force by the Indian Security forces has fueled the anger among the people and this turbulent situation seems to have become a vicious circle which will only result in more innocent deaths. The use of force by security forces has not been limited to demonstrations, but they even entered homes and embarked on ruthless rampages, which only deteriorates the situation. Zahid Farooq (17 years), Tufail Mattoo (17 years) and Inayat Khan (16 years) were not part of any demonstration or agitation, but were either playing cricket or on their way attending tuition, but they were killed ruthlessly by tear gas shells and bullets fired upon them by Indian Security forces, without any reason or provocation whatsoever. The brain of one of these kids was blown out by a tear gas canister. Even during these atrocities, I am proud to state that my Kashmiri people defied communalism and portrayed honesty and Kashmiriyat as they welcomed this year's Hindu pilgrimage and made sure that none of the pilgrims were hurt or refrained from performing their religious duties. On the other hand the Indian Security forces have forbidden the Kashmiri people from performing their religious duties, as the doors of the largest Mosque in Kashmir have remained closed for the last month amidst curfew.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The truth about the Ganga hijacking, by Khalid Hassan

It is thirty-two years since the Indian Airlines flight that had taken off from Srinagar on the morning of January 30 for Delhi was hijacked and brought to Lahore by two young Kashmiris cousins, Hashim and Ashraf Qureshi. The official Pakistani story has been that the Ganga hijacking was elaborately planned by Indian intelligence to be used as an excuse to ban Pakistani aircraft flying over India in order to keep its beleaguered garrison from being supplied. Hashim and Ashraf were denounced as Indian agents, although when they brought the plane to Lahore they were greeted as heroes and freedom fighters. On a popular level they continued to be seen like.

I was at the time a reporter working for The Pakistan Times and just happened to be at Lahore airport when the plane landed. In the first few days, there was no bar to us walking across the tarmac and talking to the two hijackers. Later, however, our access was blocked. I was also present when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto arrived from Dhaka. A crowd had gathered at the airport. And many among them had jumped over the railing to greet the PPP leader. I was already on the tarmac. They wanted Bhutto to go towards Ganga. Bhutto said to me, “Look, I don’t know what this is all about and who these people are, so I won’t say anything.” He was practically pushed towards the parked aircraft by the crowd. He exchanged a few words with the two young men.