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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foreword 'Kashmir: The Undeniable Truth' by Ahmad Khazir, President Tanzeem-e-Ulemae Hind, Deoband

It is hard to face realities and speak truth. The history of mankind is full of perplexity and mystification. Success and failure, losing and wining is the law of nature but every one has reason and justification for triumph and trail. In every sphere of life we are involved in a race but unfortunately in Kashmir we are trudging an endless track .Most of Kashmiries blame India and Pakistan for the volatility and political instability in the state and feel alienated due to the bias attitude of diplomacy as well as politics. But what ever may be the reasons! The fact is that Kashmiri Leadership is responsible for the uproar and mayhem .The fundamental and flagrant contradictions that occur in the manifestos of all political groups and parties in Kashmir have pushed Kashmiries in such a situation where all the intellectuals, writers, think tanks and even political leaders are unable to think of a solution to Kashmir imbroglio. Every one is talking of solution and resolution of this vexed problem but it is truly difficult in Kashmir to call spade a spade .If you dare to become honest and speak truth you will be labeled either Indian agent or Pakistani agent and you are no more Kashmiri? Resulting in the causality of truth and facts.

Mr.Hashim Qureshi is also one of causalities of truth. He dares to speak truth and it is hard to swallow truth particularly in politics. However unjustified criticism, condemnation and denigration where unable to prevent Hashim from speaking truth. Every one has right to agree and disagree with his views and concept but It will be unjust to ignore Hashims straight forwardness and loyalty to his nation.

I have read few of his articles now in a complete book form; I sincerely believe that Mr.Hashim Qureshi’s vision and experience deserve recognition on both political and diplomatic front. Mr.Hashim Qureshi‘s experience and interaction both at national and international level should not be unnoticed and ignored .He has spent most of his time on working for different solution of Kashmir. His experience and encounter with truth, beyond any doubt needs support and applaud.

Moulana Ahmad Khazir
Tanzeem e Ulame Hind
Deoband (UP)