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“Tragedy of Hurriyat”

How long will be the justice for unjustified blood? How long ulcer of corruption will continue to bite? How long will our talent continue to moan in the hands of nepotism? How long would widows of martyrs and orphans crave due to adding salt to the injuries by so-called leaders? How long exploitation of innocent people in the name of religion, annexed with Pakistan and justice will take place? How long intellectuals, scholar, teachers and journalists will remain silent? People who fear death, will they never die? Think over it that what we are giving our next generation except lie, deceive and bribe? After this introduction, the real subject is “Tragedy of Hurriyat”.

When Hurriyat came into being, besides political parties, business groups and religious parties associated society joined as a unit of Hurriyat. In this way Hurriyat got established by some political parties with strong platform of basic principles but instead of a strong platform it became a hollow square. Every party tried to run Hurriyat as per their wishes. In this way Hurriyat could not flourish as united and strong organisation, besides tug of war inside Hurriyat among different groups continued. In this way Hurriyat got split in many groups. Sometime there were two groups sometimes three. Guns were also used against Mirwaiz group and uncle of Martyr Mirwaiz Moulvi Mohd Farooq was killed in a mosque. Islamia School was burnt. In spite of this if Hurriyat continues to exist then there are three basic reasons.

1.   Blackmailing, pressure and terrifying. 

2. Advocating merger with Pakistan (without any base) 

3. Funding from Pakistan. 

If today Pakistan stops funding money to Hurriyat then their existence will come to an end within a few days because people are not giving any money to Hurriyat. However, some parties take money from some businessman using pressure and blackmailing tactics. Then such type of help cannot be called charity or aid but is a bribe in hooligan’s words.  Many people say that only 2 to 3 districts observe strike on Hurriyat call. We are ready to agree it but it has two reasons one is that shopkeepers at Lal Chowk shutdown their shops by fearing of damage by stone pelters. But there is no strike in other parts of Srinagar like Rajbagh, Batamaloo, Karannagar, and Delegates Sonawar. If there is complete shutdown in any area then there is also a reason that there will be a big incident. 

The second reason is that the Indian Security Forces and State Forces are oppressing Kashmir’s for the past 27 years and people do not want to show that they do not supporting Hurriyat call and are not against government. And Hurriyat exploits this weakness of people and their leaders are assured that people will abide the strike on their appeal. So this way Hurriyat is alive like a patient in ICU. The compulsion of people, oppression of India, support of Pakistan and funding kept Hurriyat alive. In such a way India continues to help the people by the support of mainstream parties legally or illegally and in the same way the establishment and agencies of Pakistan are supporting Hurriyat leaders legally or illegally e.g you can guess this by that the 23 parties or groups present in the Hurriyat of Gillani, the same 23 parties or groups are also present in Mirwaiz’s Hurriyat, but unity is exists only among three persons (Gillani, Mirwaiz, Yasin). But the people of Kashmir (whom the politicians think as sheep and goats) never hold the collars of Hurriyat and not the sponsor of ISI and Pakistani establishment tried to unite them. Perhaps they fear that if one group of Hurriyat agree with Delhi then one more group will replace that. 

However this is not a secret thing that some groups of Hurriyat including Yasin Malik and some small parties received money in lakhs from Pakistan directly or indirectly for their expenditure. However money also comes for the martyrs or injured person during the ongoing movement. Gillani and Mirwaiz provide funds for the smaller groups for their expenditure. This is not a secret that how many martyrs, orphans, widows are being helped? How many children of martyrs have been given seats of doctors or engineers? This is not a secret that Hashim Qureshi needs to expose. State people know that instead of orphan’s seats of doctor or engineer were being given to the sons of Government (establishment) officers and police officers in the name of orphans.

 Few days ago one leader of Hurriyat exposed Hurriyat leaders in a sting operation by ‘India Today’ in which everything such as dignity of people, intellectuals and politicians  , families of martyrs, dream of orphans and proud of widows vanished. He exposed that the money is used for the purpose of stone pelting, burning of schools, by this not only people but humanity felt ashamed. I wrote an article about burning of school which was published in daily Chattan, Uqab, and Ghadhiyal in which I wrote that Prophet (PBUH) says that everyone should study and also said that if they have to take journey to China for education then they must go. The so-called leadership shows the dream of freedom but they want merger with Pakistan. This is first deception. The claimers of leadership, who publish everything in newspaper, one leader of this leadership announced that the money we received from Pakistan is being used in stone pelting and burning of schools. It means they oppose the saying of Prophet (PBUH) and order of Allah. They burn those schools in which children of poor and low earned people are studying. 

Is this the plan of Hurriyat that the generation of Kashmir’s will get exploited by burning of schools and keeping them illiterate? Gun and stones would be given in their hands so that they and our children will exploit the children of poor and common people. While as their children are studying in universities or colleges of Delhi, Islamabad, London and America. They also setup business for their children from the money they receive on martyr’s body and for orphans and widows? Now People of Kashmir have to search for answers of some questions. The first question is that the leaders who were in sting operation said that they were implicated and Gillani issues statement that the Indian Media is maligning our movement. Well said, we are ready to accept both but the question is that from whose mouth this revelations come out and what is he saying and why his membership was terminated from Hurriyat? But the truth is on its place and we cannot change the truth. And Gillani also expelled their Hurriyat leader. Question is that people of this state should ask and think that can such Hurriyat drive the freedom or merger with Pakistan as its goal?

 It is to remember that there are few armed groups which are not more that 200 who are victims of ideological confusion, can they give freedom to Kashmiri people from the oppression of India by 200 guns? When 94000 guns cannot achieve this goal, then how can 200 guns achieve it? In reality these groups were established by Pakistan, its administration and also Hurriyat leaders to create fear psychosis among the people. Here no one is allowed to speak the truth or to discuss anything. So what is the difference between Indian oppression and yours?  The one who speak the truth are declared as agents or even killed. The people of the world cannot help us due to recent disclosures. India reached International court for Kulbhushan Jadav, our lakhs of people have been killed but have we asked Pakistan about it? Why you have not approached International court for the oppression, killings and imprisonment or why you have not raised our concerns with the support of 4 countries at UN? Is Hurriyat having an answer for this? My question is to those people who are betraying our generation. Should we take revenge in the name of freedom from the businessmen? Those who burn schools cannot achieve freedom and do not have right of leadership. Freedom means light. Freedom means to: develop the country, spread intelligence and spread education. By establishing school and universities we can spread the light and not by burning it.

  Hashim Qureshi,
 Chairman- Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party
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