This Blog provides an insight on the Kashmir-issue, India and Pakistan. The articles on this Blog can be best described as thought-provoking. The articles thrive to trigger debate about the miseries enslaved Kashmiris are facing and discuss also possible solutions to this long standing conflict. It also aims to convince readers why Independent Kashmir is the best solution for all parties involved.


Killing  an innocent man is killing humanity 

Two security functionaries from a private security firm attached to J&K Bank and five personnel of local Kashmiri police post have been murdered by militants. According to the commands of the Holy Prophet which I fully endorse it is tantamount to killing humanity. They were returning after depositing cash and thus performing their duty. They were actually travelling. One of the murdered policemen was father of six kids. A murdered sub-inspector who was to retire within two months was a God-fearing man dutifully observing prayers and fasting. Another murdered policeman was the sole caretaker of his father a cancer patient.
Fighters of Islamic war and founders of Caliphate aver that they killed five policemen but not the bank employees. All of them were butchered in one van. Do the Hizbul Mujahedeen activists think that Kashmiris are so naive not to understand their all lies? All I can say is that these gun wielders will meet the same fate that befell those who had taken up the gun in 1990.

 The nation is undergoing great suffering for last 27 years. A few days prior to these killings a grenade blast in Khanyar vicinity claimed the life of a citizen. A driver was killed by stone throwing. All of them were Kashmiris. The day is not far off when civil war will break out here and human blood will spill in streets and lanes. People are very angry on these murders. It is a different thing that people do not come out on the streets in protest of these killings owing either to threat or under the impression that freedom movement should not be damaged. I must make the prediction that if J&K police are driven to the wall, in that case even non-violent movement will become difficult. We know that some black sheep within the police force are defaming the organization.

I would like to reiterate that Kashmir issue cannot be solved by resorting to violence from any party. Tension has escalated on Indo-Pak border and the two troops are attacking each other’s posts and killing soldiers. It could well escalate to war between them. An action performed in state of anger can spark the flames of war. Pakistan cannot capture Kashmir by extending support to militants or by sending cross border infiltrators to attack military camps or by attacking a specific target. Indian security forces cannot find a solution of Kashmir issue by showing vengeance against Kashmiris. In a prospect of Indo-Pak war, hundreds of thousands of people on either side will be killed, hundreds of thousands will become disabled and economically both the countries will get destroyed to the extent that recovery may take decades or centuries. Therefore to escape the calamity of destruction the two countries should begin talks without loss of time.

Two political parties PDP and BJP have the mandate of the people of two regions of the State. Formation of coalition government is genuine. It could have become the instrument of bringing the people of the two regions namely Jammu and valley closer.  

Government of India says that out of the package of 80000 crore rupees it has so far during the past one year and more released nearly 20,000 crore rupees to the State. This is not a small sum in one year. Where has this huge sum of twenty thousand crore rupees gone? Was any mega power generation plant established? 90 per cent roads of the State are all potholes and worn out unworthy of being called a metalled road.  Big water bodies have become cesspools and burial ground for dead animals.  One may have a look at Wular or Dal or Manasbal lakes and see for oneself their pitiable and lamentable condition. Tourism has been given in the charge of a notoriously corrupt person and the entire industry is almost on the verge of collapse. Protesting students are made targets of police batons, bullets, pallet guns, and tear gas shells. By involving innocent students among stone throwers the black sheep among the police have devised a source of extra income for themselves. Many corrupt officers have been given plum post just because they can manoeuvre it through personal favours and clout. Millions of rupees are embezzled under one pretext or the other like development, education reforms, providing facilities to the people, support to medical treatment all fake and shady. On the ground there is no trace of any development.

State exchequer is used not for providing facilities to the people but for suppressing them and for providing munificence to the party workers and corrupt officers. The irony is that the ministers elected from Jammu region have confined their activities to Jammu region alone. The coalition government is not trying to bring people of different faiths and religions closer and actually it distances them from one another. Extremism is promoting unemployment. The government does not give Utilization Certificate of any centrally sponsored project. Orders of High Court are either not implemented or implemented only half heartedly. Senior bureaucrats when called by the High Court for deposing in court cases submit ambiguous and misleading reports. Thousands of vacancies are left unfilled. Accountability organizations are made toothless.

An atmosphere of threat prevails everywhere in the valley and police think that only bullets and pallet gun can set things right. By allowing baton and PSA and bullet to be free the state is fast heading towards decline in all walks of life.

Opposition plays very negative role. It is said that Congress and NC have inducted all their means in the phenomenon of stone throwing and fomenting of unrest. These two parties have always treated the people of the state nothing short of cattle stock and imposed tyrannical laws on the people. These members of Congress and National Conference are the people who instead of providing water, electricity and jobs to the people forced them into black holes of poverty, destitution and darkness.

In 2010 their coalition was responsible for the killing of 127 youth on the streets of Srinagar For six long months the state became the place of butchery and loot and arson at the hands of these party workers. Today they shamelessly call stone throwers as the soldiers of freedom. They are asking for solving Kashmir issue. But Kashmiri nation can ask them what role they played when they were in power. They should not forget what oppression they exerted on the people and now they are seeking power to revive their policy of suppression and oppression of the people.

Let me recount what were the gifts of Congress-NC regime for the people of the State. These were framing black rules of oppression and tyranny, spreading unemployment, nepotism and bribery, illegally grabbing state lands and grasslands and converting these as private estates, destroying educational institutes, facilitating bribery and corruption, torturing the innocent in prisons, deploying incompetent persons in different departments instead of competent persons, destroying the Dal and the Wular lakes, taking resort to load shedding instead of making use of enormous power generating potential of the state, discouraging industries and pushing the state to darkness, and making it a consumer state. Main stream political parties also have a role in this huge saga of devastation. They lick the feet of Delhi rulers an activity in which they vie with one another.

We would sincerely suggest India and Pakistan to settle their differences including Kashmir issue through dialogue. Oppression has no eyes. People on both sides of Kashmir should also have the freedom of meeting with one another within the State. All violent activities happening on the border should be stopped. But if both the countries have lost common sense then they may go for war. Let both of them take the step of destroying all the people of the sub continent in one go instead of killing and massacring young and old on both sides of the dividing line in intermittent violent actions. Go in for an outright war and emerge vanquished or victorious whatever the case once for all. Let the people of the subcontinent live or die once and not time and again.

Instead of humiliating people in the name of democracy, instead of pouring all the funds in the pockets of political leaders Governor’s rule should be imposed for the purpose of development and progress. Why political parties be pampered in the name of democracy when they do not deserve it. Talks should be resumed with Pakistan. Interface between the people of the state should be initiated. By imposing Governor’s rule at least corruption has to be halted and funds have to be utilized for constructive and developmental works. People of the State have seen worst type of suppression and loot in the name of so-called democracy. This was the scenario in the past and it is the scenario now.

Be noor ho chuki hai bahut shahr ki fiza
Tareek rastun main kahin kho na jayen ham