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Sunday, January 24, 2016

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ISIS (Daesh) attack on Paris: impact on Muslims

On November 13, the blood of humanity was spilt mercilessly on the streets of Paris. ISIS barbarians shed the blood of humanism in the name of peaceful religion of Islam. The title of the one who brought the message of Islam is one the grace for the two worlds. Among all prophets, he is the one ordained to bring the message of bliss. The Creator of the Universe has not given authority to anybody of killing anybody. He has not permitted any human being to usurp the right of another human being. He has considered killing of a person equal to killing entire humanity.

In his name more than 150 innocent people were killed and over 300 persons were wounded, many critically.  How can anybody have the right to indulge in such heinous crime?

Regrettably, I cannot summon courage to write on this carnage in Paris. I am trying hard to record my protest on this inhuman act of massacre. Humanism demands that I should distance myself from these barbarians. That is why I am struggling to script these lines here.

People know Paris as the city of infatuation; the city of bright springs and freedom and equality. The innocent people gunned down in this city never knew what was their fault or crime. We also know that the innocent people of Iraq, Libya and Syria, too, had no fault whatsoever. However, the first principle of seeking justice is that the oppressed should not stain his hands with blood. Gunning down one innocent in revenge of gunning down another innocent person is not just and permissible. It is revenge.

Wish our people had all this: Housing and bus system in Europe...

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

European countries are known as social welfare states. It means the State is responsible for providing to all of its citizens work, housing, medical facility and education.  Let us talk about a few items only. These are housing, power and water supply.

Anybody living in Holland or in any other European country is provided with housing whether he works or not. If he does not have work, he gets social support which is equivalent to the minimum salary of an employee. In addition, he gets medical assistance and for housing he gets extra support called Toeslag.

In European countries, houses are generally built by government agencies or private companies. But the blue print of the building has to be according to the Master Plan laid down by the government agencies. Residential houses are usually uniform and in a single row. Normally houses are 7x11 meters and the size of the house will be according to the ratio of the members of the family. For a single person, a bed room, drawing and bath room set will be provided. If a couple has one child, it will get two bedroom set. A couple with two kids will get three bedroom set. However, if anybody has higher earning, he can give a proof of his earning and can modify the house according to his choice. Anybody intending to have his own house will have to get space in only such localities as have the type of houses he wants for himself. In any case, houses are built by only such companies as are registered with the government.

The tradition of joint family has broken in modern times. When a boy or a girl is of 18 years of age, he or she can get his name registered in any municipal jurisdiction for having an independent house. Not everybody separates from parents after attaining the age of eighteen. Separation or no separation depends on the nature of relationship between the progeny and the parents. If the children have to study in another city they take a house there or live in hostels.

But invariably a boy or a girl has a private house after marriage. Boys and girls themselves decide about their marriage. Both families join the wedding function. Both families jointly bear the expenses of the wedding feast. Dowry is unknown to them though, of course, parents may offer a ring or some money out of their free will. When a couple is engaged and goes in for a house, their relatives ask them what are their needs to make the house comfortable and they make a presentation of such things as are needed by the newly wed couple. In this way, making of a new house is not any burden on one man.  Boy and girl put a ring in the finger of the partner and then either get their marriage registered in the office of marriage bureau or they go to the church to perform marriage ceremony. Since relatives live separately and are not partners in each other’s earning, relationship is usually very warm and smooth. It is different from our system in which parents or parents-in-law are often abused and cursed. Our relationships become so boring that these remain restricted to only two occasions, viz. any marriage feast or condolence on some death.