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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tragedy of Kashmir Freedom Struggle


On 22 October 1947 tribesmen launched attack on Kashmir. Indian forces entered Kashmir on 27 October to resist them. Ever since Kashmir become a region of tragedies. In the meanwhile, people continued their struggle against foreign forces and their local supporters. The struggle consumed lives of thousands of Kashmiris. Two contesting countries fought many wars in the name of Kashmir. Kashmir issue was much talked about at the UN and other international platforms. It is perhaps the most talked about issue after Palestine. But so far the struggle has not achieved anything. Why is it so? People should put this question to themselves and to others also. In particular, the parties engaged in waging the struggle have to answer this question. Also those raising accession to Pakistan slogan and the authorities in Pakistan should also answer this question. What can be the practical shape of accession to Pakistan? How to acquire it? Those who want to liberate 84771 square miles of the territory of our nation from three usurpers, namely India, Pakistan and China, too, have not been able to give any clear agenda and direction to take it to its destination. Sacrifices are unending and the result is tragic. The story of this tragedy is spread all over Kashmir.

Under the leadership of Maqbool Butt the Martyr, National Liberation Front taught the lesson of sustained armed struggle for freedom. Oppressed nations were struggling for freedom at that time all over the world. Vietnam War had derailed colonial supremacy. Palestinian struggle had infused oppressed nations with spirit for freedom. African countries were following the struggle.

Maqbool Butt had become the practical voice of this worldwide struggle. Ganga high jacking had given him the opportunity of introducing his organization and his demand for independent Kashmir on international level. Kashmir issue had been almost forgotten after Tashkent Agreement of 1965.The concept of independent and united Jammu and Kashmir was considered a crime for the leaders of Plebiscite Front (AK and Pakistan) and National Liberation Front.