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Friday, June 20, 2014

NC’s obduracy and Farooq’s misfortune...

Tell the Truth, or someone else will tell it for you” (Stephanie Klein)

Whenever an individual or a party perpetrates oppression on its own people, God Almighty sends down his wrath on them. Humiliation is their fate.

Having ousted Maharaja Hari Singh, Sheikh Abdullah‘s dynasty and National Conference considered Kashmir as their private fief leaving her people economically and educationally retarded. They suppressed and stifled their political.  Ironically those imposing boycott of elections on people overtly subject the nation to the designs of National Conference and Congress combine.

Four months from now Assembly elections will be held.  Recently concluded parliamentary elections have wrecked vengeance on the Congress party all over India for corruption, lawlessness and divisive politics. The NC could not win even one out of three parliamentary seats in the valley. Three times elected Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah had to suffer crushing defeat at the hands of a novice from PDP namely Hamid Karra  who won with a lead of 42 thousand votes.

Apart from this, both the parliamentary seats of Anantnag and Baramulla, hitherto in the hands of NC, have been wrested by PDP candidates. Mahbooba Mufti defeated her rival Mahboob Beg by a margin of more than 65 thousand votes, and in Baramulla constituency, Muzaffar Beg of PDP defeated his rival Sharif-ud-Din Shark by a margin of 25 thousand votes.

The defeat of Farooq Abdullah is a bitter lesson for the Sheikh dynasty and the NC. Its roots are in their wrong doings and anti-people policy.  Farooq’s rejection by the electorate is a signal that his political fate is sealed.

NC and its top leadership are frantically trying to retrieve their damaged political credibility. Gimmicks like raising the retirement age of government employees and teachers up by two years are not going to bring dividends. When the employees kept demanding extension in age limit during past five years of NC rule, all they got were baton charges, arrests, incarceration and water cannon.

Farooq Abdullah’s bait of providing employment to one lakh candidates is an act in desperation. People don’t trust his word.  About 70 per cent recruitments made recently in J&K Bank, were of blue-eyed candidates of the Finance Minister, Chief Minister and the acting Chairman of J&K Bank, a lackey.

Dispassionate survey will show that 80 per cent of recruits have connections with either Congress or NC. For ordinary people with no political clout, there are lathi charge, jail and incarceration.

Power rests with people. I have my logic for opposing calls for boycott of elections. We have made tremendous sacrifices and we may have to make more. The goal is still elusive.  The system gives us the right to throw out oppressive regimes exploiting our resources for personal aggrandizement. We can throw them out through the force of ballot and bring in more capable and responsive representatives to govern. Taking part in polls does not mean surrendering our aspirations or the struggle for freedom. Boycott legitimizes oppressive tendency. Ironically those who have fought election in earlier days give the boycott call and repeat the practice of Plebiscite Front.