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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ravages of floods and Government’s apathy?

Jhelum, Dal, Wular, streams and nullahs have claimed their respective lands!

A couple of days ahead of the onslaught of floods, meteorological department had issued warning that heavy rains were imminent in Kashmir. The government did not take it seriously. People, too, do not take such warning seriously till they are face to face with the crisis. The government adopted criminal negligence. The result was that people in the areas of Rajbagh, Korsu, Rajbagh Mandi, Natipora, Barzalla Faizabad, Jawahar Nagar and low laying areas including Lal Chowk, Polo View etc. suffered great losses owing to the Jhelum in spate even when the last level of rising water was declared. The government remained unmoved. It did not even perform the moral duty of warning the people. It appeared as if the government machinery and the political class had already surrendered their soul to defeat.

At the early stage ministers, officers and even the police staff ran off to their homes. The police cannot be blamed. It was not given the chance of saving the lives of the people. The only training they are imparted is of taking bribes and perpetrate oppression on people. They are told to provide security to the rulers of the day and suppressing and oppressing the weak and helpless. Even after the floods the MLAs and ministers did not reach the flood ravaged people. Most of the administrative departments become non-visible in this catastrophe. State Crisis Management was nowhere to be seen. People who had gone on the roof tops cried for help for four or five days.

It is 9th of September. People still remain perched on the third floor of their houses or shops waiting for help which might appear from somewhere. The NDTV channel showed the lady doctor of LD relating the heart-rending story of the patients. Catching hold of the fence of the hospital some patients were rescued. Not all but some patients were taken out. For five days no help from any side ---the police or army or government agency---- was made available. No rescue boat appeared.

CNN IBN reported that the doctors and Para medical staff of LD left patients to their condition and ran away from the hospital. Even the patients who had been operated upon were also left to their fate. Footage shown on ETV was telecast live from LD amidst the patients. This should be investigated into by a judge of the High Court. Those who abandoned their duty should be punished. We do not believe that people connected with medical profession would do such despicable deeds.

Don’t wreck democratic process in Pakistan!

It is just fifteen months when elections were held in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s PTI formed its government in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Its 35 members were elected to National Assembly, took the oath of office; some of them became members or office bearers of different committees of the assembly. Appeals were filed with the Election Tribunal in some instances of irregularities in election and some of these were formally disposed off.

Thus the march of democratic process in Pakistan was smooth. Economy was reviving and the army was meeting with success in dealing with terrorism in its Operation Zarb-e-azab. On international level also Pakistan was appreciated for taking desirable steps against Taliban terrorists. Nawaz Sharif’s government conducted agreements with various countries especially with China for expanding trade and commerce and more importantly for generating ten thousand megawatts of electric power and road and rail link from Gilgit to Gawadar.

But the enemies of Pakistan and their stooges within the country are not happy with Pakistan stabilizing its democratic institutions. They are not happy with Pakistan recovering from economic down-slide as well as Pakistan taking care of its security. These inimical forces are hell bent to destroy all these achievements.

A dissection of the motives of those who have given a call for ‘ Long March’ or ‘Freedom March’ will show that Muslim League (Q), Chowdhury Brothers and those who have been supporters of military dictatorship and have been occupying the seats of power in the centre or in Punjab, have never felt comfortable with Pakistan hanging on to democratic dispensation. They cannot come to power when democracy is entrenched in Pakistan. Sheikh Rashid has been an ardent supporter of military establishment and has invariably betrayed his colleagues.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tragedy of Kashmir Freedom Struggle


On 22 October 1947 tribesmen launched attack on Kashmir. Indian forces entered Kashmir on 27 October to resist them. Ever since Kashmir become a region of tragedies. In the meanwhile, people continued their struggle against foreign forces and their local supporters. The struggle consumed lives of thousands of Kashmiris. Two contesting countries fought many wars in the name of Kashmir. Kashmir issue was much talked about at the UN and other international platforms. It is perhaps the most talked about issue after Palestine. But so far the struggle has not achieved anything. Why is it so? People should put this question to themselves and to others also. In particular, the parties engaged in waging the struggle have to answer this question. Also those raising accession to Pakistan slogan and the authorities in Pakistan should also answer this question. What can be the practical shape of accession to Pakistan? How to acquire it? Those who want to liberate 84771 square miles of the territory of our nation from three usurpers, namely India, Pakistan and China, too, have not been able to give any clear agenda and direction to take it to its destination. Sacrifices are unending and the result is tragic. The story of this tragedy is spread all over Kashmir.

Under the leadership of Maqbool Butt the Martyr, National Liberation Front taught the lesson of sustained armed struggle for freedom. Oppressed nations were struggling for freedom at that time all over the world. Vietnam War had derailed colonial supremacy. Palestinian struggle had infused oppressed nations with spirit for freedom. African countries were following the struggle.

Maqbool Butt had become the practical voice of this worldwide struggle. Ganga high jacking had given him the opportunity of introducing his organization and his demand for independent Kashmir on international level. Kashmir issue had been almost forgotten after Tashkent Agreement of 1965.The concept of independent and united Jammu and Kashmir was considered a crime for the leaders of Plebiscite Front (AK and Pakistan) and National Liberation Front.

Friday, June 20, 2014

NC’s obduracy and Farooq’s misfortune...

Tell the Truth, or someone else will tell it for you” (Stephanie Klein)

Whenever an individual or a party perpetrates oppression on its own people, God Almighty sends down his wrath on them. Humiliation is their fate.

Having ousted Maharaja Hari Singh, Sheikh Abdullah‘s dynasty and National Conference considered Kashmir as their private fief leaving her people economically and educationally retarded. They suppressed and stifled their political.  Ironically those imposing boycott of elections on people overtly subject the nation to the designs of National Conference and Congress combine.

Four months from now Assembly elections will be held.  Recently concluded parliamentary elections have wrecked vengeance on the Congress party all over India for corruption, lawlessness and divisive politics. The NC could not win even one out of three parliamentary seats in the valley. Three times elected Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah had to suffer crushing defeat at the hands of a novice from PDP namely Hamid Karra  who won with a lead of 42 thousand votes.

Apart from this, both the parliamentary seats of Anantnag and Baramulla, hitherto in the hands of NC, have been wrested by PDP candidates. Mahbooba Mufti defeated her rival Mahboob Beg by a margin of more than 65 thousand votes, and in Baramulla constituency, Muzaffar Beg of PDP defeated his rival Sharif-ud-Din Shark by a margin of 25 thousand votes.

The defeat of Farooq Abdullah is a bitter lesson for the Sheikh dynasty and the NC. Its roots are in their wrong doings and anti-people policy.  Farooq’s rejection by the electorate is a signal that his political fate is sealed.

NC and its top leadership are frantically trying to retrieve their damaged political credibility. Gimmicks like raising the retirement age of government employees and teachers up by two years are not going to bring dividends. When the employees kept demanding extension in age limit during past five years of NC rule, all they got were baton charges, arrests, incarceration and water cannon.

Farooq Abdullah’s bait of providing employment to one lakh candidates is an act in desperation. People don’t trust his word.  About 70 per cent recruitments made recently in J&K Bank, were of blue-eyed candidates of the Finance Minister, Chief Minister and the acting Chairman of J&K Bank, a lackey.

Dispassionate survey will show that 80 per cent of recruits have connections with either Congress or NC. For ordinary people with no political clout, there are lathi charge, jail and incarceration.

Power rests with people. I have my logic for opposing calls for boycott of elections. We have made tremendous sacrifices and we may have to make more. The goal is still elusive.  The system gives us the right to throw out oppressive regimes exploiting our resources for personal aggrandizement. We can throw them out through the force of ballot and bring in more capable and responsive representatives to govern. Taking part in polls does not mean surrendering our aspirations or the struggle for freedom. Boycott legitimizes oppressive tendency. Ironically those who have fought election in earlier days give the boycott call and repeat the practice of Plebiscite Front.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Maqbool Bhat, the Martyr

A teacher, a scholar and a politician

Another 11th of February has come. A citizen of Kashmir, in whatever part of the world he is, remembers Maqbool Bhat, the martyr, on this day. This is the day on which Maqbool Bhat attained martyrdom by ascending the steps to the gallows of the Indian government. It brought him immortality as he paved the way for the freedom of Kashmiri nation.

People will copiously read and write on his political philosophy. Much has already been written. As a friend of humanity, a brother, a student and a politician, he had reached the pinnacle of glory. Yet he was extremely patient, unassuming and affectionate person. He accepted life as it came. He never allowed human desires to have better part of him. This was because he was always engrossed in the thoughts of freedom of the State.
Hashim Qureshi with Maqbool Bhat

I am reminded of an incident in Kot Lakhpat prison. We were sent to the prison in connection with Ganga hijacking case. Three out of six of us were given B Class. Bhat Sahib, Ashraf Qureshi and I were put in C Class. We lived together in a big cell. It was December-January of 1972. We were not given adequate number of blankets as was allowed to the convicts. Moreover the blankets were old and worn out. I was only 18 years old and Ashraf was two years elder to me. Being very young, we used to become sentimental. We would complain of cold. We asked the jail authorities several times to provide us with more blankets to protect ourselves from cold but to no avail. Once being taken out from the prison to the Special Court, Bhat Sahib happened to meet the Deputy Superintendent of the jail on the gate. I still remember what he talked to the jail officer. “Don’t you think that we are human beings? Don’t you think that we the prisoners also feel cold or hunger or heat? For three days we have been asking you for blankets to save ourselves from cold but our request have fallen on deaf ears. I have two young boys with me”. But the tone and tenor of Bhat Sahib in his conversation with the Deputy Superintended of the jail was markedly different from what his usual tone used to be. His face had turned red with anger.  Talking to the jailor he had thundered,” Don’t think that by putting us in the jail you have made us prisoners. Remember that wherever we are standing, that place and that land get liberated.” Having said this, we headed towards the Special Court. He assured us that there would be more blankets than what they needed that very night.  On our return we found that instead of three, fifteen blankets were placed in our cell. We distributed extra blankets among other prisoners who needed these.

In the cell, we three would prepare our response to the charges brought against us in the court. Bhat Sahib prepared his statement recording the event of his flight from Srinagar jail. He had also made a hardboard model of Srinagar jail which he later on produced in the court of law for explaining how he had run away from Srinagar jail. We read as many newspapers as we could while interned in that cell. Sometimes we would stray into the B Class cell of other three comrades, namely G.M. Lone, Mir Qayyum and Mir Manan, and listened to radio news.

In the cell, Bhat Sahib used to put our general knowledge to test on making bets. The bet was to go through physical exercises. He used to sing patriotic songs in very melodious voice. Ashraf Qureshi would empty the earthen vessels of water and then play at it while I would get hold of some pot or pan to add jingle to this show. Bhat Sahib sang both Kashmiri and Pahari songs. I still remember the Kashmiri song he used to sing often:

“Tokehsur yeleh gaseh shethrwen panjran/Adeh hai neran saen arman
Baleh yar yeleh Sheen gali…/ adeh hai neran saen arman''

The Pahari song was as this:
“Langeh aja patan chanan/da yara langeh aja patan chana aja”

He had many more Kashmiri songs that carried the spirit of patriotism and the sentiment of freedom.He would also tell us about major freedom movements in the world.

UN Resolutions and Local Elections

“Tell the truth or someone will tell it for you”

In June 2013, my article titled ‘Why Boycott Elections’ was published in many newspapers. I had argued that boycotting elections was to indirectly legitimize corrupt politicians holding power.

Boycott means casting zero per cent vote. Despite a boycott call by separatists, nowhere in the state was boycott observed fully. Anything between 40 and 60 per cent votes were cast.  This shows that boycott call was an exercise in futility.

When out of anger people go on strike against their present or past rulers, NC, Congress and PDP activists are obliged to cast vote to their respective parties. They seize power and continue exploiting the people.

A year is yet to go for the onset of new elections. But to ease Ali Shah Geelani’s detention and set him free and his immediate resolve to campaign against elections has stimulated an interesting debate in current Kashmir politics. Some accuse NC of join hands with Geelani to hatch a conspiracy. He has been allowed to initiate intense campaign for boycotting elections. Previously he had not been permitted even to participate in Friday prayers or to attend marriage or condolence ceremonies of his relatives. He was not allowed to offer Eid namaz. How come now that all of a sudden NC has become so munificent to him? At the same time in two rallies which he addressed in Sopor and Shupian, emphasis was on boycott of elections. This lends credence to the doubts of his freedom from detention being attributed to anti election tirade.

On the other hand, Chairman of Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Omar Farooq has adopted a very reasonable stance in regard to elections. His statement has appeared in social media and in the press. He has said that elections would have no impact on Kashmir issue and it is premature to initiate boycott campaign.