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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quayyum Raja's (accused in Mhatre case) letter from UK prison

This open letter was written by Quayyum Raja on 12-11-1990 to JKLF's Central Commitee from a jail in UK and appeared in Weekly Kasheer from Rawalpindi/Muzaffarbad. Quayyum Raja is the man who was falsely implicated in Mhatre's murder case by Amanullah and spent 22 years in UK prison.

Quayyum Raja writes in this letter that Amanullah Khan is a traitor and informer. He also adds that Amanullah used to gather donations in the name of the accused in Mhatre's murder case and used the money for his personal expenses. He further adds that Amanullah was not even surprised when I accused him of the killing of Mhatre and that he actually came to meet me in jail only to know whether I had any proofs against him. Amanullah afterwards hatched a conspiracy in order to get deported, because he was afraid that the truth will come out and he will spend his life behind bars for masterminding Mhatre's killing. He also says that Amanullah Khan is a classical criminal who will do anything for cheap publicity. At the end he says that I am spending life imprisonment because he informed on me.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Handwritten letter of Amanullah Khan - Confession of forming KLA.

This is the 2 page letter by Amanullah Khan written in his own handwriting to Hashim Qureshi and Dr. Farooq Haider. This letter is dated 5 April 1983, just 10 months before Mhatre’s murder. In this letter Amanullah writes to Dr. Farooq Haider and Hashim Qureshi that he has established KLA in the UK and requests them to form a branch of the same in Pakistan. KLA was the organisation which was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Indian diplomat Ravindre Mhatre, which paved the way for Maqbool Bhat's hanging.

Also below this two page letter is a copy of page 150/151 from Amanullah Khan's book 'Jehd-e-Musalsal', which he wrote somewhere mid-nineties. In this book he denies that he ever knew a KLA existed and states that KLA was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Mhatre of which he had no knowledge at all. Why this contradiction? Why writing a letter in his own handwriting stating that he formed KLA and then denying in his book that he had something to do with KLA and even stating he never knew of its existence or actions?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

From Mhatre's Murder To Maqbool's Martyrdom.

“Revealing the truth is like lighting a match , it can bring light , or it can set your world on fire”

In the month of February 1984, Amanullah Khan contrived the kidnapping of Ravinder Mhatre, an Indian diplomat in London, by an organization called Kashmir Liberation Army. At that time, I happened to be in UK with Afzal Tahir a friend from POK. London police rounded me up also like some other in connection with the investigation in the case. But as nothing was proved against me, I was set free within seventy two hours. 

I had no information that the diplomat had been kidnapped. I and Afzal Tahir had been staying with Amanullah in Luton but a day prior to the kidnapping incident, both of us were sent away to another friend’s house. By Amanullah's movements, I suspected that something abnormal was happening or was going to happen. Then came the news that the kidnapped diplomat had been murdered and with that the way was paved for the execution of Maqbool Butt in Tihar Jail.

The murder of Mhatre became catalyst to Maqbool Butt`s execution. The question is; was Mhatre`s murder really necessary? This is the fourth year( 1988 ) of Maqbool Butt martyrdom. Here I venture to make an effort to place before the Kashmiri nation and all freedom loving people the circumstances and events leading to his execution so that enslaved nations may learn a bitter lesson that the lives of great freedom fighters should not be thrown away cheaply. I have made it sufficiently clear that I nurse no political or personal grudge or enmity against anybody. I am stating only the facts because at the time of murder of the Assistant Commissioner of Indian High Commission in UK. I happened to be in    London. Scotland Yard also picked me up in connection with the investigation of the case but set me free within 72 hours when nothing that could implicate me, was found. Now I am fully acquainted with the real actors involved in Mhatre murder case. Alongside the story of the case, I am presenting documentary evidence leaving the task of judgment to the Kashmiri nation from whose hands  has been snatched an illustrious and remarkable son of the soil for personal fame and self projection only.

Maqbool Butt was arrested by the Indian security forces near Baramullah in 1976 and was brought to be locked up in a dark cell in Tihar jail, Delhi under close guard. Death sentences had been pronounced against him for alleged murder of a police inspector in 1966 though in fact this inspector had been shot dead by one Aurangzeb because he had tried to run away. Aurangzeb was killed the next day in an encounter with the Indian army. Death sentence pronounced against Butt Sahib after his second arrest (1976) was maintained by the Indian authorities who had been deferred because he had escaped from the jail in December 1968. He had filed an appeal against death sentence in the Indian Supreme Court which was rejected for technical reasons. He had filed write the death sentence by the special court, requisite legal formalities had not been completed. He had, as such, demanded that records pertaining to his case be brought before the high court. This writes 1976 to 1984, Indian authorities locked him up in the death cell but did not execute him.

As a matter of reaction to Mhatre`s murder, Indian government ignoring all political, moral and legal obligation, lost no time in sending him to the gallows. At the closing moments of his life, Butt Sahib had said;

 “I am being hanged immediately after Mahatre`s murder As a result of politics of revenge. I have no knowledge of the murder which has been carried out at Birmingham, a place eight thousand miles away from my prison cell”. 

My firm belief is that if Mhatre had not been murdered, the Government of India would not have executed Butt sahib. This view was endorsed by Zafar Meraj, the nephew of Late Shamim Ahmed Shamim(MP) in Rawalpindi in 1986. He is correspondent of Kashmir times and also the editor of weekly Aiena. His words were,” Indira Gandhi regime representative had held two rounds of talks with Maqbool Butt in the Jail. But he was not prepared to accept state`s accession to India. Instead, he argued for independent Kashmir asserting that independent Kashmir was necessary for bringing lasting peace to the sub-continent.

A number of times we suspended various types of action against India because we know that the Indian government would execute Maqbool Butt as retaliatory measure. Before that we had not act effectively according to plan, we forget a legal battle in  the Indian  courts for the release of Maqbool Butt. International opinion had to be smoothened against his execution.