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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Pakistan visit - Of Hurriyat initiative and the hard realities we must not ignore.

“Telling the truth is the right way to act. Living with lies is harder than living a truthful life. Being truthful and honest is important”.

I am back to my esteemed readers with good will and love after a gap of three months. I was not keeping well and went abroad for treatment.

Kashmir did not witness any big or small change of significance during this period. However during harsh winter days people braving the chill of winter stood in long queues on the roads and lanes to collect their quota of gas and kerosene oil. Government machinery sadistically enjoyed playing with the comfort and necessities of life of ordinary people. We shall very soon take up this subject.

But suddenly during this period the soft and delicate coalition called Hurriyat (M) had to face a jolt from its recent visit to Pakistan. The main reason for our nation not reaching its objective and remaining tied to slavery, and suffer loot, oppression and suppression, tyranny and use of muscle power is only the disunity among political parties.

I would like to clarify that my only intention of making comments or dragging the facts for analysis is to place before the public facts that remain locked up by suppressive elements in safe vaults of secrecy.

What was the logic for the Hurriyat (M) to visit Pakistan when the sitting government there will be quitting after a couple of months only and the clarion for new elections has already been sounded? One would like to know the reason behind Hurriyat (M) being invited to Pakistan for a visit. What is the logic for the Hurriyat to have accepted the invitation when Pakistan is embroiled in internal problems? We like to know why a Hurriyat leader living in Indian controlled territory of Kashmir has been invited to Pakistan?. The amusing thing is that the Hurriyat (M) accepted this invitation when its partners like Shabbir Shah and Naem Khan said “that since elections were round the corner in Pakistan they would not think it proper to accept the invitation for the visit. They said they should undertake the visit only after the new government was formed in that country.” Gilani Sahib, too, was of same opinion. Many conscious people in Kashmir also corroborated this statement.

Guest post: Maqbool Bhat - an Untold story by Zafar Meraj

It was one of those chilly evenings of winter of 1984 and I as usual was trying to gather news reports for next day’s issue of AINA which I was associated with, then. The budget session of the state assembly was on in winter capital Jammu and I would call Kashmir Times offices in Jammu to have the latest news about the day’s developments in the assembly. We, at AINA and Kashmir Times, had an understanding for exchanging the news. Kashmir Times had no one in Srinagar to look after the news and so was the case with AINA, without any correspondent in Jammu. Ved Bhasin, happened to be like part of our family, being one of the closest friends of late Shamim Ahmad Shamim and so the two papers decided to share the information on daily basis.

On that evening, if I remember correctly, it was February, 6, that I called Kashmir Times office, and my uncle, and a senior journalist, Mohammad Syed Malik, who was working then for Delhi based English daily Patriot and used to move to Jammu with annual durbar, picked up the phone. After briefing him about Srinagar items, I inquired from him the day’s developments in the assembly. “Zafar Ji, there is a big news, but you have to keep it as a secret till morning, when the paper comes out.......Maqbool Butt is being hanged on February, 11..... and this is our exclusive story. No one else (from amongst journalists) has any clue of this”, he told me in a hushed tone, as if none else could hear him.

And the details of that ‘great exclusive’ story were like this: Earlier in the day, while he assembly was in session, a special envoy from New Delhi landed in Jammu and drove straight to the legislature complex that is situated in civil secretariat complex. The envoy carrying a small black bag, was whisked inside the chief minister’s chambers, where the two remained closeted for about half an hour. In the meantime, chief minister summoned his law minister, chief secretary and the police chief and the closed door meeting lasted for another half an hour. No one could make any guess as to what was going on inside the chief minister’s chamber, had it not been the dramatic entry of a senior judicial officer of the state in the official chamber of the chief minister. It was when Thakur Pavitar Singh, then holding the office of the Sessions Judge of the special court was escorted by one of the close aides of the CM that one of the close friends of Ved Bhasin called him up and told about the high drama that was going on in the legislature complex. And it was from here, that Ved Bhasin and Mohammad Syed Malik picked up the threads to get that ‘exclusive story’.