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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was born in Holland but Kashmir is my identity! Guest Post by Abrar Qureshi

It’s been 10 years now of my life in Kashmir. I was born in Holland and remained there till 2003. The time I was in Holland I always used to hear about Kashmir from my father, killing in Kashmir, militancy, freedom struggle, big names and Of course the beauty of Kashmir. For my summer vacations I used to visit Kashmir but in my childhood. My father moved to Kashmir and I came along with him. Those days I was a child and I was unaware about the situation in Kashmir.

I had joined a very popular school DPS and started studying there. The time I was in Kashmir I used to Miss Holland because I always used to think that Holland is my country, I’m born there so that's my country. But I was wrong, I didn’t knew that my land, my place, my people, my roots are in Kashmir and so that I’m a Kashmiri. Whatever I’m seeing since past 10 years In Kashmir has forced me to write an article.

I'm 19 years old and I have almost travelled every country in Europe. Holland is a very small country and not that beautiful in comparison to Kashmir but in Holland I’ve seen one thing, which is the love of the people for their country. In Holland no one will ever throw garbage on the streets or will start polluting their environment because they love their country. Whenever I visit Holland and come back to Kashmir after my vacations that time I feel very uncomfortable as I see the roads, garbage on the streets, polluted water bodies etc. Today whatever is happening in Kashmir, whether it’s the polluted Dal Lake, garbage, roads or the crisis in Kashmir, I think we Kashmiri’s are to be blamed for it. We don’t LOVE OUR KASHMIR otherwise the situation would not have gone so bad in Kashmir.

American Game plan, Hafiz Saeed and India’s wishful thinking

Born in Sargodha in 1950, Hafiz Saeed lost 36 members of his family while moving from Shimla to Lahore in the course of partition of India. General Ziau’l-Huq made him a member of the Islamic Ideological Council. He was also made professor in Islamic Studies in the Engineering College. In 1980, he went to Saudi Arabia for further studies in Islam. Reports are that in 1980, Usama bin Laden was his colleague in the educational institute in Saudi Arabia. Americans have the grouse that Hafiz Saeed maintained contacts with Osama till latter’s last day.

It is said that Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba was founded in 1990 with the support of some officers of ISI and it was designated to carry the jihad in Kashmir instead of Liberation Front and other militant groups. Hafiz Saeed has said,” There cannot be any peace while India remains intact. Cut them so much that they kneel before you and ask for mercy.”

Hafiz Saeed is no more connected to Lashkar-e-Taiyyeba; he is the chief of Jamaatu’d-Dawa. It has about 2500 offices and more than 11 seminaries (darsgah) where higher education is imparted. In an interview given to Geo-News Hafiz Saeed said that “there was no relation between LeT and JD. He also said that no person of LeT was a member of JD”.

In a verdict of 12 October 2009, Lahore High Court exonerated him of all charges. This was despite the fact that India had repeatedly brought pressure on Pakistan against him. New Delhi also supplicated before the UN to declare LeT and JD as terrorist organizations. These were declared terrorist organizations by India, USA, UK, European Union, Russian Federation and Australia. Interpol was approach to apprehend him as he was declared most wanted person.

Why do India and western powers consider Hafiz Saeed dreadful for them? We should remember the axiom that one man’s terrorist is another man’s hero. An organization believing in armed struggle is considered terrorist organization by the country against which it is active. Bhagat Singh was a terrorist in the eyes of the British colonialists. How do these people make their place in the minds of their people despite opposition by the whole world? There is a reason for that. Organizations that take up arms but keep in mind that they should maintain good relations with the masses of people and be partners in the pain and comfort of the people only those organizations survive the test of time. Mao-zi-Tung said that “an armed fighter is like a fish and the people are his water.” There have been numerous armed struggles in the world but only a few were successful in real sense of the term. Once in Kashmir we had 147 armed organizations. But today only LeT and HM are existent to some extent. LeT is working for the people in numerous aspects like construction of mosques and seminaries, internal and external affairs and educational foundations. It runs schools throughout Pakistan under JD. Higher education institutes are also functioning under its supervision where English, Mathematics, Urdu and Punjabi are taught. The geography of the sub-continent is an important subject of study in these schools and institutions. Students are made fully conversant with the geography of South Asia.JD headquarter is in Mureedke in Pakistan. The above information is available to every person and LeT and JD both get maximum funding from public donations. Shopkeepers, factory owners and contractors give them donations. Many people contribute a certain percentage of their salary to fund these organizations. It is said that crores of rupees come by way of donation from UK and Dubai.