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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

After long thinking and deliberations, I could not find a better fitting title to describe the corruption, rampage and shameful behaviour in J&K by the government, supported by the Centre, than John Dalberg-Acton’s above mentioned quote.

The whole of India has united under the leadership of Anna Hazare against corruption. Crowds coming on the streets raise cries of implementing Jana Lokpal Bill. Indian government seems to be on the horns of dilemma. Reverberations of this movement are felt in the State also. Bribery is rampant in the State. Forests are destroyeed and capitalists have built hotel complexes and tourist huts illegally on forest land. Sections of bureaucracy vested interest and a general loot of state property is perpetrated.

We have been able to collect some facts about this depredation. Since many cases of corruption that we bring under purview are subjudice, therefore, we desist from disclosing relevant names. But these people are well connected with some high placed bureaucrats, mainstream-politicians and separatist-politicians. A few cases are mentioned here.

(1) One capitalist who owns a couple of hotels, managed to inject poisonous injections into pine trees in Pahalgam forest. The injections were imported from Australia . It kills the trees by the poison it contains. As the trees become dead, he got them inspected by forest authorities and got the orders issued for felling the diseased trees. Forest department functionaries are part of this conspiracy.

(2) Despite stay order from the High Court, this capitalist has illegally built 21 huts during six months in the past. The grapevine has that in connivance with the Police and some functionaries of Pahalgam Development Authority; concoction material for the sites is transported in the trucks of these two departments.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time to change !

A host of themes surface in my mind to write upon. Some of these are Wiki Leaks about Kashmir, police harassment of youth, the story of Afzal Guru’s sentence of execution, Omar Abdullah’s hassles for facilitating Sardar Atique and his colleagues’ visit to Srinagar, Sardar Atique recognizing the state government as elected one, Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, disconnecting Gilani Sahib’s telephone link etc. are some of the topics making rounds in my head.  Any organization or community with high objectives demands that the nation should be enjoying enviable character. It should nurse love for the people, hate falsehood and fraud. Without adapting the righteous path the objective cannot be reached.

Unfortunately we have become insincere and faithless about our day to day affairs of life. We have become insensitive. Any conscientious person can easily analyse our destruction. For example we upset traffic system by making a number of queues instead of one. By disrupting order we waste lot of time. And this causes delay to essential services like medical, education, and business enterprises. Disrespecting womenfolk in public transport has become a regular norm. Patients are crying out of pain in hospitals and they have to purchase medicines from private vendors while government provides them these. Testing machines are generally dysfunctional in hospitals. It is reported that doctors in government hospitals have formed nexus with private practitioners and owners of diagnostic laboratories. Hospitals are stuffed with filth and there is every danger of patients getting infected. Toilets and washing rooms in hospitals are filthy and stinking.