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Sunday, May 15, 2011

America, Osama and Kashmir.........

Many people are disgusted and angry with the US dropping Osma’s dead body into the sea. They rubbish the US claim that the body was submerged according to Islamic rites. Does it mean that it is the US that should interpret Islamic traditions? The tradition is that if anybody on voyage passes away during the voyage his dead body is given the burial wash and dropped into the sea. Islam treats living organism. A corpse can peter if kept during voyage. Hence watery burial is recommended.

But why to be cross with the US? It has always been oppressive to freedom loving but subjugated nations. Its policy is to enslave countries politically and economically in modern age.  Americans dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 20th century taking a toll of the lives of more than three hundred thousand men, women and children. The soil there cannot grow any greenery even today. Kids are born with various debilities and disabilities. Thousands of people were massacred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in carpet bombing by the Americans. Rusted bombs are still recovered occasionally from the farms there. A scare of communism was created in Latin America, especially Chile. Widespread killings were done in African and Muslim countries.

Desecrating a dead body is such an insignificant event in face of these atrocities. US would not care for the living beings, leave aside the dead. But those who created the US did it on the basis of the principles of freedom and self-determination for the nations. Naturally the souls of those founding fathers must be turning in their graves on finding the US converting to a colonial country.

Innumerable write ups have been produced on the life and death of Osama bin Laden. From publicity point of view his death is the third biggest news of the  21 century. According to a conservative estimate the US spent tens of billions of dollars to locate him. Osama is the Frankenstein of the US being its creation. They used him against the Soviet Union in Afghan war. He was privy to many secrets of the US and its CIA. After the Afghan war was over, the US left Afghanistan leaving Afghans in lurch. When the Afghans realized that not Russia but the US and its colonialism were the real enemy of Muslims, they pledged to seek revenge from the US. They did all that cut at the roots of the American interests.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plagued by apathy?

We as a people need to be more serious about our individual and collective lives. 

Our society is not sensitive to writings based on facts.  At the most the shortest response one is able to elicit from one’s readers is that it is a good article.

We have read in books of history that in olden days, kings, rulers and administrative authorities would move about incognito at night to look for themselves the condition of the people and find out their problems so that attempts would be made to solve them. Today we have highly advanced information technology, the print and electronic media. But despite knowing about the problems of the people through the media and other dependable sources our rulers are loathe to address the problems. Not only that, they express resentment and anger on such sections of media as expose them and bring to light corruption and bribery rampant in the administrative departments. The authorities would even embark on subjecting their critics to punitive measures by stopping paid advertisements to them.

Unfortunately even the educated people in the society are bereft of moral values. I happened to meet with a youth who was a law graduate. He told me that he was running some business and would like to amass something about five hundred crores of rupees and then fight election. He added that his maternal uncle lived in Nowhatta and he would fight election from that constituency because he could easily register the support of stone throwing youth in that locality.
This blurred my vision. What would be the thinking level of an illiterate of this society if educated persons thought in these terms? What is the result of this callousness? Food grains and other eatable items provided for the people living below poverty line are being black-marketed openly. An ordinary store keeper has become a millionaire. Recently in the course of a police swoop on the residences of some people in Budgam, 200 to 300 sterling gold coins were recovered from their possession. In one case, sugar worth 36 crores was seized by the police. But at the end of the day the enforcement authorities receive bribes commensurate with the amount of seizure. The culprits escape scot-free and not only that they are reinstated at their posts and in many cases they are even rewarded with promotions.

The police and vigilance establishment have the record of one store keeper of being the owner of 120 trucks and these are deployed to carry the food grains of the same department where he is employed and thus huge carriage amount is earned from the department. There seems a big nexus of officials from top to bottom in the Food Department and this encompasses even the bureaucrats to the level of directors and secretaries. This is the reason that there is no vigilance over the food grains meant for the people BPL but sold in open black market. Promotion and social recognition is usually commensurate with the size of bribery and corruption.
A new form of bribery has been devised lately. People are picked up on the pretext of involvement in hawala. Enforcement personnel claim to have picked them up with cash ranging from five to fifteen lakh rupees. But the actual amount seized from them is much higher and a good chunk is embezzled. After all why should we expect honesty only from the police department while the entire society has fallen a prey to corrupt practices?

A religion-abiding friend told me “that the Imam of the mosque in his locality was pilfering electric power. Despite admonishment the Imam would not rectify his behavior and finally the matter was raised in the mosque and my friend argued that if the Imam did not stop pilfering power, he had no right to continue to be the Imam of the mosque. Two days later he had stopped preaching in the mosque and leading the prayers.”