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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WE, the people!

The story of Kashmir is full of pain and apathy. All we need is to have a deeper look into what plagues us as a people.

Centre for Policy Analysis has organized a Round Table discussion of Kashmir situation.  It is a positive step. I find that most of the discussions held anywhere in the world are on Kashmir issue. Despite that, Kashmiris continue to be the worst victimized people.

I need not recount the history of the dispute, and hopefully, despite different ideologies you are wedded to, most of you are aware of historical facts about Kashmir. My assessment of Kashmir situation is rather simplistic. I believe three nuclear powers are illegally occupying the State of Jammu and Kashmir, and have divided it into four parts. Therefore I am of opinion that before seeking a way for the freedom of Kashmir, we need to address the question of its unification.

All the three occupational countries are at great variance in terms of ethnicity, language, religion and geography. But when Kashmir question is dragged for discussion, we find ourselves divided into various factions, like Gujjars, Jammuites, Dogras, Kashmiris, Paharis, Gilgitis, Ladakhis, Bodhs, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Shias, and Sunnis.

I am running 44th year of my life in politics. You may try to circumvent Kashmir issue, but the very nature of this issue is so much complex that it shall have to be resolved if we are seeking lasting peace and stability in South Asian region. If there happens a nuclear flare up in the region, the worst affected would be India, Pakistan and China. Kashmiris will be harmed less because they have not as yet come out of 16th century life style.

Black Laws
Indians are not tired of repeating the rhetoric of J&K being an integral part of the Indian Union and that Kashmiris are Indian nationals.  In reality India has treated J&K as its colony for last 63 years. Kashmir has always been oppressed by black and tyrannical laws like Enemy Ordinance No. 3 promulgated by Maharaja Hari Singh at the time of incursion by the tribesmen. It remains valid today and cases against nearly 200 persons have been filed under this law. I am one of its victims. Under this law an accused is prosecuted in a special court of law. The decision of this court cannot be challenged in any higher court as appeal is not allowed.

American interest and South Asian politics

Time to realize that America is no one's friend........
The US Ambassador in India Mr. Timothy J Reumer was on two days visit to Srinagar on 17 March. Replying to a question, he said “he met with Omar Abdullah because he is the elected representative of the people.” Many separatists were unhappy with his statement. But the separatists should feel ashamed for being divided into many small groups. They cannot lead the people rather they divide them further.  Whether Omar Abdullah is or is not their representative is a different thing.  But the world saw that after 2008 “ragdo ragdo” movement, large numbers of people participated in elections and cast their vote. Mainstream parties were clever enough to trumpet the elections for roads, water and electricity, and under cover of that managed to garner votes.

People proved cleverer; they cast vote saying they voted for power, water, roads, and jobs. They forgot that these mainstream parties had been making same promises for last six decades and hoodwinking unsuspecting masses. We are unable to prove to the world outside that elections in Kashmir are mostly management elections. They cannot be faulted if they consider Omar as an elected representative of the people.

The US has been usually adopting a policy on Kashmir that blackmails India. Except for lip service, the US never supported the freedom and self determination struggle of Kashmiris. But if the US occasionally needs Pakistan, she has been issuing statements which Pakistan interprets as something favouring her on Kashmir stand. In this way they make a fool of the people of Pakistan. Actually, the US keeps its interests foremost and blackmails India. Kashmir and Pakistan both had high expectations from the visit of President Obama to India. All that he said about Kashmir in reply to a question from a reporter was that “it was an old dispute and the two countries should resolve it bilaterally” Precisely, Obama administration made it clear that there is no issue of freedom and self determination of Kashmiris though there is an issue between India and Pakistan. In other words he considered it a regional and not a freedom struggle.

The reason for all this is that Kashmiris launched the movement in the name of religion while the US is fighting religious extremists all over the world especially in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Second thing that needs to be understood clearly is that the US or the western powers establish or disrupt relations with another country only in the context of their national interests. They have turned the UN into an organization to foster their interests. When they have to use this organization against Iran, Iraq and Libya, it takes them just a couple of days to get resolutions passed. On the other hand the UN has passed no fewer than 250 resolutions against Israel on Palestinian issue since 1948 but the US never let these get translated into practice. Masses in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia also raised voice against their rulers. But since the ruler of Yemen is an ally of the US in fight against Al Qaeda and the US has wide interests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, no resolution was introduced against these two countries. What is happening in Libya is also happening in these countries, yet the US, mindful of her national interests, does not take identical action.