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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tempest in a tea cup - The statement storm

Background of Omar Abdullah’s statement in the Assembly

In his speech in the assembly on J&K State situation, chief minister Omar Abdullah said that “our state scripted an agreement with the Indian Union for accession only and not for integration like other confederating units of the Indian Union.” On this statement, not only BJP but many others also tried to create a storm in a tea cup. The chief minister had also said “that he was not a henchman of New Delhi .”

The opposition in the State has shown two reactions on the statement. PDP called it “an attempt of re-establishing credibility with the masses of the people while BJP and Panthers Party called it a conspiracy against India.” The separatists considered it vindication of their stand. Thus we find that all stakeholders interpreted the statement in according with their respective ideology and perception. Many non-state actors, too, expressed their views and characterized it as anti-India. We shall make an effort to analyze the entire case.

Omar Abdullah’s political career starting from hotel service to the platform of National Conference was chartered away from the peculiar politics of his father trying to create the impression that he would like to walk on the footprints of his grandfather. That is why he adopted his name as Omar Abdullah and not Omar Farooq. He was conscious that there still lingered on much mystique with the name of Abdullah. He introduced himself among the masses of people as one who adopted principled politics and was concerned about the progress and welfare of the people of the state.

Nevertheless, he found projection in the BJP government as “show boy” in the position of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. In 2002 elections, he lost his traditional seat of Ganderbal to an ordinary candidate. During the coalition government of PDP and Congress, he failed to prove his mettle as the leader of opposition, and, after becoming MP, he remained out of the state for most of his time. Thus up to 2008, he did not have the opportunity of gaining experience in running the administration of the state. In other words, he was groomed in the traditional divisive political culture of National Conference.

Barring a portion of the period of NC rule under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah, this party has generally played anti-people politics in this state. The highlights of its antagonistic policy are implementation of PSA law, not revoking Maharaja Hari Singh’s Enemy Ordinance, an extremely tyrannical law scripted by the British rulers of India to suppress the Indian masses. (the Maharaja had imposed the law after the tribal raid) and establishing of Task Force. These all are the gifts of National Conference rule. Apart from this, the party indulged in unbridled nepotism, bribery, and exploitation.

During 2008 elections, NC and Omar Abdullah in person made tall promises with the masses of people. Among the promises were the withdrawal of AFSPA, discarding PSA, providing employment to one member in each family, releasing the interned people and solving the Kashmir issue. After the election results were declared, NC agreed to form a coalition government with Congress despite the fact that it had always been castigating Congress as dishonest party that had acted deceptively a number of times during the rule of the Sheikh and Farooq so much so that Sheikh Abdullah called them “the worm of a dirty drain.” Among the team of ministers selected by Omar Abdullah, there are many tainted with accusations of corruption.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Open letter to His Excellency President Barack Obama

Esteemed Sir,

As you are ready to embark on your journey to India, I would kindly like to draw your attention to the situation in Jammu & Kashmir. I firmly believe that a solution of this decades old problem should be part of the 'regional approach' which your Excellency has initiated. The Kashmir issue has lingered on far too long and both India and Pakistan have been unable to reach a consensus on this issue because of prestige and unwillingness, which has resulted in a spree of violence and uncertainty for all of South Asia.

Your Excellency, we Kashmiris have been victims of terrorism, human rights violations, curfews and have been deprived of a voice for more than six decades. We Kashmiris have been treated like colonial slaves and have been expropriated of our freedom and inalienable rights. Your Excellency has been a staunch advocate of democracy and freedom and we humbly hope that while on your peace-crusade, you will be able to facilitate a shift in the attitudes of both India and Pakistan towards this issue. Your statement during your election campaign, wherein you said that "the USA should try to help resolve the Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India" and your historic election victory has ignited a fire of hope among the people of Kashmir as you are regarded as the torch-bearer of change. Your Excellency, we hope that your promised change will be extended towards Jammu & Kashmir as well, so that our future generations can live in peace and harmony and share the world's progress into the computer-age instead of becoming victims of death and destruction.

Dear Excellency, in order to reach lasting peace in the region it is necessary that the two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, will improve their relations and diminish suspicion and hatred. Solution of the Kashmir issue is the key towards that harmony. Its dimensions and consequences stretch far wider than its borders and if addressed it could even prove to be a facilitating factor in stability and peace in the whole region, including Afghanistan. Besides Pakistan and India’s animosity, China’s recent involvement in this issue has now pitted three nuclear powers against each other. Dear Excellency, the Afghanistanization of Kashmir and possibility of a nuclear war can only be prevented if this issue is addressed forthwith.

Your Excellency, on behalf of the Kashmiri nation, I would like to request you to view this issue through the perspective of the oppressed Kashmiris instead of the oppressors. It is a cruel irony that for so many years the world has not turned their attention towards the humanitarian dimensions of the Kashmir issue, but has always viewed this issue through the perspectives of either India or Pakistan because of their economic and strategic strengths. Meanwhile, custodial deaths, curfews, arbitrary arrests, dividing Line of Control, handicapped courts of law, terrorism and discrimination have destroyed this heaven on earth and turned it into a hell. Bilateral initiatives between India and Pakistan as well as international endeavors have always failed, because the people of Kashmir and their aspirations have always been neglected. We Kashmiris require the freedom and space to form and define what our identity should be. Pakistan and India should apply a bounteous approach and assist us by creating a peaceful atmosphere instead of trying to define our identity for us.

Your Excellency, I request you to offer the best of your offices to initiate a peace process, which will include the people of Jammu & Kashmir, in order to reach a peaceful settlement which will be based on the incontestable principles of justice.

Kind regards,

M. Hashim Qureshi
Chairman JK Democratic Liberation Party

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sacrifices of Kashmiri nation and the duties of leadership?

For last three months Kashmiri nation is going through an ordeal. It is making sacrifices of life and property with great fortitude and patience. Very few nations in the world have braved such testing times and shown remarkable patience without murmur. Innocent children are killed mercilessly and women are humiliated in public. Window panes of private houses are shattered. In short, the authorities are using all instruments of oppression and suppression against our nation. But the government has not been able to break the morale of the people undergoing travails. By a rough estate the state has suffered a hefty financial loss to the tune of sixty five thousand crore rupees during the period of turmoil. More than a thousand women and youth are battling for life in hospitals. From February till date nearly 80-90 people have been killed of whom under-aged and youth outnumber the rest.

A few days back some young people playing carom in the Maisuma were fired at without any provocation. Seven of them were gravely wounded. Among them are the nephew and a cousin brother of Yasin Malik. In Anantnag, a 12-year boy was shot at and martyred. It appears that the state apparatus is adding fuel to fire. The conscience of Indian rulers has not awoken even then and they are still orchestrating the rhetoric of Kashmir an integral part of India. NC stooges are more loyal than the king. Ordinary people have regrets that NC leaders are concerned more about their seats of power than the loss of their thinking faculty.

The conscience of international community about Kashmir and Palestine is just hibernating for last six or seven decades. Kashmiris are at a loss to understand why the governments of more than sixty Muslim countries in the world are tongue tied on large scale massacre of Kashmiris. Yes, Muslim countries have trade relations with India. However, Pakistan was an exception but that country is fighting the battle of its survival right now. Nearly 25 per cent of the area of the country is inundated by flash floods and about 20 million people have been rendered homeless. Pakistan needs about five billion dollars to raise the infrastructure in the flood ravaged areas. It is rebuilding roads, hospitals, police stations, civil institutions and rehabilitating the uprooted population. Unfortunately despite the fury and wrath of nature and its resultant destruction, there are still some evil doers who are blasting bombs. Pakistan cannot do anything beyond lip service to us. She has not even been able to raise some noise on international platform on killings thrust on us.