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Wednesday, January 1, 1992

Kashmiri nation: A triangular hostage? (written in August 1992)

This article was written in 1992 and is part of my first English work "Kashmir: The Unveiling of Truth" (Order here).

A close study of Kashmir history reveals that for the last four centuries, this nation has been faced with many internal distresses difficult to bear. Owing to her rich natural resources, this land was also coveted by foreign intruders. The Mughals, the Afghans, the Sikhs and the Dogras, one after another carried incursion into the land subjecting the people to their rapacity. Kashmiris daring these invaders had to suffer the most inhuman punishment like getting skinned alive. The “civilized" British sold the land and its people in return for a few gold coins. While quitting the subcontinent, this imperialist country left behind the legacy of Kashmir problem which has not become the cause of suffering and privation of only the Kashmiris but owing to it hundreds of millions of people in India and Pakistan have become the victims of the ravages of three wars. This is precisely what the British imperialists wanted to do, meaning to keep the two emerging countries in constant acrimony, fighting between them and thus finding market for their arms. After the two get exhausted in fighting, they boss over them and perform the role of a mediator. In doing so, they control the economy of the subcontinent.

Anti-people rulers in both the countries helped the imperialists achieve their objectives by arraying their armies against each other. Thus both the countries lagged behind in the race for development and progress and now seem to be preparing for a fourth encounter. More than a thousand million people of the subcontinent locked a grim struggle for bare necessities pass their days under the looming clouds of life and death and in servitude of oppressive rulers. It is ultimately the poor of India, Pakistan or Kashmir, who are to bear the brunt.

Kashmir is caught between the devil and the deep sea. On the one hand, Indian security forces have unleashed a reign of terror on innocent people and on the other more than 150 armed groups have made their own compatriots hostages to the gun. They do not desist from assassinating one another. Yet from the third side, Pakistani rulers have taken Kashmiris on both sides as hostages to their accession to Pakistan. For this reason, this article bears the title given to it.

Entire Kashmir nation at the moment stands hostage to India, Pakistan and the armed group in the valley. All the three kidnappers want to bring the Kashmiri nation as also their own masses to the brink of a disastrous war. Clich├ęs like freedom, integrity, security and religion are drummed up to drive the dumb millions of the subcontinent. For their mistakes, weaknesses and oppressive machinations, all the three anti-people parties are trying to pass the buck in to those who stand for a peaceful solution of the issue.

Let us now deal with each one of the three parties. First we examine the stand of India. As a nonaligned and the largest democratic country, India is generally shown regard by the comity of nations. (If any Pakistani feels angry on saying so, we can't help it but the facts are facts). Even in Islamic countries, India commands some respect. In the veins of India's economy, there is a thick stream from Middle East countries. But because of Kashmir question, India's image as a nonaligned country and a big democracy could get tarnished. It appears that Indian rulers, bureaucracy and politicians do not want to or cannot learn a lesson from history. They want to suppress people's uprising in Kashmir through imperialist policy of unleashing brute force, oppression and incarceration. The result is that the respect and dignity which India enjoyed owing to her neutrality and democracy has been eroded by the atrocious behaviour of her security forces leading to violation of human rights in Kashmir. Various human rights organizations are issuing reports detailing human rights violations perpetrated by the Indian security forces in Kashmir.