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Why movements end up identically?

Why movements end up identically?

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth,
they can be dependant upon to meet any national crisis.
The great point is to bring them the real facts."

Undoubtedly Indian forces have perpetrated inhuman atrocities in Kashmir. Tyranny let loose by them will for the soul of “GandhiJi to leave India and seek asylum in some other country”. One fails to understand why the majority of Indians, who, otherwise, are a conscientious people have locked their conscience. There was a time when India was considered the beacon light for the freedom loving people of the world. Gandhi ji’s philosophy of non-violence for freedom movements had given India the status of a guide.
However, the State of Jammu and Kashmir dragged India in the rank and file of occupational countries. Not only that, she finds her place among the tyrannical and oppressive states of the world?
A new weapon called pallet gun was used in Israel against the Palestinians. Germany and some more countries have also used it. It was inducted in Kashmir in 2010 during the government of Omar Abdullah whose actual name is Omar Farooq Abdullah.
India has now broken the record of tyranny, cruelty and callousness by its forces making the eyes of boys between 14 and 15 years as direct target. Many of them have lost eyesight. However, the wounds of pallet gun did stir up the conscience of many Indians.
Let me elucidate another point. Stones or batons, no state has the right to take the life of a citizen. Throwing a stone cannot be responded by firing a bullet. There are numerous ways for controlling the mobs like spraying hot water in summer and cold water in winter through jets. We deplore stone pelting as much as we deplore firing a bullet because stones also cause injury to human body. Stones can break teeth, strike the eyes and nose. We have seen how the wounds inflicted by stones disable the person for life. That is why we outright reject violence. It is the responsibility of those who are instigating people to violence to keep the demonstrators in control and in discipline. Here in Kashmir, movement is not led b y organization but by mobs and then leaders and organizations “kidnap” these movements. They begin issuing calendar.
These movements surface without any plan or programmed. They are the fallout of accidents based on emotions. Thus gradually when emotions die down, the movement also loses its momentum albeit after wantonly consuming many precious and pious lives.
If the on-going movement is a movement in real sense of the term, then is it not heading to the outcome of the movement of 2008 and 2010? We initiate movements with great enthusiasm but the enthusiasm as well as the movement dies down after many youth have made sacrifices of their precious lives.

Why does it happen so? Should we seal our lips because of the nonsense or some selfish people or because of the fear of stone? Should we be afraid of foul words of some people with diseased mind and let our children become blind and get killed on roads?
Doctors made frantic appeals not to throw stones on ambulances carrying the wounded to the hospitals. Water tank carrying water to the hospitals was stopped and drivers were beaten. Do we know of any community dong these acts of vandalism and then claiming they want azaadi? Isn’t it a conspiracy of contriving the killing of innocent people?
In case of emergency or heading to see a doctor for a series case, the vehicles re stopped and the children and women sitting in the vehicle are intimidated and their vehicle is damaged and immobilized. A rough estimate says that two out of every five cars are broken? Is this vandalism going to get them Pakistan?
Stones are pelted on houses for not putting off the light. Will people join a movement doing that? If those indulging in these activities are going to bring about freedom or Pakistan, will not sensible people begin to distance themselves from it?
Despite the vehicles of media persons carrying Press stickers were stopped, manhandled, abused and their vehicles were damaged. Who are the people who are indulging in this vandalism? Is this going to win independence or Pakistan?
This is what we did during militancy. We killed, kidnapped and vandalized our own people. We got mired in personal vendetta. Despite having imported 94000 Kalashnikov guns we could not inflict any major damage on India. Allowing these guns to pass into the hands of Indians, we helped them to raise 19 Battalions of JKAP/JK Armed Police. They are fighting us and using the guns we imported from Pakistan. The situation is that weapons from Pakistan, people from Kashmir and salary from India, and the target is Kashmiri youth?
In 2008, there erupted the dispute over Amarnath land in which 65 Kashmiri youth lost their lives.  People did not think of elections but then elections happened and people actively participated in it.
In 2010 during the government of Omar Abdullah nearly 127 children and youth lost their lives. Strike continued for more than two months. Schools and all business came to a standstill. What was the end result? Life resumed its daily chores. Some compensation was given a few whose near and dear ones lost their lives in the turmoil. Some were given government employment and then the movement died its natural death. Those who lost their lives were forgotten though of course their parents and kith and kin received everlasting pain and agony.
Now in the aftermath of Burhan’s killing, there were huge demonstrations and people came on roads making strong and violent protest. These continue till date. Fifty valuable lives have been lost. Thousands have been wounded with the pallet gun fire. Many have lost their eyesight. Now some sensible and humane persons, including those in India, began to pay attention towards the tyranny and oppression let loose on us. But then demonstrators have begun hoisting ISIS and Pakistani flags in villages and towns. Now it looks that it is not the movement of Kashmiris but of those who contribute to ISIS and Pakistan?
India got the solid proof to tell the world community and various human rights organizations that whatever was happening in Kashmir was the conspiracy of Lashkar-e-Taiiyaba of Pakistan which has been designated as “terrorist organization” by the US. Hafiz Saeed said in a speech in Faisal Abad that “the person who carried the cortege of Burhan was the Abu Dujan the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba”. He also said that “his sister Asiya Andrabi had telephoned him for help and that he dispatched “people” within three days from Faisalabad to Kashmir”.
We may cry at the top of our voice, we may raise hue and cry of oppression unleashed against us, but who will believe us in the backdrop of what Hafiz Saeed has said?
Evidently, Hurriyat leaders and Pakistan both have now squeezed Kashmir issue to only the valley of Kashmir and Pakistan.? That is why Pakistani and ISIS flags are openly and freely fluttering everywhere in the valley. Hafiz Saeed has publicly declared his participation in the ongoing happenings in Kashmir.
In an interview given to Kashmir Observer Mirwaiz said that “he has no clue that who is having control over the roads.”  But this is not going to absolve him because his name also figures in the calendar. Naeem Khan said that “those fluttering ISIS flags will be their own agents”.
We are behaving like ostrich. We know who killed Greet Mirwaiz Maulavi Muhammad Farooq, Dr. Guru, Qazi Nissar, Maulana Masudi and others. We know their name and their addresses. But we brought the onus of these murders and other murders to the doorsteps of Agencies and unknown murderer? 
In this way this movement was on wrong direction from very first day. Many sacrifices were made and even the pieces of bodies of children were taken up in hands. But we had begun this movement along wrong path from the very beginning. We did not call to account those who claimed to liberate the community. We did not arrive at the destination. Nothing is achievable without planning and program. People are dying of hunger because their daily wages have been stopped. Daily wagers, shopkeepers and working people have become the hostage to strikes. How long will people cooperate with the call for strikes and why? Is not this movement heading towards the same end in which the movement of 2010 ended?

“Zalim tamam mere tabahi pe muzir the
Main be to apne anode wafa ka asheer the”

This article was published in various Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri newspapers.