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Everybody wears false clothing.....

,,کا غذی ہے پیر ہین ہر پیکر تصویر کا؛

Everybody wears false clothing.....

“Causes of Violence: wealth without work, happiness without conscience, knowledge without character, business without morals, science without humanism, prayers without sacrifices and politics without principles”, said Gandhiji

Government formed after a slew of conspiracies

On March 1, PDP-BJP coalition government took oath of office at a formal function in the winter capital of Jammu. Under the leadership of Mufti Muhammad Sayed, seventeen cabinet rank ministers and eight ministers of state were administered oath of office for a period of six years.  The council of ministers comprises ten ministers of PDP and six ministers of BJP including Sajjad Lone whose inclusion was fiercely debated and BJP put its foot down and offered him a berth from its ministerial quota.

BJP insisted on Sajjad’s inclusion purporting to send a message that Indian system does not only forgive a law-breaker, it also confers largess on him on change of heart. Sajjad is the son of late Abdul Ghani Lone, and the son-in-law of Amanullah Khan. Including him in the council of ministers from BJP quota is to showcase Indian democracy’s liberalism not only in the sub-continent but in the entire world as well.

Will coalition survive?

A veteran politician that he is, Mufti Sayeed called the coalition bringing together of North Pole and South Pole. Anything is possible in politics. PDP-BJP coalition is almost a miracle. Apart from within the BJP circles, even RSS, too, had reservations on it.Congress and NC cried foul over the coalition. Congress may have justification for opposing the coalition, but NC’s opposition makes little sense. It was opposition for the sake of opposition. Was it not the partner of previous BJP government at the centre?

Interestingly, it was during the rule of Congress that Afzal Guru listed 28th convict, was picked up and hanged. His dead body was not handed over to his kith. However, when Congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad needed a vote to win Rajya Sabha seat, he cajoled Engineer Rashid, an independent member in the Legislative Assembly. Congress issued a statement of acknowledging error in ordering execution of Afzal Guru. Whether Afzal Guru’s soul found some peace or not, at least Engineer Rashid found legitimacy to help Azad obtain Rajya Sabha seat. He made for himself a seat among the martyrs. What service is rendered to late Afzal Guru by voting a person of the same party that ordered Guru’s execution?

Engineer Rashid is a good friend of mine. People have many stories to tell about him. They say the opponents if Sajjad Lone voted in favour of him (Engr. Rashid). Jamaat-i-Islami had issued a whip in this connection to vote for him. People have reported Engr Rashid’s participation in a rally of Jamat-i-Islami and even addressing it as well.

The grapevine says that Engr. Rashid did not vote in favour of Ghulam Nabi Azad only for the latter terming the execution of Guru as controversial. There are other motives also. True, an effort was made to get the dead body of Guru. However, on the basis of State Congress unit declaring Guru’s execution something wrong, his remains could not be returned nor would it console his close relatives. Guru was executed during the rule of the Congress. As such, a candidate on Congress ticket should not have been voted to return a Congress candidate to Rajya Sabha from Kashmir. Engineer Rashid was used as a conduit, and we are told that a resolution may be put up in the assembly for this proposal. It is only to publicize the issue. People cannot be made a fool for all the times. Mainstream political parties in Kashmir and those involved in Assembly elections have inducted an element of separatism in their politics. In Jammu, communal card was played. But the politicians have seldom shown any regard for religion which they are selling in their political campaigns. They have only self-aggrandizement.

Mufti Sahib will not face obstruction only from National Conference and Congress. He will have also serious challenges from within the coalition. Huge noise was made on the release of Masrat Alam. Orders for his release were issued on 4th of February during Governor’s rule. PDP wanted to take the credit of making announcement of his release.  That is why it did not make the announcement earlier. However, on facing criticism from BJP quarters, PDP took shelter behind the order of the Governor.

PDP would do well to address the issues related to the development of all regions of the State within the Mandate. So far the vote has not been asked for the final settlement of the State nor has it been given for that purpose. The vote has been given for the development of the State, for improving the condition of the roads, for opening avenues for employment and for improving power supply position and such like things.

Plan for smaller power houses

We have the capacity of producing 32000 MW of hydroelectric power in the State. A long list of developmental works is waiting the coalition government. These are: providing drinking water, improving educational system, raising school buildings, eradicating bribery from government departments, streamlining electric transmission system, expediting judicial process so that one has not to wait for a quarter of century to get justice, putting an end to coercion by the police and rampant corruption in the organization, overhauling entire transport system, making government departments and organizations accountable to the people, removing thirty to forty year old buses from the roads to protect environment and spare passengers the humiliation of travelling in obsolete vehicles etc. These are all priorities that the coalition government should address on priority basis. People have to be infused with a sense of security and change. This can be achieved by ordering replacement of old and useless passenger vehicles from national highway and internal transport. 

LAWDA is one organization where accountability is lacking. People carry the impression that this organization has done more harm than good to the Dal Lake. We have no dearth of honest and sincere functionaries. They need to be encouraged. Wular Lake is also under threat and it has to be saved from destruction. For understanding the dilapidated condition of the roads, let responsible state functionaries go on a round of the interior of the city. School administration needs to be tightened.

Government officers, Police and bureaucracy have made life miserable for ordinary citizens. State institutes need overhauling and streamlining because their administration is paralyzed. In many cases there is need of structural reconstruction. If the dismal condition of schools and school administration is to be recorded, it will make a huge volume. Education Minister made a statement that in many schools there were no students while the staff is in dozens. In some schools teachers outnumber students while in others, students outnumber teachers. When the government is aware of these deficiencies, why it does not take corrective steps? Teachers in private schools receive less salary in comparison to teachers in government institutions and yet private schools show better annual results in comparison to government schools. This calls for overhauling of educational system.

Failed drainage system

We are told that the previous central government had sanctioned huge amount of 24 hundred crore rupees for improving drainage system. A cursory look at the drainage system of the city will show that not more than 24 crore rupees have been spent on this item. A 4/6 inch pipe has been laid in the city which got blocked by rubble during the floods. This caused inundation of the city including Lal Chowk to a height of 5 feet forcing the shopkeepers to take out their stocks to safer places. Accountability cannot be shifted from person to person. Road repair is given on the basis of commission but without any planning. Engineers get their share, and do not care to examine the material used for the building of roads. Within a short period of three months at the most, the roads are washed off. Why don’t we have the system of laying drains when roads are built? The practice all over the world is that at the time of building a road, dam or a bridge, a big sign board is placed at the site giving all information about the plan, estimate of expenditure and benefits of the project in hand. This is done to enable anybody interested in the project raise questions or seek further information. Instead of 1.4 inches, blacktop material of bare 1.1 inches is laid on naked soil which cannot survive one single heavy shower. Funds drawn for developmental works partly go to the pockets of officers and at the most not more than 10 per cent is spent on development. Tourism has become a gold mine for engineers and officers. Scratch it and you will find that Tourism Department is in the grip of goons and corrupt people. Any plan which can be completed with fifty lakh rupees is billed for 2 crore. Where does the money go?

Floods caused havoc to the people. Instead of passing the buck authorities should have focused on how to prevent the crisis in future. More than prayers, the need is to find the causes of floods. Are we punished for spoiling Mother Nature? National Conference is bringing onus of non payment of relief to the victims to the doorsteps of Mufti government. They should be ashamed that they left people to their fate during the September floods while the present government immediately addressed the issue.
Various urgent steps need to be taken to prevent recurrence of floods.

- All illegal constructions that have come up on the banks of rivers, streams and nullahs should be immediately demolished.

- Drudging of all rivers and nullahs is urgently needed. Contractors can be given the incentive of free sand excavation.

- State has limited resources. The government should raise Flood Fund item on permanent basis so that appeal is made for contributing to this fund for cleaning the water bodies.

- Residents on the banks of Dal Lake should be shifted on emergency basis. House boats should be asked to move closer to the bank and their drainage should be strictly outside the water body.

- Shopkeepers of Lal Chowk and its vicinity affected by the floods should be provided with immediate financial support.

- J&K Bank have grown only with the contributions made by the people of the State. It must come to the rescue of the people on emergency basis. It must provide loans to the traders on minimum interest.

- News of sinking of hillocks and mounds comes in almost every day. The causes of this phenomenon need to be probed into. One major reason according to the people is that deforestation takes place wantonly. Forest wealth is looted shamelessly and trees are cut indiscriminately. This loosens the soil and then it begins to slip. Wide scale plantation should take place on such vulnerable sites.

- Ten year ban should be imposed on felling forest trees. People and the Forest Department should be given the task of planting fifteen lakh trees every year. Urge for plantation of trees has to be inculcated among the school and college going students. Children are usually very sensitive about environment and ecology.

J&K Bank

Regrettably J&K Bank authorities have given huge amounts to non-state capitalists and entrepreneurs on very lesser rate of interest. Reports are that these beneficiaries have not even returned the loan, leave aside the interest. For example REI AGRO Company, based in Kolkatta,was given a loan of about three hundred crore rupees on loan. Despite making various pretexts for not paying the interest, the company has been given additional loan of four hundred crore rupees making in all 700 crore rupees of total loan advanced. What to speak of the interest, even repayment of principal amount is in doldrums.  It is deplorable that while home borrowers are given loans by J&K Bank on 14 per cent interest rate, this company was provided such a big loan on just 11 per cent interest. 

Haseeb Drabu seems to be a munificent person; he has not removed the sitting J&K Bank Manager. NC had removed Haseeb Drabu immediately after assuming power. People ask who is answerable to illegal appointments and other scandals in the bank in which hundreds of crore of rupees are misappropriated an embezzled after giving these amounts on loan to blue-eyed persons. If seven hundred crore rupees had been invested in the State instead of giving this amount on loan to RAI Company, how many unemployed youth would have got a source of livelihood. Mufti government should constitute an inquiry commission on these scandals of the J&K Bank failing which people will attribute motives to allowing the present Chairman to stay put in his post.

Rain and flood have adversely affected many people and their cattle stock. Many people died in the calamity. God Almighty bless their souls. We pray for them. Those who have suffered materially, we ought to rise in support to them. This is the height of humanism.

"Let not the tongue remain silent
The innocent blood will cry aloud"

  ,,جو چپ رہے گی ذبان خنجر۔ لہو پکارے گا آستین کا ,,

This article of Chairman JKDLP, Hashim Qurehi was published in various newspapers