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“Exclusive Interview of Hashim Qureshi by Rameez Bhat of Kashmir Glacier”

“Exclusive Interview of Hashim Qureshi by Rameez Bhat of Kashmir Glacier”

“Kashmir the nation who has lost everything, in the name of Azadi (Freedom). Independent J&K is the only solution for our struggle. Make a voice to make itan Independent nation. It is true that we have suffered, are confused and worried, we are speechless, knowledgeable are helpless and been left to drown in a river of sorrow, but we must not forget that our brotherhood and our hope are still alive. We will rebuild our Kashmir and till then we are not to cry. Nothing is over, we will rise again. We have a history, a history with victory.” Hashim Qureshi

Question: Tell us something about your childhood retention?

Answer: I was born in a local area of Srinagar- Nowhatta. I got my education at Islamia Model School Srinagar. I belong to a noble and middle-class family. My father was affiliated with Political Conference. The head of the party was Mohi-Ud-Din Karra at that time. And the motive of the respective Political Conference was “Kashmir Banega Pakistan”. I was a small child at that time, I used to play with my other childhood friends and meanwhile we used to publish the posters of respective political party on walls.

Question: When did you start your political career?

Answer: My father was a political activist, I was arrested at the age of 11, near Nigeen-police station. I met Maqbool Bhat at that time I was just a sixteen years old that was the turning point of my life to become a political activist.

Question: Tell us something about Maqbool Bhat?

Answer: Actually I went to Pakistan to attend my sister’s wedding. And there I met Maqbool Bhat, who was the real founder of JKNLF (Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front). We and Maqbool Bhat were firstly praised as heroes and freedom fighters after the hijacking in 1971, but when Pakistan learned that we demanded an independent and sovereign Jammu and Kashmir, which included Pakistan Administered Kashmir as well, Maqbool Bhat, Ashraf Qureshi, I and hundreds of other members of JKNLF were arrested and interrogated in ShahiQila, Lahore and Dolayee Camp, Muzaffarabad.

Question: After a long exile you have returned to Kashmir?

Answer: Almost everybody told me not to come here as Nationalist political struggle is almost non-existent here. Some blame me that I came here to stand for election & to become a chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. This was simply propaganda against me and my struggle. I came here to see my Jammu and Kashmir and its people as a nationalist nation. At that time I was just 16 years old when Maqbool Bhat said to me that we should contend for a nation as a nationalist not as a religious sect.

Question: What motivated you to join JKNLF?

Answer: The struggle for an independent nation and the sheer massive leadership qualities of Maqbool Bhat motivated me to join JKNLF. At that time Maqbool Bhat was the president of Mahaz-e-Rai-shumari in 1969, and it has its own armed wing known as JKNLF and thus they assorted me in their party. The clear-cut slogan of JKNLF was an Independent, United and Secular Jammu & Kashmir. But we cannot bring weapons from one nation to fight with the other, we must carve our own indigenous struggle.

Question: What were the reason for leaving JKNLF? What made you think to make your own party JKDLP? And what is the agenda of your party?

Answer: I never left JKNLF. Actually when Maqbool Bhat came here in 1976, he had to motivate the masses again towards an Independent Nation, but he was jailed. When Maqbool Bhat was apprehended, the crisis blew out in Mahaz-e-Rai-shumari, and NLF was the wing of Mahzraishumari and it was banned. I was not a member of Mahaz-e-Rai-shumari, I was directly a member of NLF. When it was banned in 1977 I was in jail at that time. When I came out from there in May 1980, I did lot of efforts to make JKNLF stand again but at the end it could not happen. Certainly I was not very much established in economic conditions, my economic conditions was not very much effervescing. I also had to work at the same time to support my family.

In 1977 Mahazi Azadi was formed by Ab. Khaliq Ansari, Jabbar Butt, NazirNazaj, sadiqMirza and Amanullah. Jabbar Butt became a president while as Amanullah became a general secretary of the party. At the same time employed of voice of Kashmir {Kashmir publication} owned by Sadiq Mirza. They make Amanullah Khan as editor of “voice of Kashmir” just to allot him a British Visa. Therefore Sadiq Mirza sent a visa to Amanullah khan on behalf of their publication.

1982 I became a chairman All Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front including Pak zone, and organized AJKLF in both places. Because of differences with Amanullah Khan regarding his immature role in Mhatre case and subsequent killing of this Diplomat which resulted in Maqbool Bhat’s hanging, I made my own party in Nepal regarding the solution of independent nation. It was the main reason to make my own party and the agenda of my party is simply to stand for an Independent, Secular and United Jammu & Kashmir.

Question: Tell us something about Ganga Hijacking?

Answer: Ganga airline plane was hijacked on January 30 1971 by me and by my cousin Ashraf Qureshi. Actually what happened before hijacking Ganga airplane was that we the members of JKNLF were at Dr. Farooq’s house including me, Maqbool Bhat, Javid Sagar, Dr Farooq Haider, Amanullah and some other guests were also present there. It was the time for dinner as we all were sitting at the dining table. We heard a news on radio that Eritrean commandos are firing on an Ethiopian plane in Karachi (Pakistan). After few minutes Dr Farooq Haider said, why we don’t try like this. Surely it would highlight our movement for an independent nation on the international level. He gave a small glance towards me and indicated me, would you like to do it on behalf of our nation. I replied I will do anything for my nation. If they need my blood I would not hesitate to render it. And they made a proposal how to hijack the plane and it was also an order by the head of the party surely I have to do it, and eventually I did.

Question: During your freedom struggle for an independent Kashmir, do you think you achieved what you want?

Answer: As you know our nation was persistently enslaved from 500 years. It is bifurcated by religious groups on the name of religion, either by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or any other religion sects. We are being interrupted, divided and above all we make an allegation without any formal evidence. What actually materialized, we invited outsiders for a solution like we invited Akbar against the native ruler of Kashmir, Yousef Shah Chack. After that we invited Afghani’s, Sikhs for a solution, now same is going in our nation we invited outsiders for a solution.

Indeed I did not achieve Independence for my Nation, but I always spoke the Truth and tried make my nation embark on a path of Truth and Nationalist Struggle. I wrote books in which I mentioned about the struggle of our nation and laid out my vision of how we can achieve Independence and Peace. Writing about anything can make the future generations aware of our struggle, culture and future.

Question: Tell us something about MNWA?

Answer: MNWA is actually “Maqbool National Welfare Association” established in 1994 with the specific aim to assist victims of all kind of violence including militancy in Kashmir. I was in Europe at that time I heard that our youth and widowed mothers were living their life miserably and then I started a welfare association to help needy people. And presently it is also working for hapless masses of Kashmir. Till now, we married around 130 girls via MNWA. We introduced some MNWA training centres in almost all the districts of Kashmir and even in Jammu benefiting more than 15,000 women via MNWA. The other approach of MNWA is educating orphans.

In total MNWA spent more than 2 Crore Rupees since it was conceived in the last 18 years. MNWA also bought land in Darbagh and we sold that later with the permission of the Session Judge as it was difficult to sustain the expenses of all needy people in the Valley. We spent money on Medicines, relief for prisoners, Marriage Expenses for orphans, Education Fee for orphans, rent of Sewing Centers, Salary to Teachers in sewing centers, Office Expenses, Relief to Poor, Loan Expenses and salary of office Employees of MNWA.

Question: What is your planning for an independent Kashmir?
Answer: The intention of my party is to struggle for an independent nation. It hardly matters for me that Pakistan government introduced some amendments to vanish the slogan for an independent nation, I did, I am and I will struggle for an independent nation. We are being deceived but I will not deceive my people. Yes I am straight forward soul who fight for independent Kashmir and my planning is simple – to fight for an independent Kashmir based on the tenet of Truth.

Question: You have filled defamation case against Y. K. Yadav, why not against Sanna-ullah Bhat?  Who has -written same thing before Y.K Yadav in his book ‘’Kashmir 1947-77’’ on page no 184-185?

Answer: As far as Sanna-ullah Bhat is concerned I don’t think he has some grandness in society. If I will remain busy with these small issues like Sanna-ullah did than I have to do nothing except giving explanations regarding this case. But yes, Y.K Yadav was a member of RAW and he has also established a union there. Now he has to prove that I am the agent of India.  I have an opportunity to defend my case because he is a man who was affiliated to RAW agency. I need to prove them wrong as this also concerns Maqbool Bhat and his and my pious struggle.

Question: C.M of J&K of that time G.M Sadiq said that Ganga plane hijack was done on the behest of India and Hashim Qureshi is working for India. What do you have to say for Sadiq?

Answer: Here, his sayings are illogical, as you know if you are the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir it simply means that you are their partner. How can they say that Hashim Qureshi is working for India, as they have accepted Indian Constitution, whenever you accept their constitution it simply means you are interlinked with each other, and you are working for them. These are just allegation and nothing else.

Question: Besides pro Pakistani group, pro-independence group is also divided isn’t it having its implication on the genuine Kashmir cause?

Answer: Yes definitely, but as far as the aim of my party is concerned it is simply for an independent Jammu and Kashmir. Indeed I am a nationalist and I won’t see my nation to get bifurcated. The alienation between Jammu masses and the Kashmir masses are on high phase. The obnoxiousness between the Jammu people and Kashmir people have already been raised. Now what my aim is, to connect them with each other, but as far as other parties are concerned they need to think deeply on this issue. Besides freedom, the day is not so far away from us when we could also get bifurcated with each other. We must keep trying to unite again for this beautiful cause and its future.

Question: In past many people have accused you of being a BSF man, what are your sayings about these allegations? 

Answer: If I was a BSF man than definitely BSF would have a job order, service-book, pension-book, or other documents related to this in their own headquarters. If anyone proves it I will accept. This is propaganda of agents of India and Pakistan. And meanwhile I was just a 16years old at that time, and there is no any kind of rule in central government to appoint a 16 years old kid in a defense force. It’s just an allegation.

Question: What are your views about Ghetto’s for Migrant Pundits?
Answer: I would emphatically want them to come again in their motherland. I know what living in exile means, to me twenty-seven years of separation from my native land have been as long as twenty-seven centuries. Therefore for the majority and minority communities in Kashmir living together means fighting together against communalism. But I am highly on the opposite colonies of pundits and it would simply upraise the communal factor in a state.

Question: Your son, Junaid Qureshi became the first Kashmiri writer who wrote for NATO magazine, the world’s most phenomenal and reputable magazine. Do you feel proud?

Answer: Yes, indeed it is a proud moment for the whole family. Because he is keeping alive my writing legacy, and yes it is the first time in history of Kashmir that any Kashmiri wrote for world’s most phenomenal and reputable magazine. Indeed it is a proud moment for me our family and also for the whole Kashmir.

Question: Would you like to share your ideas about the New Government?

Answer: I have hopes on new government regarding development of education sector, roads and so forth. I would like to tell them to introduce some good policies regarding the unemployment and also for this hapless Kashmiri youth. Our roads are crumpled, water bodies are polluted. Make a good initiative for a drainage system so that in future we could be prevented from catastrophe floods. The Government can make a difference in administration tasks, as regarding the solution of Kashmir problem, nothing can be done without the inclusion of the common Kashmiri people.

Question: Your message for the people of Kashmir?

Answer: My message for the people of Kashmir is simple, don’t believe on illogical things. Try to find a logic behind everything. And make yourself engaged to some good activity. The future of your nation is in your hands as you are the real fighters, believe on yourself and make it a paradise again. And meanwhile JKDLP strongly condemned the Cold blooded killing of a teenager namely Suhail from Narbal. 

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