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Don’t wreck democratic process in Pakistan!

Don’t wreck democratic process in Pakistan!

It is just fifteen months when elections were held in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s PTI formed its government in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Its 35 members were elected to National Assembly, took the oath of office; some of them became members or office bearers of different committees of the assembly. Appeals were filed with the Election Tribunal in some instances of irregularities in election and some of these were formally disposed off.

Thus the march of democratic process in Pakistan was smooth. Economy was reviving and the army was meeting with success in dealing with terrorism in its Operation Zarb-e-azab. On international level also Pakistan was appreciated for taking desirable steps against Taliban terrorists. Nawaz Sharif’s government conducted agreements with various countries especially with China for expanding trade and commerce and more importantly for generating ten thousand megawatts of electric power and road and rail link from Gilgit to Gawadar.

But the enemies of Pakistan and their stooges within the country are not happy with Pakistan stabilizing its democratic institutions. They are not happy with Pakistan recovering from economic down-slide as well as Pakistan taking care of its security. These inimical forces are hell bent to destroy all these achievements.

A dissection of the motives of those who have given a call for ‘ Long March’ or ‘Freedom March’ will show that Muslim League (Q), Chowdhury Brothers and those who have been supporters of military dictatorship and have been occupying the seats of power in the centre or in Punjab, have never felt comfortable with Pakistan hanging on to democratic dispensation. They cannot come to power when democracy is entrenched in Pakistan. Sheikh Rashid has been an ardent supporter of military establishment and has invariably betrayed his colleagues.

Tahiru’l Qadri has been cooling his heels at the doors of the Pope and other Christian leaders in the West, and has been surviving on social assistance in Canada. Wherefrom did he get all this enormous wealth to run a movement? What can one expect from religious maniacs like him? Hazrat Ali has rightly said about such people that “by obliging a man of cheap mentality, seek refuge with God Almighty from his evil nature”. 

What an irony that a noble family like Qadris should produce an evil like Tahiru’l Qadiri.  Don’t forget that even religious fanatics have caused no small damage to the Muslims. The nexus formed by these groups in which Imran, Qadri and others are involved is striving to bring about destruction of Pakistan.

General Musharraf has also announced that he would be joining the inquilab march of Qadri. He and his other cohorts, too, are readying to destroy Pakistan’s democracy. After going through the speeches, video messages and religious thoughts of Tahir, one feels that he is a psychological patient and needs medical treatment. All his speeches show that there is an external enemy instigating him and prompting him in his malicious utterances. It is curious that in this 21st century a religious leader is shifting from his statements and stands every time and is instigating his blind followers to resort to violence. It is baffling how Pakistan is tolerating such a rabid fanatic and his blind followers. His followers may not number more than a few thousand persons and they want to hold a country of 18 crore people as a hostage?

Joining hands with Imran Khan and other undemocratic elements, Qadri wants to bring down the entire democratic system including the parliament and democratic institutions of the country. And all this is happening at a time when the Pakistani army is engaged in destroying the stronghold of international terrorists in North Waziristan.

How can one explain the fact that in the National Assembly, Imran Khan’s PTI occupies the third place, and additionally, it has formed the government of one province namely Pukhtunkhwa, and still he wants to cut at the roots of democracy in the country? Hardly has the government of Nawaz Sharif been in the seat of power for a year and half when Imran is there asking for his resignation?

Let it be noted that Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has become the centre of international terrorists. It also remains a backward area. Here runs the government of Imran Khan’s PTI. He could have undertaken social work on a large and positive note and brought about a big change in the entire region. This would have brought him great credit among the people of Pakistan and he would have achieved commendable national profile. It is unfortunate that he has chosen to work against democracy which Pakistan has been struggling hard to stabilize. The marches for which he has given a call can lead to disturbances and civil war and thus provide the army an opportunity to step in.

The question is that if these groups, now in tandem, demand renewed election after just fifteen months of the existing government, and for that purpose they resort to ‘Long March” type of process, what guarantee is there that this practice will not be repeated once they succeed derailing the existing government?  They know it well, and yet they are persisting with their nefarious design which can be summed up as follows:

1) Not to allow Pakistan become a peaceful country and free from terrorism. 
2) Uproot or weaken democracy at any cost. 
3) Punish Nawaz Sharif for his independent foreign policy. 
4) Shield Musharraf from legal cases
5) Maintain domination of the army.
6) Maintain Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism.
7) Constitute assemblies under the control of the army
8) Imran Khan’s accusation against the former chief justice is to avenge latter’s (CJ’s) animus against Musharraf.
9) Spread disorder and turmoil if you want to instigate army’s revolt and wind up democracy as the political system of the government.
10) Foment civil war in Pakistan leading to its collapse is the plan of the Jews and the Americans so that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is snatched away from them.

One can only say that all these anti-national activities are carried out either by blind, dumb and deaf followers (of these leaders) or that the literate youth are just day-dreaming?
Pakistanis should remember that they are becoming the enemies of their own. By dragging their country to a civil war, they are planning to destroy their country and in the process they, too, shall get decimated.

The present government has people’s mandate for five years. It must be allowed o work for the full tenure as is the usual system with all democracies in the world. Its delivery will have to be judged after it has completed its term. People can decide at that time but demanding its ouster before it completes its tenure, will only weaken Pakistan’s democratic institutions. Do the above mentioned groups want that?

This article was published in various South-Asian newspapers.