This Blog provides an insight on the Kashmir-issue, India and Pakistan. The articles on this Blog can be best described as thought-provoking. The articles thrive to trigger debate about the miseries enslaved Kashmiris are facing and discuss also possible solutions to this long standing conflict. It also aims to convince readers why Independent Kashmir is the best solution for all parties involved.




1. The gun showed the Indian security forces the path into our homes.
2. The gun played with the modesty of our respectful womenfolk.
3. The gun authorised the Indian security forces to molest the walls and the veils of our homes.
4. The gun rendered our mother, sister and daughters widows, and it turned our Children into orphans.
5. The gun forced the widow’s orphan’s children to become baggers.
6. The gun banished sincerity, discretion and decency from our society.
7. The threat of the gun put an end to the tradition of speaking the truth, dealing with the truth and following the truth in Jammu Kashmir.
8. The gun turned the difference of opinion into the law of the jungle.
9. The gun facilitated the birth of the Ikhwanis and the Jihadis from the womb of destruction.
10. The gun has coined the terms like official gunman and the militant.
11. The gun has laid down the tradition of creating forced and unwilling matrimonial alliances.
12. The gun has promulgated amassing of illegal wealth through easy means.
13. The gun has found the rationale for killing persons after sticking to them the label of an enemy agent and a traitor.
14. The gun has wiped out age old communal harmony and replaces it by rank communalism.
15. The gun has deprived innocent children of paternal affection and their loving smiles.
16. The has hurled down human beings from the heights of humanism and made them beastly and barbaric.
17. The gun has taken away the warmth in blood and has benumbed the sense of relationship.

18. The gun has created the ‘informers’ and the ‘sources’.
19. The gun has given birth to brutal and uncontrolled forces like S.T.F.
20. The gun has brought the environment to the brink of destruction and dilapidation.
21. The gun has given rise to the barbaric practice of custodial killings.
22. The gun has wrecked disaster to the economy of Kashmir.
23. The threat of the gun and kidnapping has blocked the inflow of tourist in Kashmir.
24. The gun has snatched away the sweetness of innocent childhood from the children.
25. The gun has torched the school, collage and hospital buildings and bridges.
26. The gun has pushed thousands of our young people into dark and dismal prison cells.
27. The gun made our mothers and sisters cool their heels outside the prison gates to seize moments when they would have a look of their dear ones.
28. The gun forced young people to remain interned for years without trial.
29. The gun deprived the prisoners of many basic requirements of life as they remained behind the bars for years at end.
30. The gun denied legal assistance to our youth, forcing them to remain behind the bars for years.
31. The gun destroyed legal and justice system from top to bottom.
32. The gun made the forces as the rulers of the land and gave them and station house officers full freedom of perpetrating illegal and oppressive acts.
33. The gun creates an illegal protection law named AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) for security forces that they can beat and even kill anybody anywhere without reason and provocation.
34. The gun gave a handle to fake Islamists who project Islam, the religion of peace and security, as a religion of oppression thus bringing disrespect to its fair name.
35. The gun gave the freedom of destroying lush green forests of Kashmir and turning its land into ugly landscapes.
36. The gun has spoilt the valuable water resources of the Dal and Wular lakes and the Jehlim river.
37. The gun has converted the rule of the law into the rule of might is right.
38. The gun has commercialised politics and replaced sincere political workers by henchmen.
39. The gun has provided space to the wily rulers, corrupt bureaucrats and members of short sighted security forces to do various illegal things under the cover of combating militancy and has given them the freedom of perpetrating tyranny and oppression.
40. The gun has initiated the tradition of strikes. It has not only proven disastrous for our trade and commerce but has also developed the habit of shunning work.
41. The gun has brought disruptions of our education system. It has ushered in an era of ignorance and retardation.
42. The gun has provided opportunity to a few so-called leaders to amass millions and obtain privileged professional training in medicine, engineering and business for their wards and close associates all at the cost of the dead bodies of helpless Kashmiris.
43. The gun has provided the license of killing innocent people.
44. The gun has helped the rulers to obtain huge funds through blackmail in the name of development and them misappropriate these and thus perpetrate general loot of the exchequer.
45. The gun has desecrated the purity and piety of worshipping places and rendered their disrespect a general phenomenon.
46. The gun has banished millions of people from their homes, habitats, streets, friends and associates.
47. The gun has brought destruction and hunger to each house and habitat.
48. The gun has spread fear among the journalists and forced them from telling the truth.
49. The gun has provided safe haven to some of the journalists who have compromised with journalistic etiquette and thus tarnished the image of impartial journalism.
50. The gun has popularized personal vendetta behind the cloak of law. Taking recourse to relevant anti-militancy clauses, has ragged people to the interrogation cells and prison.
51. The gun-toting men have become the judge, the jury and the executioner. The gunmen have become self-made Qadi and judge and have pronounced death sentences against people as they liked.
52. The gun has imposed death sentence on the sentiment of respect for humanism.
53. The gun has turned the mujahid of yesterday into an Ikhwani, informer and source and thus made him an instrument of getting his colleagues nabbed along with arms, and ammunition.
54. The gun has shown the commanders, chief commanders and others of their ilk to seek shelter behind politics but to the wards of the poor and ordinary Kashmiris, they are teaching the lessons of jihad in order to establish their leadership.
55. The miracle of the gun turned paupers into multi-millionaires and the vice versa.
56. The gun has turned lanes, streets and localities into graveyards.
57. The gun brought in the practise of disappearing people after they are arrested.
58. The gun and gun powder has turned our freedom struggle into a terrorist movement on international level.
59. The gun has brought to fore a new class in our society that indulges in collecting funds in the mosques, in Arabian, European and American countries on the dead bodies of our young men and pose as the servants of the community. The huge funds thus amassed have been diverted for making the careers of their wards.
60. The gun made the miracle of a few so-called leaders apportioning the medical seats and stipends from Iran to their own wards and relatives.
61. The gun consumed many a bright intellectuals and men of learning including the genius like Dr. Guru.
62. The gun caused desecration to Hazratbal shrine and sent the shrine of Sheikh Nurudin (Nund Rishi) to flames.
63. The gun managed to get the heads of people smashed sometimes in the ‘crime’ of supporting self-determination and sometimes in supporting accession. Many a time the accessionists jumped at the throats of their co-ideologues in the name of administrative superiority.
64. The gun brought death to the astute scholar and nobleman like Maulavi Farooq. It consumed a learned man like Qadi Nisar.
65. The fear of gun forced our Pandit brethren to leave their native land Kashmir only to face innumerable suffering in exile. Their story of privations is heart-rending.
66. The gun turned the law as a whip for the poor and comfort for the rich.
67. The gun opened a myriad of ways for corruptions.
68. The gun saw the real culprits as ruling force and innocent and poor people huddled behind the bars.
69. The gun wretched the age old tradition of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among the people of Kashmir. It rent asunder the colourful cultural mosaic of this land.
70. The gun sent innumerable youth into their icy and snowy graves over the forbidding mountains without the shroud and death rites.
71. The gun made a large segment of population as the brokers of death and violence.
72. The gun symbolises destruction and violence that consumes development. It transforms beauty into ugliness.
73. The gun has forced the daughter of Eve to find its honour shredded into pieces out of helplessness, poverty, need and fear.
74. The gun encourage the forces to built bunkers in lanes, streets, squares and everywhere.
75. The gun dispensed with even the normal respect for womenfolk in the society.
76. The gun and gun powder did not spare even the kids.
77. The gun wrought the greatest misery on womenfolk. Her son, her brother, her husband and her father all became the victims of the gun. She was targeted for sprinkling of acid thus adducting the meaning of oppression to Islam.

78. O Gun! Why didn’t you get gunned down? Why didn’t the death dance brought by you meet it own annihilation?