This Blog provides an insight on the Kashmir-issue, India and Pakistan. The articles on this Blog can be best described as thought-provoking. The articles thrive to trigger debate about the miseries enslaved Kashmiris are facing and discuss also possible solutions to this long standing conflict. It also aims to convince readers why Independent Kashmir is the best solution for all parties involved.



Sentimental and religious exploiting

                For last fifty years Pakistan rulers and Politicians made people sentimental on the basis of religion and Kashmir, but there is an old English adage “You cannot fool all the people all the time.” This applies to Pakistan`s politicians and its efforts to fool the people of Kashmir right from the time of its creation in 1947. However, the time has come not only to expose Pakistani ruler`s designs and to reveal it`s real intentions to the people of Kashmir. Pakistan`s sincerity towards kashmiris has always been dictated only by one factor to enslave the people of Kashmir. To achieve this goal it has not hesitated in labeling any Kashmiri who has dared to defy it either as an “Indian agent” or an “Enemy of Islam.”

                Pakistan`s ruler class labeled Maqbool Butt, the martyr, as an Indian agent because he struggled for an independent Kashmir. This allegation was also leveled in the past against Khan Wali Khan and the Awami National Party (ANP) however; the same party was allowed to come to power not in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) but also as an alliance partner with the Pakistan Muslim league (N) in the National Assembly. But now, again Khan Wali Khan`s party is traitor of Pakistan, because of Pakhtoonkhawa issue. Jam Sadiq and Mustafa Khar were subjected to  similar propaganda and Khar`s wife was forced to write a book against her husband. Despite these allegations Jam Sadiq was made Chief Minister of  Sind and Mustafa Khar was inducted in the Federal cabinet Pakistan`s rulers together with the Armed Forces and the bureaucracy are concerned only with self aggrandizement and are scared of the truth  and  want to put it under cover. They imposed Urdu on the people of East Pakistan and thus initiated the process of separation. In 1971 as 90,000 of the Pakistan Army`s elite troops were about to surrender while, President Yayha Khan was speaking of a “Thousand Years Jehad”!  An expedition in Baluchistan was justified and so was the massacre of the Sindhis this justified. A military operation in 1954 against the people of Poonch was described as a fight between” Musalmans and Sudhans” and justified as an “action for Islam.” The ruling troika comprising the political masters, the Armed Forces and the bureaucracy is plundering Pakistan and any person who dare state this is promptly labeled an “Indian Agent.” It’s no use circumventing the truth. The Western countries have progressed because they admit their weaknesses and faulty policies and do not go around branding critics as “foreign agents”. One should argue logically and not resort to false accusations or intimidations. Emotions, sentiments and half truths cannot conceal logic, truth and facts of history.

Politics is Worship

                I have never inducted the element of personal suffering or Pakistan`s abominations one me or my family. For me, struggling for the rights of the peoples is “Worship”. The Pakistani bureaucracy refused a visa to  my wife. She was anxious to attend to her ailing m other and be with her sisters and brothers at a critical time. Yet her compassionate plea fell on deaf ears. Even the staunchest of my adversary knows that my wife is in no  way interested in politics and is nothing more than a loving mother and housewife. And yet she is being made a scapegoat for my courage to challenge the policy makers of Pakistan to come up with the truth on Kashmir. We did appeal for justice directly to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but there is no response. At the same time, the Indian Embassy in Islamabad has since 1969 refused to issue a visa to my sister even on the death of my mother. She has not seen her father, brothers or sisters since the last twenty eight years. Till date we have never taken any step against Pakistan`s interests or against the interests of her people. As the saying goes we have” not disturbed a brick lying on the road.” And yet Pakistan has destroyed Karachi, drilled holes into people`s bodies with boring machines and destroyed mosques. It has even gone to the extent of encouraging violence in religious areas so much that parents dissuade their children from praying in mosques lest they should become victims of sectarian “entrepreneurs.”

                There was a time when I shared the same blind emotions about Pakistan, which many sentimental Kashmiris do today. In 1969, while visiting Pakistan for the first time at the Ganda singh border, I bowed and kissed the land. The Pakistan Ranger on duty looked genuinely surprised and asked me what I was doing. I explained that Pakistan was the “Mecca and Madina” for us to which he reacted”Kocha, when you go in and see this “Mecca and Madina” your dreams will shatter’ Pakistan may be the “Macca and Madina” of its feudal lords, its Army Generals and its bureaucrats but it is certainly not the “Promised Land” for the Muslim of the sub-continent. This truth cannot be countered by leveling accusations and making personal attacks.

Hijacking in1971

                The hijacking of the “Ganga” in 1971 was planned entirely by Maqbool Butt, the leader of the National Liberation Front. Pakistan`s Army and bureaucracy used it against us to give it a label of an “Indian Conspiracy. If at all there was a conspiracy, it was a Pakistan design against the rising nationalism and the liberation struggle in Kashmir. The hijacking of the Ganga took place in January 1971 when Shiekh Mujibur Rehman won the elections. When the rulers of Pakistan postponed the session of the National Assembly, turmoil ensured in East Pakistan. There is no doubt that India disallowed Pakistani flights over her air space but till December 3- 1971, these flights were being routed via Colombo. In fact unrestricted Pakistani flights over Indian Territory had been stopped in 1965 itself. Thereafter any aircraft flying from West Pakistan to East Pakistan needed India`s permission before it took off. Moreover, India could ask any Pakistani aircraft flying over its air space to land for a check. Pakistani officials of the civil aviation department clarified this during the hearing of the Special Court on the Ganga hijacking case. This and other such evidence clearly shows yet another attempt on the part of Pakistan`s rulers of concealing the truth. The truth was that Pakistan`s ruling class looked for scapegoats to escape that wrath of the people on losing its eastern province.

USA used Pakistan.

                Since its creation, Pakistan has acted as a “front line” state of the US. The US used it in the early 1950s to spy against the Soviet Union and in the 1980`s for arming and training the Afghan Mujahideen. The Taliban is a creation of Pakistan with US and Saudi backing. The US is also currently using Pakistan to control the “evil” Iranians. Pakistan is also important for protecting American economic interests in the newly opened Central Asian Republics. And more importantly, the US needs Pakistan “watching” China and possibly use it for promoting unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang. This is the reason why the US refuses to categorize Pakistan as a “terrorist state” despite open knowledge that a large number of Islamic fundamentalist organizations in the Middle East and North Africa have received their initial baptism in Pakistan. The killings in Algeria and Egypt are a result of this exercise. And yet the US terms Pakistan as a “moderate” Islamic state. Iran and Libya have been punished by the US for lesser “crimes” and categorized as “terrorist state”. Iran’s moral support for the Hezbollah is seen as promoting “terrorism” but Pakistan`s open funding, training and equipping of the Taliban was initially welcome as “positive development” for stability in Afghanistan. Libya continues to be regarded as a pariah, by the US and its allies only because it refuses to hand over the alleged accused of the Lockerbie case. The truth is that Pakistan is ready to scarify its own people as it did in the case of Amin Kansi to please its American masters.

Revolt against the ISI Game Plan

                Pakistan has always been inimical towards any form of Kashmiri nationalism. My experiences with Pakistan`s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) would prove my contention. As Organizing Chairman of the J&K Liberation Front, in 1984- 1985, I was involved in a dialogue with the ISI. I was leading a team of JKLF`s leading activists, which comprised Dr. Farooq Haider, late Sardar Rashid Harasat and Zubir-ul-Haq. After four months of intense discussions with the ISI, I refused to become the “Kotedar” the supplier of sheep for the butcher for the ISI`s grand game plan. The ISI wanted us to bring Kashmiri youth from across the border so that they could be used as gun fodder against the Indian security forces. My conscience refused to even consider such a scenario and I revolted against the very ideas. Moreover, I did not consider Azad Kashmir and the Northern Areas of Gilgit and Baltistan as free. There were also fears that the ISI would backtrack on its tall promises and succeed only in ensuring genocide of the Kashmiris with the Indian Army as Pakistan did with the Benagalis in East Pakistan in 1971.

                I did not want to be part of any such game plan and walked out of the negotiation. Unfortunately others fell for the ISI trap and my fears proved correct years later, thereafter, the ISI started targeting me in every conceivable way. I was asked to surrender my Pakistani passport and Identity Card an action against which Justice Yousuf Saraf filed a write in the High Court in Rawalpindi. An attempt was made at my life when I was driving with my friend and our vehicle was pushed into a gorge near Pelanderi.  It was at this stage that my Pakistani friends and well- wishers advised me to leave Pakistan, which I did in 1986. I was part of the political struggle for independence, which could not go beyond setting up an office and publishing literature as we lacked funds. The Kalashnikov culture came later with large scale Pakistani funding. Weapons of all kinds were freely distributed to Kashmir youth brought into the training camps by the self-styled “nationalists”. These “nationalists” were promptly discarded once their utility was over and Amanullah Khan was offered a golden hand shake by the ISI and Yasin Malik recognized as the Chairman of the JKLF. To ensure that nationalism of any kind would be wiped out from Kashmir, the ISI raised pro- Pakistan groups and encouraged them to fight the same nationalists whom they had supported. Selective killings of leading nationalists in the streets of Srinagar carried clear messages for the people. Maqbool  Malik`s eyes were gouged out; Indeed, it is ironical that this same group of “nationalists” who had been armed and trained by Pakistan soon started speaking of a civil disobedience movement. Looking back at these events I feel confident in stating the truth that I have not been responsible or instrumental in any way in the killing of any Kashmiri. Will the policy makers of Pakistan make a similar acknowledgement?

We Don`t Need Guns!

                I have always maintained that we don`t need guns in Kashmir. In 1992 I had reiterated my stand during an argument with Dr. Gulam Qadir Wani. Dr. Gulam Nabi Fai was present as it was his office that a heated debate on Kashmir was going on. A couple of years later, Dr. Wani wrote a letter of apology stating “You experience was right and we were wrong.” At no stage should anyone get the impression that I am a coward or am afraid to hold a gun. Fortunately I have been blessed with enough physical and mental courage and my deeds have proved this fact. I would like to remind those who make such frivolous accusations that my younger brother Iqbal Qureshi and cousin Altaf qureshi who later became a martyr had introduced the JKLF by throwing a bomb in Bakshi Stadium, Srinagar on 15 August 1983, in presence of a heavy security build up. It was an act reminiscent of Bhagat Singh`s action in the Central Assembly in 1929. Their intention was not to kill anyone. For these actions Iqbal and Altaf languished in jail while some of the present Jamat-e-Islam leaders were busy taking oaths owing allegiance to India. Maybe this opportunity should be taken to tell the people of Kashmir that in those very days a present day leader of All Party Hurriyat Conference was a congress Minister. Today he is the staunchest supporter of Kashmir`s accession with Pakistan, for over two years Altaf and Iqbal were imprisoned resulting in acute mental agony  which in turn was the main reason for the death of our mother due to a brain hemorrhage. Iqbal was refused to attend his mother`s burial by Dr. Farooq Abdullah. It was the first instance when a political prisoner was denied parole in such accentuating circumstances.

Civil Disobedience Movement.

                Many leading names among the activist in the current struggle are products of the struggle started by Iqbal Qureshi and Altaf Qureshi. We did understand the implication of taking arms from Pakistan at that time and this reason why we rejected the gun culture, Instead we need to launch a civil disobedience movement. The Indian security forces would find it difficult to justify killing in such an event. Till date India has not been able to provide any reasons for the massacres in Bijbehara, Hawal.  Sopore and Chota Bazar only because the protesters were unarmed. Even international support will be forthcoming if a peaceful “intifada” is launched to touch the conscience of the people. On the other hand any intensification of a armed conflict will only strengthen India`s case of comparing the Kashmir terrorist with his brethren in Algeria and Egypt. Is Pakistan willing to accept this fact or will it still call it Indian propaganda?

Movement`s Decline

                Of the many factors for the decline of the ongoing movement in Kashmir, I shall refer two as these are integral to Pakistan`s strategy in Kashmir. The first is armed militancy, which has taken the form of open gun wielding. This form of terrorism has which replaced civil disobedience has become the bane of Kashmiri nationalism. Secondly the deliberate policy of fragmenting the liberation movement into 156 groups so that none of the groups are strong enough to set independence as a goal. Instead “integration” with Pakistan becomes the objective. A combination of the two factors results in the lethal strife for domination and ends up in the deaths of thousands of Kashmiri youth. The lack of unity amongst the militant groups has also given an opportunity to the Indian security forces and the intelligence agencies to exploit the differences to their advantage.

Kuka Parray`s Story?

                The case of Kuka Parray clearly proves my contention. I have always condemned each action of Kuka Parrey and his cohorts who have been responsible for the murders of large number of Kashmiri youth. I am sure that true nationalists will never condone Kuka`s actions or forgive him for the damage caused to the freedom struggle. However we should also be prepared to accept the realities, which created Kuka Parrey. The truth is that Kuka Parrey was initially member of the Jammu & Kashmir students Liberation Front (JKSLF) and had received training in Pakistan. The JKSLF has a strong base amongst the local populace in Safapora (Sumbal) area. However the Hizbul Mujahideen, the armed wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI) wanted to dominate this locality and kidnapped and killed the JKSLF Deputy Commander, Manzoor Nabdi. Nabdi`s popularity among the people led a strong protest resulting in a three month strike. Further the people demanded that the All Party Hurriat Conference (APHC) should punish the Nabdi`s assassins. The APHC constituted an  enquiry committee and the report submitted by the committee held the Hizbul Mujahideen squarely responsible for the dastardly act. The APHC`s committee also recommended punishment for the offenders but it was never implanted.

HM helps Indian Security Forces?

                Intoxicated by power and confident that its might would never be challenged, the Hizbul Mujahideen commenced a systematic elimination of leaders from all groups including JKLF, Al Jihad and Al Mujahideen. I warned the JEI to refrain from these killings as it would force Kshmiri youth to take shelter with the Indian security forces and this is what has exactly happened. The Indians immediately used this opportunity and armed Kuka parray and his comrades. This led to the formation of the Ikhwanul Muslimoon, an organization born out of vendetta. It sole objective was complete annihilation of the Hizbul Mujahideen. It was a complete proxy war with one group being backed by Pakistan and the other by India. While there was no winner, the losers were thousands of bereaved mothers, wives and sisters. Maqbool Malik, an upright political thinker of the JKLF was kidnapped and killed by the hizbul Mujahideen and his eyes were gauged out. Qazi Nisar was murdered and his family provided names of his killer but to no avail. This gives rise to a pertinent question could the Kashmiri leadership by asking Pakistan not to encourage the inter group strife, prevented the proliferation of the Kuka Parray`s in the Valley? These were the same young men who had braved the harsh climate and snow clad mountains to cross into Pakistan to receive training. The Hizbul Mujahideen hunted them down one by one. There are many among the pro-accession sections such as Bilal Lod, and Babar Badr who were forced to leave the valley and cool their heels in Delhi. Therefore any courageous, reasonable and right thinking person in Kashmir would then endorse my statement. That Kuka Parrey was made “Kuka Parrey” by the Hizbul Mujahideen. This is the truth.

Pakistan`s Sincerity and Islamic world`s Attitude!

                Is Pakistan really sincere with the Kashmiris? This question is raised repeatedly by most involved in the Liberation struggle. I am convinced that Pakistan is not rendering sincere help to our struggle. Pakistan is concerned only with the Kashmir region and is willing to let Jammu and Ladakh remain with India. Do these not provide adequate proof of its intentions? Pakistan`s role in Gilgit Baltistan and the repeated rejection of the independence option for Kashmir futher substantiates my argument. However the solution for Kashmir is not an armed conflict but a peaceful “Intifada”. The international community is also encouraging the two countries to adopt a peaceful dialogue. Despite the brave talk of “Ummah” none of the Islamic countries have imposed any economic embargo on trade with India. On the contrary, some of India`s largest trading partners are from the Arab world! Even Pakistan is encouraging increase of border trade with India. But the moment a Kashmiri initiates even an idea of a dialogue with India. He is promptly dubbed a traitor; therefore the time has also come for Pakistan to stop meddling in the affairs of Kashmir. The ISI and its creations have done enough damage in Kashmir.

Jamaat-e- Islami says no more Armed Struggle?

                Indeed, it is ironical the Jammat-e-Islami (JEI) which has been instrumental in the killing s of thousands has now decided to disassociate the objective of Armed struggle, the JEI has recently said that it would not support any form of armed militancy. Even though I am inclined to accept this statement with a pinch of salt as an optimist, I hope they are sincere and hail it as step in the right direction, however I should remind the JEI`s rank and file that I have since 1990 stressed on the need to launch a civil disobedience movement. My suggestions had raised a hornet`s nest then be the same people who are today talking of rejecting armed militancy.

               There are pretty three types of groups in Kashmir. These are (a) True nationalists seeking full freedom and independence of entire J&K (b) those who advocate accession with Pakistan (C) pro Indian groups. The formation of the Ladak Development Council, a body created with the objective of economic development in the region came in for severe criticism from the pro- Pakistan groups. They condemned it as a move to separate Ladakh from J&K. why is that these groups do not demand the return of Gilgit Baltistan? Are they showing their loyalty to their masters? Can they then deny that the sole objective of Operation Topac launched by Pakistan`s rulers was to annex the valley so that they could control the water resources? Are Pakistan`s defense needs more important than the integrity of their homeland? The truth is that these groups have sold their conscience in return for the temporary favours received from Pakistan. It is unfortunate that their vision has become so clouded that they are unable perceive Pakistan`s true intentions. On the other hand, true nationalists in J&K would fight till the end to ensure that there are no divisions along either religious or ethnic lines. Nobody wants Kashmir to become a Bosnia or an Afghanistan.

                During my struggle I have been labeled as an “Indian stooge” and as a Pakistan agent. At other time I have been branded as a “Criminal” and “traitor”. It has not dampened my enthusiasm and zeal to work towards the golden objective of independence of my motherland. My conscience is clear that I have always worked against the interests of these two countries, which are bent on enslaving us. This is the truth. If expression of this truth is a “crime” ten I am proud to be termed a “criminal” I appeal to the people of J&K to come out openly and state the truth. It may imperil our lives but truth shall prevail!

 This article is published in my book "Kashmir: The unveiling of truth", 1998