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Press Comments made 1992-1993


1.       Let entire JK elect constitution assembly’

New Delhi: JKLF leaders Hashim Qureshi has written to the Indian and Pakistan Prime Minister and the UN Secretary General questioning the validity of the resolutions on Kashmir and suggesting elections in the whole of J&K including POK, Gilgit and Baltistan to form a constitution assembly. A copy of the lettaer dated August 29 1993 was sent to UNI from Amsterdam, where he has been living in self exile after his release from the jail in Pakistan. 

                In his letter Mr. Qureshi wrote that the UN resolutions on Kashmir were a result of the India Pakistan conflict and had no mandate from the people of J&K. in his earlier articles he had maintained that after the signing of the Simla Agreement in 1972, the UN resolutions had lost their validity for the world body gives legal status to bilateral agreement between member countries.

                Mr.Qureshi blamed the military bureaucracy for not allowing a settlement of the Kashmir problem. He also blamed what he called anti democratic forces for this tension. He wrote that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif`s deviation from his support to the third option was a proof of how the real kings influenced democratic institutions. In his interview to the BBC Mr. Sharif had favoured the third option to Kashmir but he soon backslided.

                Hitting at the Pakistani military, he wrote, “How will the entire democracy be held hostage to these Generals who live in the lap of luxury in a Third World country, while exploiting the state powers whenever they wish?” He appealed to the two Prime Ministers to open the borders in Kashmir to facilitate the movement of the people. He also writes that elections  be held in the whole of J&K without any preconditions of the Indian constitution or the so-called interim constitution of occupied Kashmir to form  a constitutional assembly.

(The Tribune, Chandigarh (India) September 10- 1992)

2.       Exiled JKLF member backs 3 way talks.

Abu Dhabi: A tripartite meeting of Kashmiris with officials from India and Pakistan is likely to met with more effective results than continuation of an armed struggle, according to an exiled member of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Hashim qureshi currently on a tour of Gulf and other countries to seek support for resolving the contentious Kashmir issue, told Emirates News that a review of kahsmir opinion world wide indicated that a tripartite meeting was more in favour among them than recourse to militant tactics to resolve the situation. He suggested that to initiate the process, an election for a constitutional assembly be held in all parts of Jammu and Kashmir including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit, Baltistan, without any preconditions.

                Qureshi hoped that the Kashmiri organizations will come together and bring in pressure from the US ensure that free elections are held in Kashmir. Qureshi, who was involved in the hijacking of an Indian plane in 1971, was given a sentence of 19 years that was later commuted to 9 years. He pointed out that he was only 17 years old when the hijacking took place. Such type of armed struggle was unlikely to produce results, especially in Islamic nations, which abhor the use of force, he pointed out.

                Qureshi who now lives in Amsterdam called for opening the borders to enable free movement of Kashmiris across the territories held by India and Pakistan. He urged that a quick decision be made to allow the Kashmiris to elect their Government.

3.       Kashmiris hail tripartite talks plan

Abu Dhabi: Kashmiris living in various parts of the world are in favour of dropping the armed struggle as a means to gain independence and have endorsed the proposal calling for a tripartite meeting to solve their chronic problems.

                This was started by Hashim Qureshi, an exiled member of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front. Now on a tour of some countries to muster support for new initiatives to relieve the deadlock over the disputed territory.

                Qureshi said Kshmiris should elect their own representatives who could confer with officials from India and Pakistan. To set the ball rolling and election for a constitutional assembly should be held in all parts of J&K including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, without any preconditions of Indian constitution or interim constitution of Azad Kashmir brought into play, he told Gulf News in an interview Kashmiri organizations will blind together and seek the support of US President elect Bill Clinton to pressurize India and Pakistan to allow free elections in the occupied territories Qureshi Said.

                The world in this century can no longer accept armed struggle as a means of achieving political self determination and Islamic nations have also slammed the use of force to gain independence and freedom he remarked.

Calling for a change in the strategy to resolve the contentious issue, he said the borders should be thrown open in held territories,” Let people move freely and understand each other,” he said. We should bear in mind that J&K is historically and geographically a federal and confederated political entity. He stated, according to Qureshi whose calm demeanor defies explanation of involvement in high drama events like hijacking a workable and feasible mandate could be achieved only by elections based on each constituency with these political units. Tragically even today neither India nor Pakistan seems to realize the explosiveness of the situation and wars never deliver solution, he said.

(Gulf News, Janauary 7- 1993)

4.       Top JKLF leaders appeals for peace,

New Delhi: the leader of the so called JKLF, Hashim Qureshi, has appealed to the people of Kashmir not to play into the hands of those who would not mind sacrificing the whole nation for their own selfish ends, in a signed article sent to UNI he expounds his new found philosophy of non violence instead of armed struggle in Kashmir. Armed struggle he writes has driven six lakh Muslims from Kashmir to different parts of India and has brought all round destruction in the valley besides defeating the cause of the Kashmir movement. It has ruined the industry and rendered people jobless. J&K was one state in India where the literacy percentage was 47 per cent but now it  seems the whole new generation of Kashmir will be illiterate, thanks to the armed struggle he says,

Those supporting armed struggle refer to Afghanistan as an example of liberation through the barrel of the gun. But Afghanistan has been turned into ruins and those fighting for its liberation are today killing one another.” May God not give us the Afghanistan like liberation, he writes.

Hashim who himself resorted to terrorism as a means to achieve “liberation” for Kashmir in 1971, has now come to realize that this tactical is only destroying the  kashmiris and encouraging those who masquerade as “holy warriors (mujahedeen) once these holy warriors” are caught they become informers for the Indian army.  Instead of fighting the Indian army these mujahedeen kidnap and kill Kashmiri for money generating feelings of hatred he says

                     But the Muslim are still not prepared to accept the truth just like the Pakistani government which in 1971 kept on telling the people of how its army was scoring victory after victory against the Indian army and the Mukti Bahini in East Bengal. But on December 16 the whole Pakistan nation was shocked into frenzy when the truth came before them Qureshi says. He writes that even Pakistanis have begun to fear that Kashmir might further break up the country. He appealed to the Kashmiri to let those who had fled the state return home without any preconditions and also asked the Indian intelligentsia to raise their voice against the alleged atrocities in Kashmir perpetrated by what he calls the Indian security forces.

                                                             (The Independent, New Delhi January 24 1993)

5.                   Joint political forum key to Kashmir problem’

                  Peshawar: Hashim Qureshi, the exiled leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has suggested that a joint political forum could be more useful towards thrashing out the 46 years old problem instead of violence. He was here on a short visit and during an informal chat with newsmen, strongly advocated the need for changing the strategy for solving the Kashmir dispute.

                In this connection he suggested that the armed struggle against the Indian had failed to produce any results so far except that it had resulted in large scale killing of innocent Muslims and vast destruction of their property. Because it had encouraged some of the political parties in Pakistan to actively involved in the struggle in one way or another. That, he said was more true about the Jammat- e- Islami and the Muslim League backed Muslim conference. The former he alleged had collected large amounts of money in the name of kashmiris but none of the money had reached the Kashmir freedom fighter. A political platform, he suggested besides putting an end to massacre and devastation, will eliminate the chance of the issue being exploited for political motives by such parties. He viewed that instead of being provoked on the possibility of the third option, that is independent Kashmir the authors of the Kashmir banega Pakistan; must keep in mind that the third option had, for the first time been suggested by no less a person than the Quaid-e-Azam. He quoted the All India Muslim League President from the Pakistan Times dated June 18 1947 who said.

                  “The Indian states would be free either to join the Indian constituent assembly or the Pakistan constituent assembly or to remain independent.” Those opposing the third option he believed, were not doing so on principles but only because they feared that they would lose their political “Jamadaris”.

                Hashim Qureshi said that those advocating the armed struggle must realize the damage and ruin it had already caused and could cause further. The traditional cottage industry of the valley, he said, had been totally destroyed while tourism had also ceased to exist. Besides, he pointed out the happenings in the valley had unnecessarily created serious problems for  Pakistan which could be on the verge of being declared a terrorist state on charges of supplying arms and ammunition to the “Mujahedeen” in the occupied Kashmir.

                The Muslim Ummah`s approach as a whole he remarked has been a total disappointment over the issue while within the valley itself the kashmiris were divided into 135 different groups with some of them serving as informers against each other . he observed that the situation in the valley was gradually causing frustration which obviously could not be helpful to their cause.
                                                                       (The Muslim, Islamabad, May 1- 1993)

This article is published in my book "Kashmir: The unveiling of truth", 1998