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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quayyum Raja's (accused in Mhatre case) letter from UK prison

This open letter was written by Quayyum Raja on 12-11-1990 to JKLF's Central Commitee from a jail in UK and appeared in Weekly Kasheer from Rawalpindi/Muzaffarbad. Quayyum Raja is the man who was falsely implicated in Mhatre's murder case by Amanullah and spent 22 years in UK prison.

Quayyum Raja writes in this letter that Amanullah Khan is a traitor and informer. He also adds that Amanullah used to gather donations in the name of the accused in Mhatre's murder case and used the money for his personal expenses. He further adds that Amanullah was not even surprised when I accused him of the killing of Mhatre and that he actually came to meet me in jail only to know whether I had any proofs against him. Amanullah afterwards hatched a conspiracy in order to get deported, because he was afraid that the truth will come out and he will spend his life behind bars for masterminding Mhatre's killing. He also says that Amanullah Khan is a classical criminal who will do anything for cheap publicity. At the end he says that I am spending life imprisonment because he informed on me.