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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maqbool Butt. Glory of Humanity!

Remembering Shaheed Maqbool Butt. February 11 is the anniversary of his Martyrdom. His example is the beacon light of the Kashmiri freedom struggle.

The passing of eleventh February is a normal and routine day for the world, but for the Kashmiri nation and those human beings who love freedom, determined struggle, and human values February 11 is a very auspicious occasion. 11th Feb1984, anti-human worshipers of darkness hanged Maqbool Butt with a well-conspired and calculated plan in an attempt to extinguish and destroy the spirit of freedom, he (Maqbool Butt) had instilled in the minds and hearts of the Kashmiris. India thought that by killing Maqbool Butt they could silence the voice of freedom and justice.

But that same morning when Maqbool Butt was executed, the cause of Maqbool Butt was immortalized and his martyrdom became a beacon-tower for Kashmiri freedom fighters who firmly continue their struggle against the tyranny of foreign occupation. The sacred blood of Maqbool Butt, which the oppressor wanted to bury behind the high walls of Tehar jail, has taken rebirth in the form of slogan, stones and swords in every corner of the sub-continent.

“The Fatimi blood became more pure and holy and
It has become a beacon-tower in dark and barren valleys."

Maqbool Butt- the cold chains of tyranny could not fetter your will to defy the evil that oppressed your people.

O my leader - you not only sacrificed your life but was also tormented and crucified every moment of your life. You boldly waited for 15 years in the jail cell to enlighten, educate, and awaken your oppressed countrymen and show them the way to national freedom. You stood up and battled the culture of silence created by the fascism of the occupiers. You broke the silence and spoke out boldly for freedom.

Great Leader! Man has always been obsessed to fulfill his desires but you are amongst the few great men who preferred to struggle and risk death for the cause of Kashmir.You sacrificed your life to fail conspiracies aimed at usurping the national freedom of Kashmiri people. The blood-line meant to divide Kashmir, the injustice, illiteracy, poverty and ever-increasing atrocities and oppression in all parts of Jammu & Kashmir where the ills you wanted to fight out and for that you underwent brutalities, cruelties, mental and physical torture, solitary confinement and all kinds of inhuman methods of oppression by the barbarians at different times and places.

You bravely faced two decades long continuous state terrorism in both parts of occupied Kashmir till you were made to embrace martyrdom in Tehar jail on 11th of February 1984.

My great leader! You established an unprecedented and unparalleled example in recent history of not only the Kashmiri nation but for the freedom fighters and the oppressed people of the world.

Maqbool Butt, you had rightly defined and voiced that:"It's far better to die in the field in struggle against illiteracy, poverty and oppression and to achieve glory of humanity while fighting against evil forces than to die in bed".

Maqbool Butt: you were a man of strong character; you lived by your words. You exposed those so-called leaders who left no stone unturned in cashing in on the struggle of others and clever enough to run dirty business of their power-politics at the expense of sincere and honest workers. You were successful in boosting up the morale and honour of freedom fighters who offered great sacrifices while fighting against the imperialistic forces and their exploitative system.You promoted the just cause of revolutionary leaders like Ghazi Chak, Sabz Ali Khan, Shams Ali Khan, Fuchak, Peeri Gibril, Bhagat Singh, Hasan Nasar, Che Guevarra, and Hochi Minh.

You didn't take into account the courts which worked as a mouth-piece and spokesman of the exploitative and imperialistic system of the occupiers. When these courts of injustice indicted you, you boldly challenged them when you said:"I have neither hatched any conspiracy nor been a part of any such group. My role is clear all the way through. “However it is true that I have rebelled against obscurantism, slavery, exploitation, corruption, cruelty, and hypocrisy. If the ruling classes of Pakistan, which is a product of an imperialist system and is represented by the civil and military bureaucracy, call it conspiracy then I has no hesitation to accept it."

Martyr of the land: you see how the foundations of exploitation are collapsing and Kashmir is proud of your great name, your struggle and sacrifice has given birth too many followers of your sacred mission across the motherland who hates slavery, exploitation and illiteracy. Your struggle against exploitation has its roots in French revolution, and freedom movements in Algeria, Vietnam, China, and Cuba and latest examples are Palestine and Chechnya where cruelty, oppression and subjugation are being gradually defeated.

Great Martyr: Your struggle was not limited and confined only to Kashmir rather it was against repression and deprivation all over the world - as you said: "The oppressed one comes out victorious in his fight against the oppressor and the building of oppression has to come down sooner or later because of the revolutionary struggle of the masses of the people and I always stood by the side of downtrodden in their fight and struggle against the exploiters .For me this case against us is not unusual at all. During human history whenever exploitation and slavery are challenged the ruling classes have always relied on the word 'conspiracy'. But history proves that in the fight of oppressed against oppressors, eventually the former wins and the oppressive structure is crushed by the revolutionary struggle of the people.”

“I have disliked self-praise but now when my role is being distorted, deliberately, I am forced to claim that at every stage of my life, I have not only supported the peoples struggle against exploitation and oppression but always actively participated in. I have consciously chosen this role for myself because I see it as sunnah of prophets and it is a way of revolutionaries. I have no doubt about the success of this role and the welfare it brings for the people. I cannot refrain from bringing this fact to the notice of this court that apparently only six persons are implicated; the actual motive of this case is to crush our liberation movement."

Respected Leader: Your leadership characteristics were so rich that the workers and colleagues always found you with them in all adverse and happy times. It was your greatness and undisputed personality that no one quitted party or parted ways through the difficult times. It was only possible to learn in your leadership and patronage that: "Don't doubt someone's struggle, if there exist any differences then try to neutralize them through your struggle and commitment to the real cause ".

Your sacrifice, incessant struggle and commitment exposed so-called leaders. You educated Kashmiri people to identify and differentiate between real and devoted leaders and those who are mere liars and opportunists. It is a dark and gloomy aspect of Kashmir's national history that the so-called leaders and opportunists even today do not hesitate when they claim to be heir and successors of your mission despite their disloyal activities. But it makes no difference as thousands of committed and sincere workers and sons of the land are promoting your mission of justice, freedom and a classless society where human rights are honoured.

As you said “That freedom and independence is the fate and destination of Jammu Kashmir. Indian rulers or Pakistani generals and bureaucrats cannot enslave Jammu Kashmir for a long time. The so-called courts and their verdicts and decisions did not matter in the past history of national movements and they can't prevent them in future, otherwise the history of nations would be different from todays. If it would be possible to eliminate the evolution of human civilization, culture, democracy and freedom through traditional kangaroo courts, world history would have been void of all revolutions brought about from Adam to date. National movement's decisions can never be made in traditional courts, rather their evolution is bound to take place whereas the courts are part and parcel of the system against which the popular movements gain momentum and as a result of that the historic process continuous and the so-called decisions stand obsolete".

True Leader of the Kashmiris: you had a deep vision and far-sightedness, you could foresee in future, you had a great intellect, you proved your words, you were dubbed Indian and Pakistani agent but you remained committed to your historic mission and great cause and hence proved invalid and wrong the decisions of the traditional kangaroo courts and became the real and undisputed leader and rescuer of the Kashmiri nation.

My dear Leader, you were a kind teacher and preacher as you said that: “Life is not to be lived for oneself rather it should be devoted for achieving great objectives of nations and glory of humanity because personal desires and benefits are less important than collective and national interests ".

Your precious pieces of guidance, I still remember: "Political and economic liberation of our nation demands incessant struggle and commitment, even lives be sacrificed so that next generation could follow our steps and could live an honorable life with a dignified way - and after death we would re-appear with different names and characters to continue the just struggle".

"Don't identify us with our names we are the travelling souls,
Tomorrow we will appear with other names."

Today, the world witnesses that Ashfaq Majid Wani, Ejaz Dar, Altaf Qureshi, Zahid Farooq, Tufail Matto and thousands others martyrs offered their lives and became Maqbool Butts to fight and successfully promoted the cause of the national liberation, movement in Kashmir with a conviction that Kashmiri nation irrespective of caste, colour and creed will get rid of political and economic slavery of foreign subjugators.

Maqbool Butt - leader of the Kashmiri nation - you once in a public meeting in Mirpur had uttered two precious wise sayings: "I can't be unjust to history, I would like to make it clear to you that regarding our problems which include wheat or educational problems to national political independence, until and unless people of Jammu Kashmir, themselves command and lead it - They will not succeed. It is the verdict of nature and history even. I'm here to give up this struggle if anybody from you comes up with a single example from nation's history, that any other nation of the world had fought, or lead freedom movement of another. No, never. But unfortunately, Kashmiri leadership always looked forward to others to organize and lead their movement (contrary to the wishes and aspirations of common Kashmmiri people). Hence, losing the image and status of a nation interested to be recognized as united under indigenous leadership and command."

On another occasion, you said: "Any organization or individual attempted to carry out independence movement in Kashmir on the basis of sect and religion will be deemed as an arch enemy of the nation, because it will lead to the division of the Motherland - where ethnic, linguistic and sectarian disputes and clashes will undermine the national unity and character - ultimate output of which is constant turmoil and infighting and an ideal situation for foreign subjugators to continue their direct and indirect rule and oppression. Kashmiris freedom movement based on sectarianism and religion can't muster international support whether it is launched at the behest of "secular India" or Islamic Pakistan. The only way to achieve national freedom for Kashmir is to demonstrate as United Nation of Jammu Kashmir. "


Hashim Qureshi
Chairman JK Democratic Liberation Party